High PR 20 Dofollow Document sharing websites Submission list of 2014

Document sharing sites submission

what are PDF Document sharing websites?

PDF document sharing websites are the websites where the students and professionals easy to upload their PDF documents and share with each other. This is the best way to save and share documents to spread on online, the accepted information data in the formats such as PDF documents, Spreadsheets, Word documents, photos, text documents.Document sharing sites submission


How the PDF document sharing websites list are used for SEO link building?

So many bloggers and a SEO optimisers are using these PDF document sharing websites, Usually PDF document sharing websites has highest PageRank, so building backlinks from these websites are quality links which increases Pagerank to your Blog. PDF documents sharing across the online is one of the best SEO process for link building.

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How to create backlinks from document sharing websites

According to me there are two ways to get backlinks from document sharing websites, after creating accounts in those websites follow the below steps

  • Create a document with create a document with it topic that related to your blog, include your blog links in that document occasionally while creating the content (create unique content to get accepted by document sharing websites). Then convert your document into a PDF document with free tools are online PDF document conversion websites, finally upload those documents from your account and share to each other (don’t forget to select the most nearest category to your blog niche ). This is the most used way by SEO services, a SEO optimizers to build backlinks from PDF sharing websites.

SEO Tip: Use your blog topic for SEO main keywords and sub keywords while creating content for document sharing websites.

  • While creating your content sharing website most of the sites are profile information in that profile information include your blog link. This will drive huge traffic to your blog when other users visit your profile , and this also created backlink for your blog.

build backlinks

 Top best 2014 high PR dofollow document sharing websites list

I gathered this list both the mixture of no follow do follow websites, this is the 2014 updated PDF document sharing website list with Google PR and Alexa Rank.

Top Best Dofollow Document sharing websites list

Google PR

#Alexa Rank

1 http://www.issuu.com/  PR9 442
2 http://www.docs.google.com PR8 1
3 http://www.office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/default.aspx PR8 40
4 http://www.scribd.com/  PR8 310
5 http://www.slideshare.net/  PR8 119
6 http://www.box.net/ PR7 57827
7 http://www.calameo.com/  PR7 2634
8 http://www.docstoc.com/  PR7 1205
9 http://www.keepandshare.com/ PR7 20598
24 https://www.zoho.com/docs/ PR7 766
10 http://www.4shared.com/ PR6 158
11 http://www.yudu.com/ PR6 7439
12 http://www.free.yudu.com/  PR5 7439
13 http://www.my.huddle.net/ PR5 94700
14 http://www.pdfcast.org/pdf/ PR5 17246
15 http://www.divshare.com/ PR5 12745
16 http://www.slideboom.com/ PR5 11085
17 http://www.slideserve.com/ PR5 19171
18 http://www.edocr.com/   PR4 17671
19 http://www.myplick.com/  PR4 23458
20 http://www.gazhoo.com/ PR3 45700

How to create a back links from Google Docs

Happy news for [intlink id=”7″ type=”post”]SEO backlink builders[/intlink] I’m going to share a SEO tip to create a backlink from big brother Google. It is very simple, Google Drive is a service offered by Google to store documents. So, Just upload a document to the Google Drive are docs.google.com from your Google account and make that document as public this makes your document tracked  by the search engines.  That is! , you created a high quality backlink from Google.

Top Best High PR 15 Blog Communities to build Backlinks

Blog community list

I’m going to explain you what is a blog community and how they helps you to build   high-quality backlinks and other SEO uses of blog communities. Blog communities is also one of the way for bloggers to drive traffic as well as helps you increase the Page rank of a blog.

Building backlinks with Blog communities are similar to the [intlink id=”49″ type=”post”]social bookmarking sites[/intlink] and web directories, they are also called Blog catalogs or Blog Directories.

Blog community list

 What are blog communities?

Blog communities are the place where you can find different types of blogs in a categorised format, Blog communities are similar to the Blog Directories .

Blog community is the online community at where group of bloggers share their blogs with each other world wide  and increase their blogs popularity.

usually this blog communities contains different types of blog posts that are shared by each other. Can also find like-minded or same niche bloggers can share your ideas with each other.

SEO benefits of blog communities or Blog Directories

  • You can share your blog with other bloggers worldwide and meet other bloggers of your blogs same niche.
  • you can build backlinks to your blog by submitting your blog post to blog communities this will helps you to create high-quality backlinks from high authority websites.
  • Get new ideas of blogging from other bloggers and blogs.
  • If you listed your blog in Blog Communities , it will helps you to attract new visitors and same niche bloggers , finally it results in increase in traffic.
  • Blog communities helps you to rank your blog post highly in search engines which will bring organic traffic from search engines.
  • Domain authority will be increased by sharing your post across the blog communities.

Blog communities are one of the is your link building process to the bloggers to build backlinks as well as to increase their online presence along with the contact with other same niche a bloggers, this will build a relationship between you and  like-minded bloggers.



Blog communities to blog

Below are the both  Dofollow and Nofollow blog communities list which is used to build high quality backlinks, this is one of the top best methods to build high PR backlinks.

Top 15 high PR blog communities list

High PR Blog Communities

Page rank

Alexa Rank

1 http://www.blogher.com/ PR6 4154
2 http://www.gather.com/ PR6 16998
3 http://www.squidoo.com/squidoo-blogging-sites#module83551951 PR6 883
4 http://www.inbound.org/ PR5 7881
5 http://www.bizsugar.com/ PR5 5658
6 http://www.blogengage.com/ PR4 9893
7 http://www.fuelmyblog.com/ PR4 54426
8 http://www.fuelmyblog.com/ PR4 54426
9 http://www.indiblogger.in/ PR4 3268
10 http://www.managewp.org/ PR3 33455
11 http://www.blogcatalog.com/ PR3 10718
12 http://www.blokube.com/ PR3 31363
13 http://www.spicypage.com/ PR3 27278
14 http://www.mmosocialnetwork.com/ PR2 758158
15 http://www.thewriterssocial.com/ PR2 145514
16 http://www.dosplash.com/ PR0 38946
17 http://www.klinkk.com/ PR0 46307

How to get More Online Traffic and Page Rank with Blog Communities

Get register to all blogging communities from above list and submit your blog posts, add your RSS feed, get touch with the other bloggers on same Niche.

Try to comment on other bloggers post and share this will increase your online visibility and makes other bloggers to click on your blog post.

Finally anyway blog communities is the best way to create backlinks for bloggers which drives traffic to your blog as well as creating other witty to your blog in online.

80+ India Free Local Business Listing directories websites list

Top best Business listing sites

Top best Business listing sites

In India there are millions of businesses are listed in the Indian business listing directory sites, if you’re planning to establish a new business or if you already own a business then my advice is to submit your Business to Local business Listing sites in India, it will bring new customers to you and helps to increase in your sales.

India Local Business listing directories are the websites that contains the different types of Indian businesses which are categorized in the topic wise and area wise.

It is good method to list your business in the business directories to get notified by customers as well as by search engines. Business listing directory submissions will not only create your online presence but also back links to your business website( if you have a business website).If your business is off-line it means if you don’t have any website then it is very good method to list your business in the business listing websites.

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The Indian business types like Products and Services, Service providers and traders, Exporters, importers. Manufacturers and service providers, Manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers, Products and services, Automobiles, real estate, doctors, fashion, restaurants, mobile, movies, hotels, gifts, travel, jewelry, logistics, Products, services and companies, Hotel, cafeteria, restaurant, shopping mall, multiplex, travel agent, florist, salon and many more can listed in the business directories.

Business directory submissions is similar to the classified websites submission as we discuss earlier in High effective and Successful Classified Marketing strategies and How to write a Successful Classified ad that attracts and sells

in the case of classified submissions you can again and again submit your Business information but in the case of Business directory submissions you can submit your business information for only once.

How to submit a Business in India Local business listing directories for better results

Business title

Title says about your type of the business and the product information that you sell, so keep a short descriptive title which tells about your business. Don’t forget to include the main keywords and sub keywords for SEO benefits.

Brief description

Most of the business directories do not allow to write a long description about your business and the products that you’re selling or the products that you are manufacturing. So keep short description which contains the main boards of your business and main products of you.

Submit your Business website

if you own a website that related to your business you must submit your business website link this will create backings to your website which is good for SEO.


These websites ask you to tag your business listing with the suitable keywords , the keywords like business name, location (state, district, City) , main products, services, business type. This will give more SEO score to your business listing to get listed in the Google search engine. Business listing


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 High PR Free Indian business listing directories to list your business

business listeing sites in IndiaBusiness listing directories are classified into two types they are paid business listing sites and free listing sites , I collected and included the free business listing websites in which you can submit your business information for free they do not charge any price to list your listings in their local directories.

High PR Business Listing websites in India


1 http://www.indiamart.com/ PR6
2 http://www.indiaonestop.com/classified%20index.htm PR5
3 http://directories-today.com/ PR5
4 http://www.indianindustry.com/ PR5
5 http://www.bizzduniya.com/ PR5
6 http://www.indianyellowpages.com/ PR5
7 http://yellowpages.webindia123.com/ PR5
8 http://www.exportersindia.com/ PR5
9 http://www.askme.com PR5
10 http://biz.prlog.org/ PR5
11 http://www.justdial.com/ PR5
12 http://scientificdealers.com/ PR4
13 http://www.my-kerala.com/dir/ PR4
14 http://www.my-telugu.com/dir/ PR4
15 http://www.indiabusinessportal.com/ PR4
16 http://www.indiafocus.in/ PR4
17 http://www.websofindia.com/ PR4
18 http://www.eximdata.com/ PR4
19 http://businesswithindia.in/ PR4
20 http://www.maharashtradirectory.com/ PR4
21 http://biz.indiaonline.in/Index.html PR4
22 http://www.surfindia.com/ PR4
23 http://www.startlocal.in/ PR4
24 http://www.cylex.in/ PR4
25 http://www.eindiabusiness.com/ PR4
26 http://whereincity.com/yellow-pages/ PR4
27 http://www.yalwa.in/ PR4
28 http://indiacom.com/ PR4
29 http://in.ezilon.com/ PR4
30 http://exportersindia.net/ PR3
31 http://www.calicutnet.com/variety/dir/ PR3
32 http://gidonline.com/ PR3
33 http://www.my-india.net/dir/ PR3
34 http://www.dealerdice.com/ PR3
35 http://www.ebharatbase.com/ PR3
36 http://www.indianexporters.com/ PR3
37 http://www.123khoj.com/ PR3
38 http://searchingindia.in/ PR3
39 http://indiabizclub.com/ PR3
40 http://www.submitshop.com/ PR3
41 http://indiacatalog.com/ PR3
42 http://www.vcsdata.com/ PR3
43 http://indiarubberdirectory.com/ PR2
44 http://indiarefer.com/ PR2
45 http://altaindia.com/ PR2
46 http://www.barodadirect.com/ PR2
47 http://www.vanik.com/ PR2
48 http://www.bindia.com/bd/subhead/index.asp PR2
49 http://www.business-india.in/ PR2
50 http://www.indiantradecenter.com/index.php PR2
51 http://www.thelinkindia.com/ PR2
52 http://aaspaas.com/ PR2
53 http://www.a4add.com PR2
54 http://www.infoline.in/ PR2
55 http://www.vibrantdirectory.com/directory.php PR1
56 http://www.maharashtrabusinesspages.com/ PR1
57 http://seolistsite.com/ PR1
58 http://www.indiaontrade.com PR1
59 http://www.goodlinksindia.in/ PR1
60 http://www.onepageprofile.com/ PR1
61 http://vcpe.in/ PR1
62 http://www.trade2source.com/ PR1
63 http://www.zoomyellowpages.com/ PR1
64 http://addyp.com/ PR1
65 http://www.mysheriff.co.in/ PR1
66 http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com/India-business-directory-C51/6 PR1
67 http://www.dialusindia.com/index.php PR0
68 http://indiamaal.com/ PR0
69 http://indiabusinessenquiry.com/ PR0
70 http://www.businesslistingindia.com/ PR0
71 http://www.serviceindia.com/ PR0
72 http://directory.mandsauronline.com/ PR0
73 http://fayda.co.in/ PR0
74 http://www.businesslinedirectory.com/ PR0
75 http://www.innobit.co.in/business-directory PR0
76 http://a1bizdirectory.com PR0
77 http://www.yellowpages99.com/ PR0
78 http://www.clickblue.in/ PR0
79 http://www.beeznesshive.com/ PR0
80 http://www.99localsearch.com/ PR0
81 http://local.saanj.net/ PR0
82 http://in.enrollbusiness.com/ PR0
83 http://dir.samachar.com/ PR0

Top 250 UK Free Business Listing Directories and Local web Directories

Free Business directory
Find Business in UK Business directory


Web directory promotion is the best way to build backlinks as well as build online reputation.

 Business directory submission is the important process to increase your business website’s online presence to get traffic and make more sales.

Types of Business directories

There are thousands of directories are there in the online, Business directories are divided into two types they are

1.Paid business directories

2.Free business directories.

Paid business directories charge particular free to list your business in their web directory, you can list your business for free in the free business directories which I listed below.

you can increase your count of SEO backlinks by submitting your website to web directories. But if you want to promote your local business website you should concentrate on the local business web directories among the other directories.

If you have a website that targets the UK people?

if you want to promote your business website in UK (promotion in UK)?

Do you want increase you are such traffic from UK?

If you are running Business in United Kingdom (UK), Then this list is for you I collected  [intlink id=”119″ type=”post”]high page rank the Free Business directories and local directories websites[/intlink] to list you are UK based business website. If you submit your website to this list then you are business website is definitely list in the Google search engine as well as other search engines.

Back linking is the  mandatory process in SEO marketing, if you create business website’s backlinks from UK based Business directories then your website’s organic search volume also increase ultimately.

free uk based Busines listings

Along with the promotion of UK-based classified websites this web this business web directories promotion is also added is your benefits for your website. Almost all the websites in the list are hosted in the UK hosting servers it helps Google find a notice that your website is UK-based and Google will keep your website on the top of the search results, this will bring high traffic to your business website.

This is the Biggest Business directory and Local directory websites list contain both [intlink id=”98″ type=”post”]Do follow and No follow Websites[/intlink] , so if your create in DoFollow Free web directories , it will creates high quality Backlinks from UK.

250+ UK Based Free Business Listing web directories for Building High PR Backlinks

250 uk Business local directories

Below is the list, mixture of high pagerank and 0 pagerank Free UK business Listing directories if you have less time to promote then only create accounts in high page rank Business directories this will increase the page rank of your website

Uk based Free Business Listing Directories and Local Web directories

Google Page rank

1 http://www.qype.co.uk/ PR7
2 http://www.yell.com/ PR7
3 http://www.192.com/ PR6
4 http://www.botw.org.uk/ PR6
5 http://www.charitychoice.co.uk/ PR6
6 http://www.directory.independent.co.uk/ PR6
7 http://www.directory.thesun.co.uk/ PR6
8 http://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/ PR6
9 http://www.scoot.co.uk/ PR6
10 http://www.thomsonlocal.com/ PR6
11 http://www.belfast-harbour.co.uk/ PR5
12 http://www.bizwiki.co.uk/ PR5
13 http://www.business-directory-uk.co.uk/ PR5
14 http://www.businessmagnet.co.uk/ PR5
15 http://www.construction.co.uk/ PR5
16 http://www.dashboard.scoot.co.uk/ PR5
17 http://www.freeindex.co.uk/ PR5
18 http://www.locallife.co.uk/ PR5
19 http://www.londinium.com/ PR5
20 http://www.londonnet.co.uk/listings/ PR5
21 http://www.rampantscotland.com/ PR5
22 http://www.splut.co.uk/ PR5
23 http://www.splut.com/ PR5
24 http://www.thegoodwebguide.co.uk/ PR5
25 http://www.thomsondirectories.com/ PR5
26 http://www.touchlocal.com/ PR5
27 http://www.ukchildrensbooks.co.uk/ PR5
28 http://www.uknetguide.co.uk/ PR5
29 http://www.4ni.co.uk/ PR4
30 http://www.activworcester.com/ PR4
31 http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/ PR4
32 http://www.applegate.co.uk/ PR4
33 http://www.b2bindex.co.uk/ PR4
34 http://www.bedandbreakfast-directory.co.uk/ PR4
35 http://www.british-towns.net/ PR4
36 http://www.businessservicesuk.com/ PR4
37 http://www.citylocal.co.uk/ PR4
38 http://www.deaf247.co.uk/ PR4
39 http://www.directory.im/ PR4
40 http://www.edinburghdirectory.info/ PR4
41 http://www.everythingexmoor.org.uk/ PR4
42 http://www.exploringscotland.co.uk/ PR4
43 http://www.filmbang.com/ PR4
44 http://www.irail.co.uk/ PR4
45 http://www.itprofessionals.co.uk/ PR4
46 http://www.jobsword.co.uk/ PR4
47 http://www.lifestyle.co.uk/ PR4
48 http://www.luxuryscotland.co.uk/directory/ PR4
49 http://www.myvillage.com/ PR4
50 http://www.scotlandmag.com/directory/ PR4
51 http://www.scottishweddingdirectory.co.uk/ PR4
52 http://www.scotweb.com/business-directory/ PR4
53 http://www.slackalice.com/ PR4
54 http://www.thebestof.co.uk/ PR4
55 http://www.the-free-directory.co.uk/ PR4
56 http://www.thetradefinder.co.uk PR4
57 http://www.theukfranchisedirectory.net/ PR4
58 http://www.the-web-directory.co.uk/ PR4
59 http://www.twistlocal.co.uk/ PR4
60 http://www.uk250.co.uk/ PR4
61 http://www.ukdirectory.co.uk/ PR4
62 http://www.uksafety.net/ PR4
63 http://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/ PR4
64 http://www.uksuperweb.co.uk/ PR4
65 http://www.unitedkingdom.co.uk/ PR4
66 http://www.valleyconnection.co.uk/ PR4
67 http://www.visit-gloucestershire.co.uk PR4
68 http://www.walesdirectory.co.uk/ PR4
69 http://www.web-design-directory-uk.co.uk/ PR4
70 http://www.web-directories.co.uk/ PR4
71 http://www.website-directory.co.uk/ PR4
72 http://www.wwwi.co.uk PR4
73 http://www.1stdirectory.co.uk/ PR3
74 http://www.all4kidsuk.com/ PR3
75 http://www.alltheuk.co.uk/ PR3
76 http://www.b2blistings.org PR3
77 http://www.bristol-online.com/listings PR3
78 http://www.businessgalore.co.uk/ PR3
79 http://www.carryonsurfing.co.uk/ PR3
80 http://www.city-listings.co.uk/ PR3
81 http://www.click4choice.co.uk/ PR3
82 http://www.deeplinkdirectory.co.uk/ PR3
83 http://www.digilondon.co.uk/ PR3
84 http://www.dotukdirectory.co.uk/ PR3
85 http://www.englandsportal.com/ PR3
86 http://www.fife.co.uk/ PR3
87 http://www.find-uk.com/ PR3
88 http://www.first4london.com/ PR3
89 http://www.freelinkdirectory.co.uk/ PR3
90 http://www.guide-to-nireland.com/ PR3
91 http://www.harbours.co.uk/ PR3
92 http://www.homeandgardenlistings.co.uk/ PR3
93 http://www.iom.localwebguide.co.uk/directory/ PR3
94 http://www.iownet.co.uk/ PR3
95 http://www.kentfind.co.uk/ PR3
96 http://www.know-britain.com/ PR3
97 http://www.lincolnshirelinks.co.uk/ PR3
98 http://www.linkcruncher.com/ PR3
99 http://www.marketingquotes.co.uk/directory/ PR3
100 http://www.motorcycle.co.uk/ PR3
101 http://www.mplook.co.uk/ PR3
102 http://www.mylocalservices.co.uk/ PR3
103 http://www.netcomply.com/ PR3
104 http://www.paidwebdirectory.co.uk/ PR3
105 http://www.pulsating.com/directory/ PR3
106 http://www.remortgagesupermarket.co.uk/ PR3
107 http://www.scotlandinter.net/ PR3
108 http://www.searchme4.co.uk/ PR3
109 http://www.searchscotland.net/ PR3
110 http://www.shobby.co.uk/ PR3
111 http://www.south-online.co.uk/ PR3
112 http://www.standbrook-guides.com/ PR3
113 http://www.standrewsdirectory.com/ PR3
114 http://www.storezone.co.uk/ PR3
115 http://www.thames-valley-business.co.uk/ PR3
116 http://www.theenginerooms.com/ PR3
117 http://www.the-football-directory.co.uk/directory.asp PR3
118 http://www.the-internet-pages.co.uk/ PR3
119 http://www.thelocalweb.net/ PR3
120 http://www.theukwebdirectory.com/ PR3
121 http://www.thisisouryear.com/ PR3
122 http://www.ukbest50.co.uk/ PR3
123 http://www.uknation.co.uk/ PR3
124 http://www.ukpropertyportal.co.uk/ PR3
125 http://www.ukshoppinglistings.co.uk/ PR3
126 http://www.ukvenues.co.uk/ PR3
127 http://www.uk-web-index.co.uk/ PR3
128 http://www.ukwebuk.co.uk/ PR3
129 http://www.vendora.co.uk/ PR3
130 http://www.vendora.com/ PR3
131 http://www.verygoodservice.com/ PR3
132 http://www.weeboab.co.uk/ PR3
133 http://www.worldwebdirectory.co.uk/ PR3
134 http://www.020.co.uk/ PR2
135 http://www.192directory.co.uk/ PR2
136 http://www.1bromley.co.uk/ PR2
137 http://www.admax.co.uk/ PR2
138 http://www.b2bwyorks.co.uk/ PR2
139 http://www.barkingweb.co.uk/ PR2
140 http://www.biduplinks.co.uk/ PR2
141 http://www.biznessdirect.co.uk/ PR2
142 http://www.brentwoodessex.co.uk/ PR2
143 http://www.businessdirectory-uk.com/ PR2
144 http://www.choicex.com/ PR2
145 http://www.countysearch.co.uk/ PR2
146 http://www.digibritain.co.uk/ PR2
147 http://www.directoryshop.co.uk/d/ PR2
148 http://www.eventdomain.co.uk/ PR2
149 http://www.finder.co.uk/ PR2
150 http://www.foundya.co.uk/ PR2
151 http://www.freebd.co.uk/directory/ PR2
152 http://www.gettingmarried-ni.co.uk/ PR2
153 http://www.glasgowdirectory.info/ PR2
154 http://www.independentshops.co.uk/ PR2
155 http://www.linklister.co.uk/ PR2
156 http://www.linkscafe.co.uk/ PR2
157 http://www.linktodirectory.co.uk/ PR2
158 http://www.londondir.co.uk/ PR2
159 http://www.londontaxidirectory.co.uk/ PR2
160 http://www.malebits.co.uk/ PR2
161 http://www.matren.co.uk/ PR2
162 http://www.midlandsindex.co.uk/ PR2
163 http://www.newquaysfinest.co.uk/ PR2
164 http://www.northeastofengland.com/ PR2
165 http://www.nw-england.co.uk/ PR2
166 http://www.originscotland.org/3/directory/ PR2
167 http://www.perthdirectory.info/ PR2
168 http://www.pubandrestaurantlistings.co.uk/ PR2
169 http://www.putmyfinger.co.uk/ PR2
170 http://www.reciprocal-link.net/ PR2
171 http://www.roofinfo.co.uk/ PR2
172 http://www.scottishhub.co.uk/ PR2
173 http://www.scottishmultimedia.co.uk/ PR2
174 http://www.shoppingcorner.co.uk/ PR2
175 http://www.theantiquesdirectory.co.uk/ PR2
176 http://www.thebusinessindex.com/ PR2
177 http://www.thedirecttree.com/ PR2
178 http://www.thelondonarea.co.uk/ PR2
179 http://www.toplocallistings.co.uk/ PR2
180 http://www.topukdirectory.co.uk PR2
181 http://www.touchlondon.co.uk/ PR2
182 http://www.t-wells.net/ PR2
183 http://www.ukdirectorylist.co.uk/ PR2
184 http://www.ukforbusiness.co.uk/ PR2
185 http://www.ukfreedirectory.com/ PR2
186 http://www.uklistings.org PR2
187 http://www.uk-open-directory.co.uk/ PR2
188 http://www.web-designing-companies.co.uk/ PR2
189 http://www.weblistings.co.uk/ PR2
190 http://www.western-isles.co.uk/ PR2
191 http://www.yourni.co.uk/ PR2
192 http://www.aberdeendirectory.info/ PR1
193 http://www.ayoo.co.uk/ PR1
194 http://www.b2bdir.co.uk/ PR1
195 http://www.belfastdirectory.co.uk/ PR1
196 http://www.bigguide.co.uk/ PR1
197 http://www.bizfo.co.uk/ PR1
198 http://www.bmag.co.uk/ PR1
199 http://www.businessdirectorylistings.co.uk/ PR1
200 http://www.dolittlesdirectory.co.uk/ PR1
201 http://www.dymondo.co.uk/ PR1
202 http://www.edom.co.uk/directory/ PR1
203 http://www.esources.co.uk/ PR1
204 http://www.findtheuk.co.uk/ PR1
205 http://www.free-business-directory.co.uk/ PR1
206 http://www.incotswolds.co.uk/ (malware) PR1
207 http://www.inottingham.co.uk/ PR1
208 http://www.jooomla.co.uk/ PR1
209 http://www.london020.co.uk/search/ PR1
210 http://www.lookforuk.co.uk/ PR1
211 http://www.penguinpages.co.uk/directory/ PR1
212 http://www.places2b.co.uk/ PR1
213 http://www.sandbanksdirectory.com/ PR1
214 http://www.scarletpages.co.uk/ PR1
215 http://www.scotlanddirectory.info/ PR1
216 http://www.search-address.co.uk/ PR1
217 http://www.seo-link.co.uk/ PR1
218 http://www.squidlinks.com/ PR1
219 http://www.thebigdirectory.co.uk/ PR1
220 http://www.thepremiumdirectory.co.uk/ PR1
221 http://www.theuksbest.co.uk PR1
222 http://www.uk-businesses.co.uk/ PR1
223 http://www.ukcd-directory.co.uk/ PR1
224 http://www.ukgardening-directory.co.uk/ PR1
225 http://www.ukseopromotion.com/ PR1
226 http://www.web-wings.co.uk/ PR1
227 http://www.wikifreelinks.co.uk/ PR1
228 http://www.yourlocalpages.co.uk/ PR1
229 https://www.vanityqueen.co.uk/ PR1
230 http://www.addmybiz.co.uk/ PR0
231 http://www.addurl.org.uk/ PR0
232 http://www.adir.co.uk/ PR0
233 http://www.adslist.co.uk/businessdirectory/ PR0
234 http://www.at-uk.com/ PR0
235 http://www.backlink.org.uk/ PR0
236 http://www.best-of-web.co.uk/ PR0
237 http://www.bolalist.co.uk/ PR0
238 http://www.britlocal.co.uk/ PR0
239 http://www.businesslinedirectory.com PR0
240 http://www.celebrityskincare.co.uk/ PR0
241 http://www.choicex.co.uk/ PR0
242 http://www.citydon.co.uk/ PR0
243 http://www.connect2business.co.uk/ PR0
244 http://www.countylifecompanion.co.uk/ PR0
245 http://www.crivens.co.uk PR0
246 http://www.dir.uk.com/ PR0
247 http://www.directoryinfo.co.uk/ PR0
248 http://www.directoryofessex.co.uk/ PR0
249 http://www.directory-two.co.uk PR0
250 http://www.einternetdirectory.co.uk/ PR0
251 http://www.extreme-directory.co.uk/ PR0
252 http://www.featured.uk.net/ PR0
253 http://www.flesko.co.uk/ PR0
254 http://www.foxdirectory.co.uk/ PR0
255 http://www.gamingdirectory.co.uk/ PR0
256 http://www.go2net.co.uk/ PR0
257 http://www.greatbritainandnorthernireland.co/ PR0
258 http://www.it2.biz/ PR0
259 http://www.kranji.co.uk/ PR0
260 http://www.link8.co.uk/directory PR0
261 http://www.link-free.co.uk PR0
262 http://www.localpagestoday.co.uk/ PR0
263 http://www.masterdirectory.co.uk/ PR0
264 http://www.n-west.co.uk/ PR0
265 http://www.open-directory.co.uk/ PR0
266 http://www.phpld.co.uk/ PR0
267 http://www.qapproved.co.uk/ PR0
268 http://www.repairanytech.co.uk/ PR0
269 http://www.saltyweb.co.uk/ PR0
270 http://www.saney.co.uk/ PR0
271 http://www.scotfind.co.uk/ PR0
272 http://www.search4cash.co.uk/ PR0
273 http://www.securityclassifieds.co.uk/ PR0
274 http://www.seolinksdirectory.co.uk/ PR0
275 http://www.smallbusinessdirectoryuk.co.uk/ PR0
276 http://www.submit-site.co.uk/ PR0
277 http://www.surrey-links.co.uk/ PR0
278 http://www.totalware.co.uk/ PR0
279 http://www.uk-click.co.uk/ PR0
280 http://www.uker.co.uk/ PR0
281 http://www.uklinkdirectory.co.uk/ PR0
282 http://www.uk-solutions.co.uk/ PR0
283 http://www.ukweddingfayre.co.uk/ PR0
284 http://www.weblocal.co.uk/ PR0
285 http://www.yourlocalflyer.co.uk/ PR0
286 http://www.yourparish.co.uk/ PR0

If you find any other UK business Web directories apart from this above websites list then please send details to us we will add those websites to our list.

Free Business Listing Sites and Local directories with PR9,PR8,PR7,PR6, for Backlink Building

High PR Business directories Local directories Websites list

High PR  Business directories  Local directories  Websites listTop best Free business directory, local directories to list your businesses for high exposure and online presence. Since this business directories has highest Google page rank, if you create back links from these websites then you have quality back links from high authority websites, Google will definitely index you are website or blog in a short span of time and begins giving ranking to your website or blog.

Backlink building is the one of the difficult and Mandatory task in SEO. While building the backlinks it is better to create backlinks from high-quality websites it means high page rank websites to get indexing by Google very fast. Local directories or business directories are the directories which contains different business information like business types, contact address, address, and product details. I collected and make a list of different Free business Directories and local directories with high page rank,

You can submit to the each business directory, local directories by creating an account. By submitting your business to local directory you should make description of your business type with main keywords, sub keywords for SEO benefits. This list is used for who are planning to promote and build backlinks from High Quality Web directories and Local directories.

In this list you can have both[intlink id=”172″ type=”post”] Dofollow and Nofollow[/intlink] Web directories and Local directories  list , the dofofllow link building will help you to get indexed by Google very fast.

Local business Listing Directories and profile list with Pagerank 9, PageRank 8, PageRank 7

you can submit your business website to this below list.Most of the business  directories with the high PageRank were charging high prices to list your business in their directories, so I listed free business listing directories sites and free local directories with high page rank, you can submit your business for free of cost. Once you submitted your business to these business Listing sites those details along with your website backlink were listed for ever  so so these links are not dropped for ever then you have quality back links.

Company name

Local Business List / Web directory List/ Profile Directory

Page rank

1 Google http://www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter PR9
2 Foursquare http://www.foursquare.com/ PR9
3 Bing http://www.bing.com/local/ PR8
4 MerchantCircle http://www.merchantcircle.com/ PR8
5 Business Journals http://businessdirectory.bizjournals.com/ PR7
6 AnyWho http://www.anywho.com/ PR7
7 CitySearch http://www.citysearch.com PR7
8 DMOZ http://www.dmoz.org/ PR7
9 Yelp http://www.yelp.com/ PR7
10 Intuit Business Directory https://business.intuit.com/directory/growBusiness.jsp PR7
11 Mapquest https://listings.mapquest.com/apps/listing PR7
12 Company.com https://www.company.com/register.htm PR7

Local business Directories list with Pagerank 6, PageRank 5, PageRank 4

13 Yahoo! http://listings.local.yahoo.com/ PR6
14 AllPages http://www.allpages.com/ PR6
15 Angies List http://www.angieslist.com PR6
16 BizWiki http://www.bizwiki.com/ PR6
17 GigPark http://www.gigpark.com/page/grow_your_business PR6
18 iBegin http://www.ibegin.com/business-center/submit/ PR6
19 Manta http://www.manta.com/profile/my-companies/select PR6
20 MojoPages http://www.mojopages.com/biz/signup PR6
21 SuperPages http://www.supermedia.com/spportal/quickbpflow.do PR6
22 YellowPageCity http://www.yellowpagecity.com/Advertise.asp PR6
23 Yellowpages https://adsolutions.yp.com/listings/basic PR6
24 Best of the Web https://local.botw.org/secure/signup.aspx?type=jumpstart PR6
25 Yellowbot https://www.yellowbot.com/signin/register PR6
26 InfoUSA http://leads.infousa.com/Landing/UpdateListing.aspx PR5
27 Tupalo http://tupalo.com/en/blog/business/business-information/ PR5
28 Localeze http://webapp.localeze.com/directory/how-to-getacct.aspx PR5
29 2findLocal http://www.2findlocal.com/Modules/Login/register.php PR5
30 B2BYellowPages http://www.b2byellowpages.com/promote_site.cgi PR5
31 Chamber of Commerce http://www.chamberofcommerce.com/ PR5
32 Discover our Town http://www.discoverourtown.com/add/ PR5
33 GetListed.org http://www.getlisted.org/ PR5
34 HotFrog http://www.hotfrog.com/AddYourBusinessSingle.aspx PR5
35 LocalDatabase http://www.localdatabase.com/plans.html PR5
36 MagicYellow http://www.magicyellow.com/add-your-business.cfm PR5
37 SeekItLocal http://www.seekitlocal.com/getlisted.aspx PR5
38 Showmelocal http://www.showmelocal.com/businessregistration.aspx PR5
39 Kudzu https://register.kudzu.com/packageSelect.do PR5
40 Thumbtack https://www.thumbtack.com/welcome PR5
41 Local http://corporate.local.com/claim-your-listing/ PR4
42 JustDial http://us.justdial.com/advertise.php?f=1 PR4
43 USCity http://uscity.net/signup PR4
44 Brownbook http://www.brownbook.net/business/add/ PR4
45 CitySquares http://www.citysquares.com/ PR4
46 eLocal http://www.elocal.com/sign-up#%21/category_id= PR4
47 Get Fave http://www.getfave.com/ PR4
48 My Huckleberry http://www.myhuckleberry.com/add-listing.aspx PR4
49 ShopCity http://www.shopcity.com/map/ PR4
50 ThinkLocal http://www.thinklocal.com/Business-Signup.aspx PR4
51 ZipLocal http://www.ziplocal.com/olc/lookup.faces PR4
52 Yellowbook https://business.yellowbook360.com/site/ PR4

Directories listing below PageRank 3

53 Yellow Assistance http://www.yellowassistance.com/frmBusinessUpdate.aspx PR3
54 Yellowise http://www.yellowise.com/create-business PR3
55 CitySlick https://www.cityslick.net/reg.php PR3
56 MyWebYellow http://www.mywebyellow.com/AddListing.aspx PR2
57 YellowUSA http://www.yellowusa.com/add-your-business.cfm PR2
58 MatchPoint https://www.matchpoint.com/register.htm PR2
59 ExpressUpdate http://www.expressupdateusa.com/ PR0
60 USYellowPages http://www.usyellowpages.com/admin/Listing.aspx PR0
61 EZLocal https://secure.ezlocal.com/manage/login.aspx PR0
62 Whitepages https://secure.whitepages.com/profile/auth/whitepages/new PR0

Building backings from the above web directories, Business Listing directories, local directories is little bit time-consuming process but it is worth, because all these directories listed in above list are high authority websites that tracked regularly by  Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines.

2014 Top best 30 Free Blogging Platforms for Bloggers

free blogging platofrms to blog

free blogging platofrms to blogTop Best Free Blogging platforms are used to blogging about different topics with high SEO optimization. Blogging is one of the best way to express your ideas and also make money with blogging by posting articles on different topics. Most of the bloggers know the popular blogging platforms like blogger.com, WordPress.org, WordPress.com,etc, But there are many blogging platforms are available in the online.

I collected 30 Top best blogging platforms to blog on your interested topics and also you can make money with blogging. In the part of the SEO game it is required to build back links from different high authority websites, you can create blocks from this list and also link you are main blog or money blog on those platforms.

Using this blog platforms that that anyone can create Free Blog sites with much easier and can maintain them with regular updates.

These 30 Free blogging platforms are also called content management systems (CMS) which are absolutely free to post about your business, make a portfolio, advertise your products, and sell any products. With these free blogging sites list you don’t need any domain name are web hosting. These blogging platforms can give you free hosting, Free domain name (sub domain) for Free.  Most of the Internet marketers, sellers, and bloggers are using these blogging platforms and achieving their  goals.

Basically all these blogging platforms have High PR ,So If you already own any blogging platform then no need to worry about it simply create accounts in the below Free blogging platforms and post some URLs of your own blog in these  blogging platforms  this will create high PR back links. You can also[intlink id=”98″ type=”post”] create Dofollow backlinks from these blogging Platforms[/intlink] to create quality links for seo.

 Top best list of 30 Free Blogging sites list with high PR

High PR Free Blogging Platforms

Page Rank

1 http://www.wordpress.com/  PR9
2 https://blogger.com/  PR9
3 http://www.boingboing.net/  PR8
4 http://www.livejournal.com/  PR8
5 http://www.weebly.com/  PR8
6 https://myspace.com/  PR8
7 https://tumblr.com/  PR8
8 http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/  PR7
9 http://www.bravenet.com/  PR7
10 http://www.edublogs.org/  PR7
11 http://www.idealab.com/  PR7
12 http://www.squarespace.com/  PR7
13 http://www.thefreesite.com/  PR7
14 http://www.webs.com/  PR7
15 http://www.blog.co.uk/  PR6
16 http://www.blog.com/  PR6
17 http://www.blogher.com/  PR6
18 http://www.blogowogo.com/  PR6
19 http://www.blogs.botw.org/  PR6
20 http://www.open.salon.com/  PR6
21 http://www.twoday.net/  PR6
22 http://www.vox.com/  PR6
23 http://www.weblogs.us/  PR6
24 http://www.blogdrive.com/  PR5
25 http://www.bloghub.com/  PR5
26 http://www.blogsearchengine.com/  PR5
27 http://www.diaryland.com/  PR5
28 http://www.freevlog.org/  PR5
29 http://www.portal.eatonweb.com/  PR5
30 http://www.rules.com/