Top 5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives List

Photoshop Alternatives

Here is I compiled the list of Photoshop alternatives, by using this softwares you can edit the images and add some effects and enhance the images and photos.
Adobe Photoshop is the best image and photo editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Mac OS and Windows. It can edit and compose modify images in multiple layers and supports masks, alpha compositing and several color models including RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot color, and duotone. Photoshop has vast support for graphic file formats but also uses its own PSD and PSB file formats.In addition to raster graphics, it has limited abilities to edit or render text, vector graphics,3D graphics, and video.Adobe Photoshop is the top best tool that is often treated as the only tool for the image editors.

There are so many people searching for top best free Photoshop alternatives. GIMP, Pixelmator, Sketch, Corel Paint Shop, etc can be called as Photoshop alternatives because they have different features like Photoshop.All the functions, you get in Photoshop, are available in these alternatives. You have to check the features and choose the right alternative. You might have to study a bit about the tools, before downloading them.
Here i am giving the list of top best five Photoshop alternatives that are going to help you in your choice. Some of these Photoshop alternatives are free, and those that are paid but all offer free trials.

Top 5 Best Photoshop Alternatives

1. GIMP – A free photoshop alternative

GIMP is the best free Photoshop alternative.It is powerful and almost infinitely expandable.GIMP is a free and open-source raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats, and more specialized tasks.GIMP is a popular, free alternative to Photoshop.GIMP offers a wide toolset similar to Photoshop in many ways and is a great alternative if you’re looking for a no-cost image editor.Gimp is a free tool that is compatible with Linux, Mac, nd Windows. The device is highly compatible and is having all the functions that you get in a Photoshop tool. A very important thing in this software is the editing of the images. If you are a professional and know the use of Photoshop, you are going to make the maximum use of this tool. It is suitable for Windows 7 and upper versions only, in case of Windows. GIMP clearly stands out as the best free  Photoshop alternative.

  • Key Features:  Layers, Selection paths, Image editing, HDR, Re-touching, Noise removal, Lens and Colour correction, Sharpening, Plugin support, etc.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Unix, SkyOS
  • Supported File Formats: RAW formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.
  • Price: Free


2. PixelMator – Photoshop similar software

PixelMator is one of the best Photoshop alternatives. Pixelmator is a graphic editor designed for macOS.Pixelmator has many features selection, painting, retouching, navigation, and color correction tools in addition to layers-based image editing, GPU-powered image processing, color management, automation.Pixelmator uses Core Image and OpenGL technologies that use Mac’s video card for image processing.Pixelmator was the first commercial image editor to fully support the WebP image format on Mac Pixelmator is a paid alternative to Photoshop.It offers support for the latest Mac OS X Yosemite and also the iPad. Pixelmator is one of the best tools for editing images in MAC. Some of the features that you will find in the editor are not even there in Photoshop, but the most important thing it is having Clarity of image and layer creation is as simple as GIMP. The tool isn’t a free and you may require a license for using it.Workflow is frequently much quicker using Pixelmator than Photoshop.

  • Key Features: Texts, Shapes, Sketching, Painting tools and Brushes, Colour adjustments, Retouching, Effects, etc.selection, retouching, navigation, color correction tools, layers-based image editing, GPU-powered image processing, color management, automation.
  • Supported Platforms: Mac OS X
  • Supported File Formats: RAW formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.
  • Price: $29.99


3. Sketch –  a paid alternative to Photoshop but worth

Sketchapp is also a paid alternative to Photoshop. Sketch is a vector graphics editor designed for macOS. Sketch includes tools similar to that of Photoshop and Illustrator at a fraction of the price. Sketch app is another great tool, but it is restricted to MAC only. Sketch has lots of features similar to that of Photoshop and Illustrator, including layers, gradients, colour picker and style presets.Sketch tool is also having all the functions, but there is need of going through the manuals, particularly if you are trying to find advance editing functions. Sketch is not a free and it is used in the MAC systems only. The functions that you will get in the tool are all updated with regular patches. Sketch is also the best Photoshop alternative.

  • Key Features: layers, gradients, colour picker and style presets etc.
  • Supported Platform: Mac
  • Price: $99


4.Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is the top best and paid alternative to Photoshop.PaintShop Pro (PSP) is a raster and vector graphics editor forWindows.Paintshop Pro is a long standing alternative to Photoshop that provides a wide range of photo-editing and graphics creation tools.PaintShop Pro is the best Photoshop alternative that benefits from a streamlined and advanced user interface.Corel PaintShop Pro can be called as complete alternative of Photoshop because the functions that you will get in this tool is really advanced and updated, that you believe it is aa better tool than Photoshop itself. .It comes with an interface for automating tasks with scripts written in Python.The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and it is a paid tool, accessible in two versions.Corel PaintShop Pro has a lot of features like Photoshop so it is a great Photoshop alternative.


  • Key Features: Magic Fill, Brushes, Text/shape cutting, Colour Material palette, enhanced dialog boxes, etc.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows
  • Supported File Formats: RAW formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.
  • Price: $63.99


5. – A Free easy alternative for photoshop is an excellent free Photoshop is a freeware raster graphics editor program forMicrosoft Windows.Paint.NET is a particularly good Photoshop alternative for working with multiple photos.Like GIMP, Paint.NET provides an excellent selection of automatic filters, plus manual editing tools for fine adjustments. is a free tool for all versions of Windows. The tool has the best features and it is equally compatible to the Photoshop tool. The most important feature in the tool is the free support and the layer distribution.You can get high quality images without using Photoshop.It’s also very fast, and runs well even on low-powered Desktops. There is no limit on the size of saved images.Since these features is also the best Photoshop alternative.


  • Key Features: Selection Editing, Layers, Histogram, Retouching, Resizing, Noise removal, Sharpening, Colour correction, Plugin support.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows 7 or Later
  • Supported File Formats: RAW files, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG.
  • Price: Free

Getpaint  download here


These are the top best Photoshop alternatives including free and paid tools.All the above tools are having unique functions and they are generally used by the professionals. You can select the best from the above tools and start working with them.Enjoy the benefits and unique features.