Forum Marketing Guide- Generate high traffic and quality backlinks with Forums

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We know that building backlinks is important for SEO to get rank higher in search engines. Building back links from many other sources and getting results will take some time.

If you need high traffic from day one then the forum marketing is one of the best marketing techniques to get high traffic as well as building backlinks.

ebook guide to forum promoting


What are forums or discussion boards?

Forums are also called discussion boards or bulletin boards where users discuss about on different topics, forums allows the users to post topics on different topics and make discussions on those topics ,the discussions of type I technology, study, entertainment, latest gadgets, etc. Popular forums getting millions of visits per month for example,

Simply a forum is a place where the group of people meet and discuss on different topics and solve their problems that related to coding, technology, gadgets, politics, as many of topics. Each forum group is categories in to sub forums, for example if the Entertainment Is the Main Forum then the sub forums are Movies, Wallpapers, Funny Videos, Pop albums, In this way a forum has many number of main forums and split in to many number of sub forums.

 How to get traffic and SEO backlinks from forums.

forum marketing tips and trechniques

Generate Instant traffic from Forum

  • Get traffic from forum Signatures

it is the best way to build traffic from forums ,As we know the forums allow the users to post on different topics( just like a posting to  a blog), along with the post topics forums has as inbuilt mechanism to include a signature( just like email signature) there you can include your blog links or website’s links.

Signature with links is the main source of traffic from forum marketing

When you make a post in a forum it displays your signature which contains your blog link, so that whenever users opens your post their easy chance to click on your link and visit your blog or website. We already discuss it they are many forums which are getting millions of visits per month, if you are active in high traffic forums by posting new post then you will get traffic to your blog. This also creates backlinks you are blog so forums not only generate traffic to your blog but also quality backlinks.

  • Get traffic from direct links.

Direct link marketing is nothing but placing your blog links in the content while creating a post (posts are also called Threads).  Most of the forums doesn’t support this direct link marketing because they lose their traffic by leaving their website when the users click on your blogs link, only few forums only accepting direct link marketing.

If you find a high traffic from accepting direct links then it will be the goldmine of traffic to you(please tell us and help to other bloggers if you find this type of forums).

Direct link Vs link with signature marketing

Both of the direct link accepting forums and link with signature supporting forums will create back links to your blog . But direct link marketing is supported by only few forums only , while link with signature supported by numerous forums.

Before creating signature with a back link you should read the forum guidelines are forum rules, because most of the forums restrict the new users to create signatures. You must follow the rules like below for example

      • You must create ‘N’ number of post before creating signature
      • You must create ‘N’ number of replies to get signature
      • You must be wait active for ‘N’ number of days to turn of signatures

Here N means number, in this way many forums has their own rules to enable signature with a link.

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 Forum Marketing Tips/Strategies and secrets to achieve better results

Promote in forums

  1. Find Right forum that suitable to market your blog, it is very important in any marketing strategy. For suppose you should not promote your entertainment related blog by creating a thread see hot actress photos in Heath related forums discussing about a serious disease like  cancer. Is it is bad know? So select the forums that suited for your blog Niche
  2. Choose high traffic forums for instant traffic generation
  3. Choose high PR forums for Quality backlink building
  4. Choose Dofollow Forums for improving your Blogs PageRank
  5. Choose the which forums has higher number of topics and replies
  6. Take part in the discussion with high number of views or replies
  7. Post a new  topic or reply to your own post regularly , this will take your post to top of the forum
  8. Good schedule of Forum marketing helps you to reach your goals in a short span of time.
  9. Be Active .Help Other user by solving their problems or ask any problem by creating new thread, for example let assume the topic which you are reading now. You can ask like this “Is forum marketing is good for traffic generation or not?” in this way you should post your questions , then the other users int he forum visit your posts and will give anwers .
  10. Don’t create on too many forum accounts  , this leads to spend  no time  on any forum . If you need longer benefits then choose few high traffic and suitable forums.
  11. Read the Forum rules first:  This is the first duty, you should do before creating the account on forums,  you must notice the rules like is they forum allowing to keep signature or not and to enable signature what you have to do first.First follow the Forum rules to enable signature first. for example Digitalpoint forums requires member has to complete 15 posts and 1 week of active participation, before they allows to create a signature with link .   
  12. Becareful Don’t do Over promoting , Over is not good method anywhere , in forum marketing the high reputed forums taking high care about spamming, if you create many posts in hour then the forum moderator automatically block or remove account or give a first warning to you.                                                                                                                   If your account is removed, then your Time and efforts to get forum signature are totally wasted, then the game comes again to first creating a forum account, creating new threads to enable forum signature.
  13. Improve Interactions with other forum members , by posting greeting and thanks messages to their solutions and suggestions for problems, this make the other users to come and visit your threads and a probability of click on you’re the blog link in the forum signature. This will create one type of traffic to your blog using forum marketing.


Thanks for you , spending time to read this post. I regularly updated this blog with the number quality forums that are used to you for Forum marketing. I collected the Forums like High PR forums, Dofollow forums list, High traffic forums, Entertainment related forums, Technology forums  which are definitely  used for SEE link building and generating high Traffic with Forum Marketing .

Forum Marketing Guide

In my own experience forum marketing is the best method to build instant traffic (not longtime, may be longtime also) to your blog or website, but I follow the above strategies.

So get in touch with us by Facebook, Google Plus, Subscribe to get most valuable forum list database

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