20 High PR Free Web directories List with Google Page rank and Alexa rank

Build backlinks with high pr wwebsites

Build backlinks with high pr wwebsitesTo get more traffic website owners and bloggers need to focus on creating high-quality backlinks. Google will quickly index the backlinks from high Page rank websites than low pager rank and without page rank. Building backlinks from web directories is also one of the SEO technique to make backlinks, there are 1000s of web Directories are there in online. Creating backlinks from low quality web directories will waste your time so submitting your website/blog  to high Page Rank web directories will results ranking of your blog/website in Google search engines will be more. We already discuss it the power and Importance of the web directories in building the backlinks in off-line SEO process, this process is not only create backlinks to your blog but also might bring traffic to your blog.

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Creating high-PR backlinks from Web directories

To create high-quality backlinks from web directories you should select high page rank web directories. When you submitting your site to the link directory don’t forget to set select closest category to your blog topic it means Niche. Some of the web directories with the highest page rank will charge to list your list your website or blog in their directories. For a beginning blogger it is very hard to invest on the paid directories so you need free directories to submit your blog to the link directories.

It is very time-consuming process to search the Free web directories with the high page rank it will take big time to collect. I collected high PR Free web directories with the page rank of PR1, PR2, PR3, PR7.

 Latest 2014 20 High PR Free Web directories with Google Page rank and Alexa Rank

High PR Web directories

Page Rank

Alexa Rank

1 http://www.highrankdirectory.com PR7 12541
2 http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com PR6 10376
3 http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com PR6 13046
4 http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com PR6 14862
5 http://www.traveltourismdirectory.info PR6 61817
6 http://www.somuch.com PR5 7676
7 http://www.mastermoz.com PR5 16265
8 http://www.diolead.com PR5 37542
9 http://www.prolinkdirectory.com PR4 13139
10 http://www.gainweb.org PR4 14732
11 http://www.synergy-directory.com PR4 14852
12 http://www.the-web-directory.co.uk PR4 21063
13 http://www.allfreethings.com PR4 29605
14 http://www.hotvsnot.com PR3 11491
15 http://www.directmylink.com PR3 15759
16 http://www.nexusdirectory.com PR3 16782
17 http://www.directoryfire.com PR3 19352
18 http://www.bestfreewebsites.net PR2 23570
19 http://www.piseries.com PR2 47204
20 http://www.financebuster.com PR1 41956

You should enter Good Title and descriptions which contains your main keywords and sub keywords during the web directory submission process to get high SEO benefits.

Dofollow Vs Nofollow Backlinks for SEO Link Building

Dofollow vs Nofollow Backlinks

We already discussed the [intlink id=”7″ type=”post”]Importance of link building and how it is effective to get traffic from search engines[/intlink] .Building backlinks are usually the most important for a successful Blogger or website owner to achieve better results using by SEO. Because of this you should learn how to build backlinks in the correct process while[intlink id=”38″ type=”post”] building Backlinks from Social bookmarks[/intlink], [intlink id=”25″ type=”post”]Backlinks from web directories[/intlink], Backlinks from Classified Websites.

Dofollow vs Nofollow Backlinks

How Backlinks effect a Website/Blog?

Incoming or inbound links from other sites pointing to your site or blog is known as a backlink. Backlinks play a key role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your blog. A very important point behind your Google page rank are Backlinks,  To achieve very good page rank and rank highly on Search engines then you definitely need to concentrate on  building right Backlinks ultimately they are Dofollow Backlinks. Let’s get in to the topic, i explain difference between Do-Follow and NoFollow Backlinks and how they affect the SEO of a blog.

Generally there are 2 types of Backlinks:

  1. Dofollow Backlink
  2. NoFollow Backlink

All backlinks appear to be common in our perspective as simply clicking on the hyperlink and forwarded to other websites, but for search engines its something different.

1.What are Dofollow Backlinks

dofollow backlinks importance iin SEOIn general Search engine crawlers crawl the complete content on your webpage including images, links, keywords and so on. Whenever it find a link, when the link is Dofollow link, then the crawlers follow the link and land on other web page. If you need to get indexed in Google and rank highly on the search engines, you need to build Dofollow links only. Simply the “Dofollow link” tells to search engine follow the content in the webpage that links to the link.


Is all Dofollow backlinks are ranks High on Google?

All the do follow links are workable but try to build to follow links from high page rank websites because Google will rank the blogs that have back links from high page rank websites than Lope trying website or without page rank that mean 0 page rank. Google has several factors when ranking a site among them it ranks high when your blog links to high page rank websites, it means the Dofollow backlinks from high PageRank or authority website will rank your site more by google that the other backlinks from other low page rank websites.( the high page rank websites like reddit.com, google.com, etc ).

How to create a Dofollow link?

Follow the process that i explained in SEO link Building, you should create the backlinks for the keywords of your blog and not no create simply the backlink for website.

<a href=”http://yourblog.com/” rel=”dofollow” >Your Keywords</a>

<a href=”http://yourblog.com/” >Your Keywords</a>

Both the above links are Dofollow links

2.What are NoFollow Backlinks

Importance of Nofollow links in SEONoFollow backlinks are ignored by search engine crawlers. Simply “NoFollow link” tells to the search engines “Not to follow” the webpages that links to the link.

Importance of NoFollow links?

So Many are asked me many times what is the necessity of NoFollow attribute whether  Dofollow is useful for better SEO link building ?

in many situations  for every blogger  while creating content on their blog it is required  to give links  to the other websites. if you give the other website’s links with Dofollow attribute in your content then search engines rank those websites related to your content . No one can wish to give the ranking to  other websites that related to their own content , then there is a need for the Nofollow attribute. So if you create a link with Nofollow attribute search engine simply ignore those links and go for remaining content in  your page.

example of a NoFollow links

<a href=”http://otherwebsite.com/” rel=”NoFollow” > Keywords</a>

Is NoFollow Backilnks are useless?

Absolutely No.. NoFollow has no negative effect to the site it is on. NoFollow is still a useful link, they do not receive any PageRank credit but through the keywords in the anchor text users may find your link and click through to your site. A linking site that has a great deal of quality content would most likely have a large number of users giving your links a greater chance of being found. According to Google NoFollow links are small minority of the links on the web.

 Important point to remember regards to Dofollow and NoFollow links

  • Dofollow links are good for SEO, so create backlinks from websites which allows you create Dofollow links than NoFollow Links.
  • To get indexed fast and rank higher create Dofollow links from High page rank websites.
  • It is advisable to give NoFollow to the outgoing links of other websites in your blog, create NoFollow links while you making content with the other websites links in your blog.

So, find all the websites which allows you to create Dofollow backlinks to get better SEO and ranked by higher in search engnines.

Tutorial to add Social Bookmarking icons to Blog or website

add social bookmark icons to blog

Adding social bookmarking buttons to your website or blog is very important for you to  bookmark the webpages on your blog and also allows others to bookmark the webpages on your blog. Adding social media icons also increases your online visibility and sharing of your blog or website to famous bookmarking websites so adding bookmarking buttons to the website is important important in SEO aspect also. Adding social bookmarking icons to the post makes users to bookmark to their favorite bookmarking sites which increases your blogs online reputation and backlinks .

add social bookmark icons to blog

How to add Social Bookmark Buttons to Your blog?

A.    Go to the website www.addthis.com. There you need to create a free account with a valid email address, username, and password. After you do this, you’ll be forwarded to a page in which you get the code to create your Social bookmaking buttons

B.    Choose the type of button you want and select one of the two options: Sharing/Bookmarking or Feed. This article is about social bookmarks, so pick the first option. Then choose the type of site you’ve, whether a regular website, or a blog.
C.    For a website, AddThis generates html that you can insert yourself. If you have a blog hosted on blogger, you can get the codes to either put the button in the sidebar or below your posts. Follow the instructions on where to copy and paste the code.
D.    Now on your website or blog you should see the Add This button. When you click it, you get a huge list of social bookmarking sites that your readers can submit an article to. Your readers will need to have an account at one of these sites in order to add it, but you yourself do not need to have accounts at any of these sites.
E.    If you want to try the button, sign up to each account with some popular social bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo Buzz and bookmark your article. (If you already have a social bookmark account, no need to sign up twice!) The nice thing about www.addthis.com is that you give your readers multiple options with only one button! So immediately add this button to your blog.

Video tutorial for Adding Social Bookmarking Buttons to website (blogger, WordPress, etc)

Building SEO  Backlinks with Social Bookmarking websites:

This is one of the best and basic method to build backlinks from high authority websites like Reddit.com, stumble upon.com, Digg.com,etc.

signup to all the social bookmarking websites , try to create accounts in many of social bookmarking networks that are listed in the social bookmarking buttons set.

After creating the accounts in all social bookmarking networks and social networks you should visit every page of your blog and bookmark the webpages by login to the all social network websites and bookmark every page of your blog this process creates high-quality back links from high PR social networks.

So adding the social bookmarking buttons site not only used to bookmark the page is by others and also you can create backlinks to your pages in all social bookmarking websites.

How to write a Successful Classified ad that attracts and sells

writing a good classified ad

Tips-guide regarding how to “post online ads” on classified sites. Most effective  ways to post your Classified ad on classified websites. Using this Advertising tips for posting an Ad  you can market  you advertisements by online ad posting tips techniques  you can make Online advertising with this free ad posting.


Writing a successful classified ad plays key role in Classified Marketing to attract buyers and customers. Marketing through Classified Ads is among the most easiest method to drive visitors to your website or to sell your products or to promote your service. Most  classified sites don’t charge for listing on their site by writing a good effective classified ad bring  lot of people and make browse the classifieds just looking and if they find your AD that could generate  traffic to your site or a sale.

writing a good classified ad

Write a Classified ad so that  get noticed.

So what makes a classified ad good or bad? First of all, it should attract the visitors, and therefore, it will say exactly what you want it to express. Secondly, it has to say exactly what it says in the least possible number of words. And thirdly, it has to produce the required results whether inquiries or sales , If you make  ad attractive to your reader. Be mysterious inside your headline, I mean create curios about your Advertisements. Use the fewest words possible.

A good and attractive classified Ad brings more leads or visitors to you. So it is the important thing success to generate an attractive and effective free classified, following points may be to your benefit in creating Advertisements.

Here are the helpful tips for creating an effective online ad:

Attractive titles Grab attention with your headline

Do you have a headline that’ll be noticed by others? Maybe you have used the keywords or phrases that somebody might use to search for that item. use meaningful and attractive title for your ad to grab visitors attention in very first moment having seen your ad .Providing a powerful classified ad title will bringing thousands of visitors to your ad and make the visitors to click your ad and see the description of the ad.So, the Title is the first impression to the visitor to make click to make them to click on your ad. So, write a powerful title with your main keywords(for SEO Purpose) of your product or service
for example if you want to promote a healthy product that is assumed that weight loss product then and attractive title will be.

“Get weight loss in two weeks for guaranteed results”

Use a photo or Image

The very first part of this step is pretty easy and shouldn’t need much explaining: just take a few pics of what you plan to sell if you are promoting a website then design an image with the concept of your website and ad few lines to the image, just like designing a brochure or pamphlet for a business.  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true online, but only when your photo is good quality. We are all drawn in by a picture. Make sure you image (or images) is clear and well lighted. If your image is too small, dark-colored or blurry, it won’t create as much purchasers interest.  if you need an Idea just explore other listings of related your ad  and see which photos grab your attention and why.
Pictures plays very big part in classified ads. You’ve probably heard the phrase “a picture’s worth a thousand words” a million times.

Describe your item Clear and well

No need to tell everything in the headline. Use the item details option to describe your item. Be unique. If you are selling a desk for example, add the color, measurements and quantity of drawers, so a buyer can ensure it’ll work with them. The More details you can provide, the better the quality of buyer you’ll attract, and the only interested customers will make fewer calls and emails you will get requesting additional information.

Use Powerful trigger words

The most powerful word in advertising is FREE! Not everybody can use free in the heading however, it’ll gain the interest immediately. Trigger words or keywords are words that create a great attention than normal words. Some good examples of trigger words are “secrets”,  “free”, “amazing”, or even “discover”. All of these words make a reader would like to learn more and are excellent for interesting a person’s curiosity.

Write short ads

No need to tell autobiography of your services and product, Keep short means what you offer and what they get. Creating a lengthy classified ad can create a negative  impact on your promotion and this makes the visitors to jump in to another ad . So it is better to keep short description in classified Ad.

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Try to write ad in regional language:

Finally, effective online classified ads are supposed to contain direct and straightforward language or local language .Writing ad in regional language will definitely create or grab attention of the visitors. Some classified sites supports regional languages too so use the option to get more leads and good traffic to your product, offline business or  website .

Price your item for the market :

If your headline says everything and also the photo is clear, then, like retail stores, sometimes the reason an item stays on the market is price. When people look at classified ads, they are looking for a significantly lower price than a new item. Search on the internet yourself to compare your price with others. Make sure to list it at the market value.

I think all the above tips are helpful to you to create traffic or leads generated classified.

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High effective and Successful Classified Marketing strategies

Post a attractive Classified ads

We already discuss the importance and how the [intlink id=”59″ type=”post”]classified marketing is powerful [/intlink]among other marketing and promotion of any business in classified websites is very easy . We know that classified marketing is one of the best marketing techniques to get high traffic and sell products in online.

Post a attractive Classified ads

Before posting a classified ad in the classified website you should create a attractive classified advertisement to grab the visitors attention and to increase the sales and services.

You should post at least 2 to 3 classifieds by day indifferent to classified websites. And test which classified websites will bringing high traffic to your website or our response to your business and try to post regularly in those classified websites only. If you want to post about your business in the classified websites, To achieve the best results from the classified marketing you should post very attractive advertisement along with your mobile number, contact details, website address. I am going explain you how to create a good classified ad and
Below are the best marketing strategies to get high results from classified promotion, if you seriously thinking about to promote in the classified websites you should follow the below rules.
Classified promotion

Powerful tips to  Classified Marketing

  • Choose best suited classified Websites list – Choosing the best classified websites is the 1st step in classified marketing. So many think that all classified sites are same , but you need to follow the sites that are suitable for you . You can also decide whether your business is for the local people are global people if your business targeting the region then you should select the classified websites which are popular in those regions  and write a good effective Classified ad.
    For example , in Canada, the site Kijiji has a much bigger user base than Craigslist(it is popular in Usa) , there are many thousands of classified websites in India like Olx, quickr, clickindia are the biggest classified websites along with these websites there are many other developed and developing classified websites. So if you have no time to post the classified ad on many websites then concentrate on big traffic websites only to get quick response. in the other hand if you decide to promote  your ad on all websites then there is no problem simply use this classified list and start promoting. Beware of the spamming classified websites my advice is to just leave them ( may be they are included in my classified list also). The next question from you is How to find the spamming websites, it is not very hard to find the spamming websites your experience will guide you which classified websites are best and which are worst.
  • Fix your Marketing Schedule – obviously it is very common in every work , however , you must follow this words definitely in the classified marketing to get great success. So fix a schedule to promote your product, service, website in classified sites. Most of the websites allow you to post the advertisements in certain time intervals.  To get the Maximum benefits from all of these free websites takes a regular schedule of posting ads. With volumes of ads being posted daily, to stand from your competition, requires more than just a simple daily ad. Consider a schedule of a minimum of 4 ads posted at 3 different times a day. This type of schedule will keep your ads very fist on the certain category, ultimately your will get good response in short period of time.
  • MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAttractive Headlines and good Classified description – classified ad Headlines or Titles plays important role in making the users to click on your ads. They are the most visible item displayed as people look through the classified ad sites. You should grab the visitors attention with the attractive title and make them to click on your classified ad among the others. So it’s very advisable to create a list of 10, 20 or more different headlines prepared for your product or service or website.By giving  your website link along with the classified advertisement you can also build the Backlinks  to your website, this will result search engine rankings.  If you decided to promote your ad on many classified websites then you must show difference between ads in both Title and Ad content, many different headlines will help you to launch ads quickly and see which headlines bring the best response rates.
  • Respond in time – Creating good classified Ad, Ad Posting and Marketing not the only factors in the success of classified marketing, another one of the most important factor is give response to the buyer who contact you. Almost all of the classified sites posses a functionality to contact the advertiser giving a message to the ad poster. If any interested visitor will contact you through the message, email, or by phone. So it is your main responsibility to provide the details of your product, service or website that you posted on the site. So this is the final and important point to remember in classified advertising success.

If you follow the above rules you definitely succeed in the classified marketing and will get more leads and more sales.

Best of luck for your classified promotion.

Popularity of Classified Websites Marketing in India

Classified marketing in India

Previously I discussed about power of the [intlink id=”59″ type=”post”]Promoting in Classified websites and advantages and Dis advantages[/intlink] , Now we see how the Classified websites promotion is Popular in India. In India classified marketing is one of the best way to reach more people in the short span of time. Indian Classified websites are also promoting their websites in the Indian local TVs the websites like Quickr.com, OLX started advertising their websites in the Indian TVs. They are spending millions of rupees to market their classified websites , so because of these phenomena many customers are selling their products and marketing their services in the classified websites. In India hundreds of classified sites are there so it is very easy to market any product or service to millions of people in a short span of time.

Classified marketing in IndiaIndian Classified marketing will bring high traffic to your website and helps you to increase your sales and services in India .In India there are 100s of Local classified websites, it is very easy to reach the local people in India  with the classified marketing. But it is very hard to find the classified sites in the online . So we are giving the Free classified sites that which are popular in India. In this blog we’re regularly updating the Indian classified websites along with their Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank, you can select the desired classified websites from this list and market product or service to the thousands of people. Classified Promotion is not only for selling used products and services you can also build backlinks for SEO to get indexed by Google very fast .

Selecting a Best Classified website to post ads

Advice: My advice is to first select the websites with the high page rank and Alexa rank to get maximum exposure to your product, service, website. If you have more time and then promote the High PR and Low Alexa rank Classified websites websites, it also will increase your Backlink popularity and Traffic.

Rise of the classified market in India


According to the latest release shared by OLX India, they have were able to capture 60% from the online classified market share. As per the company, its traffic has been grown Fifty-five times within the last 22 months and crossed half a billion page views in July 2013 (Trending at 600 Mn PVs in August 2013). Also, OLX.in’s 2 year CAGR of 653% is significantly ahead of the 32% CAGR for India Internet within the same period.

Like Olx , Quickr is also increasing their audience very fast in India , Along with these sites many medium sites are also getting Popularity in the online and getting high traffic and exposure.

The growth of Classified websites in India is very high and Thousands of [intlink id=”15″ type=”category”]Classified websites[/intlink] getting popular . Classified Marketing is the best and better way to reach the people in India , it also used to target the local regions to sell products and services in India.

The definitive guide to Classified Marketing, advantages and disadvantages Successful tips

Classified Marketing promotion

Classified Marketing is the process of posting Free ads in the Classified Websites to target the local (regional) traffic using classifieds and classified ads promoting.  Build web traffic with classified ads which is free of cost, get tons of traffic to your website or promote offline business.

Classified Marketing promotion

Power of Classified Marketing

The internet keeps growing every day. As a result, it is very necessary that you’re always marketing your site to achieve the maximum volume of traffic,  It can be Possible with Free Classified Promotion

With the growth of the internet, you will find thousands of online free classified websites like Craigslist, Olx, Kijiji and USfreeads. Posting ads on these web sites brings lots of new visitors for your website which is related to the product, Business, Service based. With the Classified ad Promotion You can sell the products or promote your services very easily to the visitors of classified websites.

 Classified marketing how it is very powerful?

  •  Free classifieds advertising is one the most powerful tool of internet marketing over the web. You might market your online business at hundreds of free classifieds websites. You are able to market your old stuff or you can promote your internet business free of cost by submitting free classifieds advertisements.
  • There are numerous advantages of free classifieds advertising. First, it’s totally free of cost. So you need not to pay for the advertisements. So it saves your money Second, you can find the focused prospects from you local are with free local classifieds. It additionally saves you time for your online business promotion.
  • Free on-line classified ads are a good way to attract a lot of people quickly. It really is more useful and Cost free when compared with placing offline classified adverts as with the Yellow Pages or something.

The absolute best the answer to do would be to create a easy and audience attractive advertisement and publish it onto a free online classified website. This is the most effective advertising and marketing technique out there. It gives you the ability to reach a number of billion credible customers and it’s fully free.


Advantages of classified marketing

Get high Traffic: Target huge traffic advertising via classified Ads may be the simplest choice to drive visitors to your website. One of the important use of classified marketing is along with website you can also market your offline business, so website is not mandatory.

Posting ads Free: They are many [intlink id=”15″ type=”category”]free classified advertising [/intlink]websites do not charge for listing on their website. Almost all websites are totally free to list an ad on their website.

 Target on regional market : are you planning to market your product, Service or any other related business on your local place or target on particular region(state, city, District ) then classified marketing is the right choice to you.

Get Traffic to your Website: Many classified websites enable adding what you are promoting website link with your advertisement. So that you will get direct visitors to your web site with spending money. These sites have huge guests daily. So you may promote your stuff within few days. Thus it saves your cash on website promotion.

 Get backlinks : [intlink id=”7″ type=”post”]Building Backlinks to your blog or website[/intlink] is very easy with Classified marketing .  Many of the classified websites allow you to place an your website link in your ad then you can get a “backlink” from their website to your site.

Instantly Post a Classified ad: Less time consuming posting a free classified hardly take 1 or 2 minutes. After signing as much as these websites, you possibly can advertise your business relative to your city as well as local area. Within few minutes your commercial goes like and obtainable to website visitors. You can publish limitless variety of classifieds.

 Disadvantages of Classified marketing.

The one of the main dis-advantage o the classified marketing is the SPAMMING , yes many of the scammers using the classified marketing as their main platform. And some classified website’s  owners are running the websites only for the scammers for different reasons like search engine traffic, to show false ratings  .

All of these free on-line classified currently have quite a bad popularity because of there’s lots of spamming discourage individuals into avoiding these websites and also to not trust them. I agree, there’s quite a lot of spamming and fraudulent ads, however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use these websites. So it is very important to choose right classified websites without spamming(its impossible) or with less spamming. if your main motive  is to create as number of classified ads on different classified sites , then there is no problem you can forget this point.

Too many Classified ad postings, this leads to the genuine ad posters classified ads were going down and recently published classified ads coming front. This is the common problem facing by many classified marketers from big traffic classified websites (like craigslist, Olx.com). The only solution for this is to create classified ad with regular intervals or some websites has the functionality to push the same ad to the top position, so use this option to get more exposure to your ad posting.

If you happen to own a business web site, then you can get free site visitors to your web site with these free promoting programs.

Many are trying to find some service in your local area then it might be simply discovered your service or business or website or service by the local people where you were placed an advertisement. Numerous people are searching for the local jobs, house repair services, automobile rental providers, laptop restore service, laptops, old mobiles along with other electronics gazettes, home tutors actual estate agents, pets and pet related providers , matrimonial and many more the classified website. so you can market on these websites on appropriate category and your targeted regional place(ie, state, city, district). So classified marketing is one of the best online marketing techniques to reach the people in the targeted place.

Any way There are both advantages and Disadvantages with Classified Marketing , but In many countries the many businesses improving their sales and leads with classified websites.


Social Bookmarking websites Advantages and Quality link building

Backling process with social bookmarks

Social bookmarking websites make it easier to bookmark favorite web pages you find and want to follow in the future. So once you log in to a Social Bookmark submitting website you may keep bookmarking any pages on the web that you simply find interesting and view further on regular basis. In[intlink id=”38″ type=”post”] OffPage SEO optimisation of a blog or website social bookmarking is the best process[/intlink]. Here don’t need to save the information in one personal computer and go on it along in order to access it in the future. From any system  in the world you can easily access your bookmarked pages within your favorite social site so long as you’re having access to internet.

Backling process with social bookmarks

Advantages of the Social Bookmarking websites


Very important feature about bookmarking sites is that they aren’t restricted to one computer, you have access to them anywhere in places you access the internet.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) with Social Bookmarking sites

Social bookmark submitting creates powerful Free backlinks to your Blog / website which will help it go up within the ranking with the major search engines. Bookmarking systems clearly come with an [intlink id=”7″ type=”post”]advantage for external backlink building[/intlink] as the major search engines like google favour sites with such links directing to them


Free and Link building easy with Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking process is absolutely free and more effective. Social bookmarking plays very important role in  link building process to optimize any website or a blog to the search engines. Search engines will rank higher the websites or blogs that are bookmarked in social book marking websites. The main reason for this is, all the social bookmarking has highest page rank therefore the  websites which are linked to them are also ranked  by the Google very well and very high in the search engines.
Looking at the popularity and acceptance of social bookmarking websites , search engines like Google and yahoo began indexing these websites or pages also. If your blog or website listed in  social bookmark website Then your website is  going to be listed in  the search engine result pages. This manner you will enjoy the main benefit of backlinks or link juice to your website or page. Additionally, it enhances domain authority and page authority in the site. From search engine marketing viewpoint, using social bookmarking websites will advantage of a good extent. The trick here is to discover a social bookmarking website that permits back links. As a result of social bookmarking sites constantly refresh content; search engines like google and yahoo like Google usually re-index these sites.

Increase in traffic with Social Bookmarking sites

Submission to many  Social bookmarking websites will generate more visitors to  your site in the long run . It is because with the growing quantity of social bookmaking websites and their importance, followers to those sites are also growing a lot. So if your website or page is a good one then extra guests start following or visiting your pages. That method you’re going to get more traffic. But it is a long drawn and sustained process.

Viral advertising and marketing

These days many on-line marketers begin using these websites for getting faster index to their sites. By submitting to different social bookmarking websites it’s possible to make their website or web page to be seen to the search engines in a short span of time.

Create High Quality Backlinks  with Social Bookmarking sites

After site owners discovered that search engines like Google and yahoo would take into account Social bookmarks a worthwhile useful resource of backlink, they flooded tagging sites. As a result, these sites would use no observe attribute which prevented websites from receiving any one way link benefits.

Because of the Higher page rank (High pr) of the Social Bookmarking websites if your listed you website/blog  on those websites will bring many quality backlinks to your website.

On-line Visibility more with Social Bookmarking Submission:

Online Visibility is another advantage when you use social bookmarking site. For instance you have got a hyperlink that would go to a page on your website and you also sort into Google “hyperlinks:domainname”. This can provide you what number of sites are linking for your site. Just do exactly the same for articles as well simply by placing those articles into citation marks after which it it is possible to find out those sites that actually are choosing the content you wrote. If you work with social bookmarking for that article, then you will discover simply the number of websites are sharing that link.

Sharing made easy with Social bookmarks

Social sharing Icons

One of the things that makes social bookmarking so extraordinary is due to its capacity to share bookmarks. You are able to choose to share bookmarks so that others can access those as well making this an absolute deal with for you and your web site traffic.

Social Bookmark sites make Faster Indexing:

You may obtain extraordinarily quick indexing by using tagging. If you have a blog or content driven website and continuously improve your site with valuable content. [intlink id=”14″ type=”category”]Using social bookmarking [/intlink]will allow you to have listed much sooner and extra frequently.This will Increases your web presence along with Traffic to  your websites.

So, [intlink id=”38″ type=”post”]Social Bookmarking Process[/intlink]  is the best method to build very high quality bookmarks and indexed very fast by the search engines.

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Power of Social bookmarking in building Backlinks

Bookmark backlinks building

Social bookmarking has become a popular trend on the internet and it is important for process in Link building . This is just a method whereby internet users might be able to store, manage, organize and look for bookmarks of the sites they frequently use and visit on the internet. Being an internet user, you can observe what other people have bookmarked as important and pick what you could relate to.

Bookmark backlinks building

There are a thousands  of social bookmarking websites on the internet, submitting blog to the bookmark website is the a great way to increase your traffic through backlinks. Let’s see the way the Bookmarking websites helpful to increase your traffic along with Search engine Ranking.

The social Bookmarking websites are similar to the Web directories  you can submit a website to web directory but in this case you can submit webpage link The social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delcious, Digg and StumbleUpon, are websites that allow the users to add, edit and share bookmarks on the internet. The fantastic thing about these web sites is that you could have used them to help your business or product or service websites in many ways.

If your content is rated sufficient on the social bookmark submitting site, you will get increased traffic to your site or blog. It’s also important to keep in mind that your content can get down voted (dislike) on some sites, that could damage your online reputation. The ultimate way to handle this can be to only post relevant and interesting content.
Also, to include social Bookmarking buttons on your website, you’ll boost the likelihood that somebody will post your articles to a social bookmarking site.  If you place the Bookmarking buttons in the site there is a chance that you website  users will even post your content on several bookmarking sites.

This method not only bring  traffic from users of the site however , you will also get quicker indexing from engines like Google. When you are submitted your blog on a social bookmark submitting site, you’ve more inbound links. This can boosts the website popularity in search engine , so  Social Bookmarking  also improves your search engine optimisation . The higher number of quality backlinks from social bookmarking websites, the better your site will rank on search engines , this can ultimately increases your traffic.

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But remember in creating the social bookmark while creating Bookmarks don’t forget to tag properly as well as with keyword Linking  to your site. Tagging allows other readers to find out your link easily by looking to find the appropriate key words.
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SEO Benefits of the Web directory Submission in backlink building

web directory submssion process

In the previous post I explained about what are web directories and how the web directories used in link building process and Importance of the Web directory. In this post I show you the SEO benefits of the web directory submission and how to post in to a Web directory.

web directory submssion process

Important Advantages of submitting to the web directories

Helps to get a website indexed by search engines

In the SEO Backlink Building process, you can submit your website that will be listed on one of the well-established web directories it is certain to go a long way to helping get your website indexed in the major search engines. Because the established web directories already are high traffic areas, they’re probably be crawled often by the search engine spiders, it has the advantage of helping search engine Indexing as well as ranking.

Link Building Improving on search engine ranking

The most important directory benefit or benefit of listing with several directories is ‘link- building’.  The more directories you’re listed with the higher are your possibilities for a much better position in the search engine result.

Once a site has been properly listed in the web directories, it is highly useful to improve ranking and display in the search engines that links are coming from a valued and a trusted community, which is the case with the well-establish web directories. If you can to include high-quality sites in the link profile this really is certain to benefit improving the ranking in the search engines like google. Also, inbound one way backlinks which are relatively categorized tend to be more desirable compared to reciprocal links.

How to list your Blog/website in the web directories

The directory submission is very easiest process , just by entering your Blog URL, Description , Keywords But you should some SEO Guidelines  to get more benefits and notice  their rules to list in their Directory.


For SEO benefits….

Pick and Include  your Main Niche keywords

When submitting a website to the web directory or  link directories, it’s easy to link the description and keywords which are highly relevant to those sites you need to promote. If you can target the keywords which are relevant to your audience, it is simply going to help with maximizing your SEO efforts.

Brief and Nice Description

Also, if you can to write a well-crafted description this really is good for the visitors to the directories which will attract them to click on your hyperlink and visit your site. If you’re targeting the direct click-through traffic, you have to make sure that you’re using the more well-established and most popular web-directories that will get the significant daily traffic. In many cases the quantity of traffic which is more likely to come through the links on the directories is extremely dependent on the niche or topic of website.

Select Best suited Category


Final thing you must remember is you should select best suited category  while web directory submission process, don’t  select in appropriate category. IF your blog niche is not comes under any of the category then select the best  nearly suitable category.

Read the Sumission Guidelines of the Web Directory before submitting


Most of the webmaster didnt notice  web directory submission Guidelines or  rules before submitting the website , there are thousand of Different type of web directories  like Totally free submission,Reciprocal link submission,No Reciprocal link ,Paid submission,No follow,Featured listing, etc  every web directory has fall under any one of these type .

if you post your website in the Reciprocal link web directory then you must place their link in  your website then only your blog is listed under their directory. If you not place  or remove their weblink in future then they deleted your weblink from thier web directory .in the case  of Paid directories you must pay some fee to list your website ,  if you dint notice it  before web directory submission first they collect your information in the beginning steps finally they redirect to the payment page and ask you to pay  some fees to get listed.

Above cases are not examples theya re my real bad experience In the beginning of my SEO career , I wasted most of my time ,  Free directories are the best suited for the novice bloggers.

so it is better to see their rules before web directory submission.