Top10 Online code editor Websites to write, test and compile the code online for developers

As a web designer and Developer I faced many situations to test my code immediately in online without requiring any sources that are installed in my system. Many times it is required to test,test your code very quickly with instant solutions like to online code testers,Online websites to compile the code like PhP, Javascript, Html,Html5, Css3,  Css,etc. while I am searching these type of applications in To run the Php code online I found many websites are available to do these types of tasks. Below are also called the Sandbox tools to test the code online.



Web based code editors to write, debug, Run in Online

I compiled a list of online tools to write,test and Compile the code of different platforms.

jsfiddle is the website is a complete code compiler for the web developers and Web designers to compile the codes like HTML,Javascript,Jquery and many more ,you can also save and share the code with the Jsfiddle account. You can use their online code editor and compile or run and execute the code with much ease and this application shows the exact output that will showed by the desktop softwares. It is the best online application to write and execute the codes like HTML,Javascript ,Jquery. with this tools you can also validate your code testing code for errors too.

Compile Online

Compile online is top best online compiler with supporting many languages and server programming. You can compile and Execute Programs Online.  You can compile and run, execute your source code related to Java, JSP, Cold Fusion, C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python programs onnline using your browsers, iPhone, iPad or any other online device like smart TV using this virtual Linux / Unix  Server.


dabblet is an online  quickly testing snippets of CSS and HTML code. It uses -prefix-free, so that you won’t have to add any prefixes in your CSS code. You can save your work in Github gists, embed it in other websites and share it with others.

Codepad is an online compiler/interpreter,and a simple code collaboration tool. You can compile the codes of C,C++,D,Haskell,Lua,OCaml,PHP,Perl,Plain Text,Python,Ruby,Scheme,Tcl in online and you can get the instant code result. You can write or simply copy the code and run the code for execution. I usually used this tool as online PHP code testing tool or Php online compiler.


Write code online is also a wonderful tool to test the PHP,HTMl and Javascript code.  This website allows you test the coding online and chech for the errors by executing them.


With IDeone you can write code and test for 40+ coding languages. It is the best tool to compile the popular languages like    Bash,Pascal (fpc),C,Pascal (gpc),C#,Perl,C++ 4.8.1,PHP,C++11,Python,Haskell,Python 3,Java,Ruby,Java7,SQL,Objective-C,VB.NET.

And Other codes like Ada,COBOL 85,Intercal,Perl 6,Assembler,Common Lisp (clisp),JavaScript (rhino),Pike,Assembler,D (dmd),JavaScript (spidermonkey),Prolog (gnu),AWK (gawk),Erlang,Lua,Prolog (swi),AWK (mawk),F#,Nemerle,R,bc,Factor,Nice,Scala,Brainf**k,Falcon,Nimrod,Scheme (guile),C++ 4.3.2,Forth,Node.js,Smalltalk,C99 strict,Fortran,Ocaml,Tcl,CLIPS,Go,Octave,Text,Clojure,Groovy,Oz,Unlambda,COBOL,Icon,PARI/GP,Whitespace.

It is the Top online code convertor or compiler with supporting 40+ languages.


Online PHP functions is a online tool to test the PHP functions online with very quickly. If you are a Php Developer then you can use this tool to test your PHp code in online.

Google Code Playground

It is a platform from google for developer to write and test the code, you can also have an option to save the code online. is a coding community developers and web designers, mark-up engineers, and JavaScript engineers. This is an online editor where one can try running your codes as you write. You can save your codes online as well as show them to the public as your work.

It is a perfect tool to test the Css code in online, you can write and test the Css code, It shows the result on the fly when you writing the Css code. It is the best online Css code tester and viewer.

Php Code Checker is the online tool to write and test the Php code. An advanced, custom PHP code tester and checker that searches your code for common, hard to find typos and mistakes; includes a syntax check.

ICE coder : Open Source & Php-Powered Web IDE

ICEcoder is definitely an open-source code editor, which offers a modern method of building websites. By permitting you to code directly from the web browser, online or offline, this means you simply need one program (your browser) to build up sites, plus can test on actual web servers. After development, you can also maintain the website easily, all of which make for speedy and smart development.

Because it can be online you can use it from any internet enabled computer having a modern browser also , since it’s open-source, customise it the way you like, integrating with online services. If you want to put it to use like a desktop code editor, no problems, you simply need PHP 5.0+ (though 5.3+ is recommeded), to help you use on Linux and on PC via WAMP or XAMPP and Mac via MAMP (or another PHP installation).

BluePen Editor

bluePen Editor is an Online Visual CSS editor developed for you. It’s an online application which allows you to edit your existing stylesheets of your website.This is performed through the “What You See Is What You Get” principle so you do not need any special skills. Don’t fear about mistakes because bluePen Editoin complete safetyr has a built in safety system.


Top Free Bulk Pinging sites list of 2014

Here Is the list of Top 30 Free High PR Pinging sites list to Bulk ping search engines, Directories.

Pinging is a process of notifying the search engines, blog directories, RSS directories When a new content is created in a blogger website or Blog pinging websites.

Some websites providing the functionality of Free bulk pinging process ,here you can simply enter your title of your blog are website, URL of website or blog, and select the search engines, blog directories, search directory in their list and just click on submit button. Your blog is submitted to the website that are listed in the bulk pinging services website. Some Pinging websites asks Blogs Rss Feed URL , here you can submit RSS url similar to the site Url.

Pinging is also one type of its SEO process to get listed in the search engines very quickly.

After submitting your website for the first time some pinging websites automatically visit and search for the new content in your blog. After pinging blog you can notice change in your blogs traffic, with  This Free Pinging process you can also increase your Blog’s traffic as well as search engine

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Note: Don’t do excessive pinging of your blog it results in block listed by the websites that you’re Ping is received . So do pinging process safely once a month or quarterly.

Here is the High PR Free pinging websites list is that related into paid and free,  websites list for Bulk pining services.

Free Pinging sites list

Top Payment Gateway processors in India

Indian Payment gateway processors how the payments processed

Selecting a best Indian payment processing gateway that accepting payments from all types of Indian banks, Net Bankiing and debit cards is the key success point in Online businesses.

In India, many online shopping websites are establishing newly and increasing day by day. Many online businesses and e-commerce business should accept payment in online (not from offline Banking) from the customers. Accepting Payments in online from different sources is the most crucial part in the whole success of the any online based company. The world best online payment processing Gateway, PayPal accepting all types of credit cards and the debit cards from the few countries. But PayPal doesn’t accepting the debit card from the most of the Indian Banks. Unlike in the European and American countries, only lesser Indians having credit cards. Only few percent of the Indians possessing credit cards, that are from the most of the metropolitan cities and cosmopolitan cities. But to increase the sales throughout the Indian every shopping website that all types of debit cards and credit cards.

So, to overcome the situations few reliable payment processors are there India. This Indian payment processors gateways providing all types of payment gateways and payment options in India. This payment processing gateways accepting all types of debit cards, credit cards and also accepting payments from Internet banking too. These Indian Payment processing gateways must be secure and reliable to accept the error free payments in online. The payment processors simplifies the payment transactions in the online expecting all of payment from the customers.

Indian Payment gateway processors  how the payments processed

The main features of the any Indian Payment processor gateways are

  • should accepts payments from all types of  Indian bank debit cards
  • must have ability to accept majority of the Indian bank net banking
  • accepts all types of worldwide Creditcards
  • must have refund policy to customers
  • Secure and simple
  • simple user interface
  • must generate reports on the sales happened on the website
  • failure payments reports
  • must collect user information , delivery information and other  useful information for future reference
  • easy to integrate API for website owners  with all types of programming languagees like PHP,, Java etc.
  • should have the ability to easiluy integrate in to the popular  web applictions like WordPress, Zen Cart Cube Cart,Drupal,Interspire, Joomla ,Magento ,Magento Go ,Martjack, Moodle ,  nopCommerce ,Opencart,osCommerce, , Prestashop,VirtueMart ,WHMCS,   Build a Bazaar .
  • should accepts payment from mobile banking
  • mobile based payment transactions

Each payment processor has different features, pros and constraints. So go through the below different top Best Reliable online payment processors in India and choose the desired payment processor for your online shopping website.

1). CCAvenue:

Ccavenue payment gateway

Majority of the ecommerce and online shopping bill payments services using CCAvenue as payment processor. CCAvenue accepting all types of payments from all major and small banks in India.

CC avenue accepting online payments from:

CCAvenue supports 100+ payment options including 5 Main Credit cards, 52+ Indian Debit Cards (MasterCard, All MasterCard Debit Cards, VISA, All Visa Debit Cards, RuPay) , 55+ Net Banking, 4 Cash Cards ICash, CardItz CASH, noQ24x7 ,Oxigen Wallet, Pay Cash and two Mobile payment options.

You can sign up with CCAvenue as individual, Business or corporate with required Documents as requested by CCAvenue for Agreement. In case your website is new and you can’t afford to pay for huge setup fees, you can begin with their Economy plan with “Zero” Setup Fee but you need to pay higher Transaction charges, check their pricing plans and get started. CC avenue supports all types of paid and open source web applications, for example there is a plugin for CCAvenue Woocommerce for WordPress,  Joomla, and Presta shop ecommerce script,for Joomla etc .  you can easily integrate this payment gateway into your script .

PROS: 100+ Payment Options, Simple to include in the websites and any shopping carts, Instant Activation and readily available for individuals, complete integration documentation.

CONS: Doesnot allow Affiliates and Forums links not allowed on your site, you could only sell products mentioned within the agreement, Transaction Gateway available only for one site.

2). DirecPay Payment Gateway:

Direc pay accespts indian debit cards

Direcpay is the payment processor from the TimesofMoney ( Times company). It is most reliable Pament Gateway in India.

Direcpay accepting online Payments from:

DirecPay provides a cost effective and secure payment transaction environment with 35+ Net Banking, 53+ debit Cards4 Credit Cards, 1 Cash card, and 1 Mobile payment gateway. You can accept Credit cards, Debit Cards, net Banking and mobile payments, all under one roof.

PROS: Accept all major credit cards, debit card, net-banking and mobile payments, instant integration, pre-integrated third shopping cart, complete integration documentation.

CONS: Not for individuals, Payment gateway for 1 site only.

3). Payu India:

Payu Indian payment processor gateway


Payu is one of the developing payment processor.

4 major credit cards, All debit cards including Maestro, 33+ Net-banking options, EMI options on HDFC, ICICI, AXIS etc…, cash cards, mWallets, IVR Payments and Email Invoicing. 

4). EBS Payment Gateway

EBS accept payments from Indian Bank

EBS payment processor gateway for Indian customers providing wide range of the payment options for online shopping payments and and acceptin g Bills. Many reputed companies using the EBS as payment gateway.

EBS accepting following forms of payments.

5+ Credit cards, 50+ Debit cards, 5+ cash cards,8+Emi, 30+ IMPS, 30+ Net-banking and E-wallet-PayPal transaction options.

from the all above Indian payment gateways you can select the best payment processor to your website, every payment gateway websites has the packages with different pricing. For high price package they will coleect little fees ( for example 3%-4%)  and low cost package they will collect the high fees ( for example 6%-8%) for each transaction or sale that happen on your website .  I suggest to select the high package for the websites which has highest sales and low package for the new websites and beginners.


Best Web Browser Games to Play in online

Below are the best Browser games list or Online games  , you can play thgis games without installing the games in your Pc.

The playing experience of the browser games is same as playing in PC. You can play these games from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Browser games are getting popular today because of the more flexibility to play games in the online, as well as the can join with your friends as a multi player. Multi player gaming is one of the best option to the players who are playing from different places from the world.


bastion Web game

Play Bastion web browser games online

Desktop Tower Defence

Desktop_tower_defense Web game

Play Desktop Tower defence in your browser

Experimental Shooter

Experimental shooter

Play Experimental shooter in  browser


Focus Web game

Play in your browser


Gyossait web game

Play in your browser


Wonderputt-Web Game

Play in your browser

Top 10 Best Wii games of Nintendo 2014

I compiled this Latest Top best list of Wii games for the lovers of the Nintendo Wii games .This list contains all the types of  Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Card, Casino, Casual, Educational, Family, Music, Puzzle, Racing, Role Playing, Simulation, Sports Games, Strategy, Trivia, Word and all other types of games.

What are Wii Games?

W ii games are the games developed for  Wii gaming  device developed by the Nintendo.

These games are most graphical stunning and played by the many million of the People after Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox Games.

You can download the latest Wii Games of Nintendo from the Official site.

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Super Mario3d World

super-mario-WII U game

Bit.Tip Runner 2

Runner2Head WII U game

The legend of Zelda:The Wind Wanker HD

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Wanker HD WII U game

The Leg Movie Videogame

Legomovievideogame WII U game

Little Inferno

Little_inferno_WII U game

Deus Ex:Human Revolution

DeusEx Mac game

Nintendo Land

Nintendo_land_WII U game


pikmin WII U game

Rayman Legends

Rayman-legends WII U game

Need For Speed: Most Wanted U

Need-for-speed-most-wanted WII U game

The Wonderful 101

The_wonderful_101 WII U game

Zombi U

zombiu-WII U game

Top 10 best Websites to get popular clone scripts

Here is the list of companies or websites to get the popular clone scripts like Facebook, you Tube, Pinterest, Twitter.

There are many popular very  websites in the Internet like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest. Those websites are generating thousands of dollars as revenue. If you want to develop such websites, you have to invest millions of dollars as developing cost of the website , many programmers and developers might take part of the developing. . For example if you need fully functional website like famous Website, OLX then you have the invest more than 10k. Investing thousands or millions of dollars for a website is not good in initial stage. For this reason, many entrepreneurs go for the Clone scripts


Below are the list of the clones repositories, clones directories, Script clone developing companies, you can find your favopurite script clones in the PHp,, JAVA and other programming languages.

 1) Agriya

Agriya is one of the best clone scripts developing company, it has many popular clone scripts like fiverr clone, Kikstrat clone, Buysell ecommerce clone, Freelancer clone, and many other famous clones.

2) Famous scripts:

famous scripts is a website design company offering the clone scripts of , PDF Search Engine Clone Script, PDF Search Engine Clone Script, Clone Script, Script Clone. This clone script are very cheap to buy so you can go for this website. If your requirement is from the above clone scripts.

3) Clone Php :

Clone Php is a clone repostitory websites wchich contains many number of clones like 2leep, 43Things, 4Shared, 500 Words, 99designs, 9GAG, About, AdBrite, Adbux, AddThis, AdSense, AdWords, Airbnb, Alibaba, Allrecipes, Alltop, Amazon, Aniworlds, Answers, App Store, Apptrackr, Arcade Site, Auto Trader, Backpage, BeeMp3, bitly, Blogs,, BuySellAds, ChatRoulette, CloneScripts, Club Planet, Commission Junction, CoupRecoup, Craigslist, Cubestat, Dailymotion, Damn LOL, Delicious, Deviantart, Digg, Dmoz, Dogpile, DomainTools, Dropbox, eBay, ehow, Elance, Escrow, Etsy, Expedia, EzineArticles, Facebook, FACEinHOLE, Fiverr, Flippa, fMyLife, Foodspotting, Fotolog, FourSquare, Freelancer, Friendster, Funkforever,, Gilt, GitHub, Gitorious, Gmail, GoFundMe, Google Calendar, Google Search, GraphicRiver, Groupon, Grubwithus, Gumtree, Guru, Hi5, Hot or Not, Hotscripts, Hulu, ImageShack, IMDB, Indeed.Com, Indiegogo, JustinTV, Kayak, Keepvid, Kickstarter,, LinkedIn, MagMyPic, Match, Megaupload, MGID, Mixtapemedia, Monster, MySpace, Neobux, Netflix, Netlog, Netvibes, Newsvine, oDesk, OLX, Omegle, Orkut, Other, PasteBin, Paypal, PayPerPost, Photobucket, PhotoFunia, Pingdom, Pinterest, PopUrls, PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, PRWeb, PureVolume, Quikr, RapidShare, Redbeacon, Reeftube, RetailMeNot, Reviewme, ShareThis, Shopzilla, Snipplr, Sortfolio, Squidoo, Stack Overflow, StumbleUpon, TaskRabbit, The Pirate Bay, ThemeForest, Thumbtack, TinyPay, TinyPic, TinyURL, TwitPic, Twitter, Udemy, Vkontake, VWorker, Wahoha, WebsiteOutlook, Wikipedia, Wimdu, Woot, Yahoo! Answers, Yelp, Yipit, Yoink, YouTube, Zaarly,

4) Website Scripts

It is a place where you can buy the popular websites clones in PHP,, Java and many more platforms. You can get all popular scripts for very cheap rates and they are affordable that any Webmaster can implement for low cost.

5) Clone Script Directory

it is a scripts to directory of value can find many popular website clones.

6) NCrypted

NCrypted is developed many popular website clone php scripts like , ClubPlanet Clone, Digg Clone, eBay Clone, Elance Clone, Facebook Clone, Flippa Clone, Freelancer Clone, Kickstarter Clone, Monster Clone, Reddit Clone, Shopping Clone, Yipit Clone, E-ZineArticles Clone.

7) Clone Scripts

it is a repository of clone scripts having many hundreds of clones of popular websites.

8) Script Copy

all the top best website clones scripts are listed in the script copy website. It has many clones of popular websites that are in 100s of scripts.

9) Clone Idea

it is also one of the script clones repository where you can find the most popular websites clones .

10) Just Clone


Top 20 Best Free Responsive Magazine WordPress themes of 2014


In this article I’m going to post 20 free Magazine responsive WordPress themes which are unique and beautiful.

There are many thousands of WordPress themes are available in the Internet, selecting a WordPress to your blog is very hardest task to a blogger. Magazine wordpress themes are best suitable for the blog types news blogs, entertainment blogs, Technology blogs, and can also suited for real estate or business websites.

Because of the mobile revolution many bloggers are liked to build their website that are compatible to the all types of devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops. Responsive wordpress themes are searched by the millions of the members all over the world. So there is a huge demand in responsive themes. In this blog I regularly collected the latest Free WordPress responsive themes that are available in the market, you can download and use them for free.

Viewing a non-responsive website in a mobile are tablet is creates a little problematic than a responsive website. The blogs that are built with responsive WordPress themes creates name high level user excellence in browsing a website in a mobile or tablet.

A blog filled with responsive WordPress theme is automatically adjusted to the sizes of a device which are you are leaving in it. So, so there is no horizontal scrolling into responsive websites. Many companies and bloggers are concentrate to get our build a responsive design to their websites and blogs.

This Templates and themes are fall in to the categories, 3 Columns, , 2 Columns, Business, Personal,  Technology, Games, Fashion,  Music, Travel, real estate, Photo blogging. And the WordPress of types magazine, gallery,  minimal , elegant, widget ready templates. Most of the themes in this list are fastest loading responsive WordPress themes and adsense ready themes for the mobile devices.

I compiled a list of free responsive WordPress themes, you can see the demo and if you like the theme you can download WordPress theme for free.

 Best Free Responsive WordPress themes for download

Musica Responsive theme

It is the best Free Magazine WordPress responsive theme best suited for all types of blogs like Entertainment, Technology, News. The dtheme fully designed with the HTML5 and CSS3 . I love theme very much because its layout is best suited for all types of blog with Adsense ready.

Demo             Download  

ForceFul magazine WordPress theme


ForceFul is really a stylish magazine WordPress theme that has wonderful look and is ideal for your magazine, blog or news websites. ForceFul is built by making use of probably the most popular current design trends. It includes the best free technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and supports a multi-layout , so you can choose the layout to be appeared in the posts, categories pages.

Demo             Download  

Circle Multi – Purpose WordPress theme


you can use this WordPress theme for Blogs, e-zines or corporate website, regardless of what your web designing project is all about, our Circle multi purpose WordPress theme is an ideal match. It features some of the best open source technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and supports a multi-layout setup.  its responsiveness is the extra benefits of the theme.

Demo             Download  

Point Free HTML5 Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme


Point is a FREE fluid responsive WordPress theme that’s multipurpose and flexible. With the advanced options panel, you are able to select from multiple site layouts, backgrounds and color schemes, as well as control specific options that come with the theme. The main features of the theme is, it is fully SEO optimised  WordPress theme.  Related post widget added extra attraction to this wordpress theme.

Demo             Download  



Portal is an extremely simple, magazine as well as blog style theme with light bright colors mixing effectively. With the latest features for example Responsive layout, SEO Optimized, Custom Widgets and much more. Best of all, Portal is FREE WordPRess theme.  SEO features of this theme is very high and very easy to configure theme.

Demo             Download  



Groovy is a attractive, magazine style WordPress theme. Hand-crafted, hand-coded and lightning fast, Groovy is created for bloggers who would like a clean, elegant magazine WordPress theme for blog to maximize pageviews, ad revenues, that will create the very best visitor experience.  Simple and light weight responsive WordPress theme.

Demo             Download  



WereTech is a 3 Columns Blue and Red colored Top best Responsive HTML5 WordPress Template best suited for entertainment, technology, photo blogging .It has unlimted colors and 500+ Google web fonts choice.Best viewable in all types of devices , full responsive design.

Demo             Download  



Ribbon is really a wide post display, traditional structure WordPress magazine theme. With a two color scheme, lots of whitespace to pad your articles, and all the features you’d expect from MyThemeShop, Ribbon is an ideal choice for both niche and general purpose weblogs, and it’s completely free!

Demo             Download  

MH Magazine


MH Magazine is a clean and modern magazine style wordpress theme, and is it is best suited for the online magazines,Entertainment blogs, news websites, blogs and other editorial related websites. MH Magazine Lite includes 12 widgetized areas, customized widgets and built-in styles for that popular Contact Form 7 plugin.

Demo             Download  




Playbook is a standard WordPress theme with a two column post layout, a fully responsive design, and is jampacked with all of MyThemeShop’s best features. Playbook includes SEO optimization, custom widgets, our market quality options panel, plus much more, and finest of, it’s 100% free!

Demo             Download  



Oceanus is a free WordPress theme with two columns and it is best suited for the personal blogs,

Demo             Download  



Mesocolumn is a multi purpose wordpress themes and you can use the them for blog, magazine, community and ecommerce . it best magazine WordPress theme suited for all types of your needs. You can choose a blog style layout or featured category magazine grid layout for homepage.It is 3 columns in the home page and 2 column in single posts page.  The Theme is created with  HTML5 and CSS3 for modern web browser. Using the responsive layout, it’ll look great in a mobile device for example android phone, iphone or ipad.

Demo             Download  

Just Blue


JustBlue is a free Simple responsive wordpress theme two column template. A regular weblog style theme, JustBlue brings premium functionality totally free, having the ability to customize settings while using options panel, and also the included custom widgets.

Demo             Download  


Great wordpress theme

Great is a standard, magazine style light weighted WordPress theme. Having a clean, minimal design and all sorts of the usual best features, Great is  SEO optimized themed to help your blog best SEO optimised and tracked eassily by the search engines.

Demo             Download  



Channel is a free responsive wordpress theme from Famous themejunkie premium WordPress theme website . it is suited for all types of the blogs and best suited for the entertainment blogs, personal blogs . It is best SEO optimised and widget ready.

Demo             Download  



Bloggie is a free Responsive Magazine WordPress theme with the standard blog structure. A good light weighted and fast loading responsive template. its sidebars added to users to get more page views. Best SEO wordpress themes with related post widget.

Demo             Download  



Agency is actually a classic 3-column WordPress theme with right side  widget along with the features post widget in the hompage , a custom carousel-like slideshow in the homepage for your featured posts, automated lightbox handling for your images in addition to custom gallery styles.  widget ready with desired places to put your widgets auto positioning sidebars, threaded comments, post thumbnails plus much more  features and options.

Demo             Download  

Techmag- Technology WordPress Theme


Techmag is features rich top best Free Magazine WordPress theme with 3 columns fulfill all types of your needs. the ad placements of this themes is best suitable places and helps to increase your ad revenue.  Techmag uses the light weight css and simple blog design and loads your blog very fast. this theme is High SEO optimised no need to worry about SEO features too.

Dazzling WordPress Business Theme

Dazzling wordpress theme is free responive wordpress themes best suited for the corporate, Personal and static websites. Dazzling theme is extremely easy to customize with unlimited color options, slider, call for action button, several widget areas plus much more that may be adjusted via Theme Options.

responsive theme

Demo             Download  

Top best 8 Auto bulk social bookmaking and Social network posters

Auto social Bookmarking tools

Auto social  Bookmarking  tools

Bulk automatic social bookmarks and auto posting to social networks reduce the time of promoting in the social networks and[intlink id=”191″ type=”post”] social bookmarking sites[/intlink] like  like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, Pinterest, Dzone, Diigo,, Fark, and many more.

Sharing on social networks is the hot trend on the internet, business, internet based companies, and Many Individual internet marketers (bloggers, product promoters) are promoting their websites, brands, and blogs across the Top best social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This type of promotion is known as the Social media Marketing [SMO].

The process of the promoting on the social networks is very time consuming process, to get maximum benefits of the SMO then you need to promote accross the many Social bookmark websites. It takes at least 2-5 minutes to post a single page or single post in the one social network like Facebook, it means if you want to promote in 30 social networks then you need a one hour, to login in to all social networks and then post in to an every single social network site. So many SEO experts used the bulk social bookmaking services to promote their blog on [intlink id=”191″ type=”post”]multiple Dofollow social networks[/intlink].

To get massive Backlinks from the social networks, SEO  people are using the desktop and online clients to bookmark bulk on social networks.

 Key features of Auto social network submissions

  • Exceptional wordpress self-hosted and social networks/blog engines management.
  • Fast automatic blog submission and social bookmarking
  • Scheduling the posts to be post on social networks
  • Automatic content posting from RSS Feeds
  • Diversification of networks and Free, service packages

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 How the bulk social bookmaking or bulk social Submission works?

To use this type of services you should follow the steps

  1. You need to create the Social accounts that are supported by the bulk bookmarking service
  2. You should enter the each social bookmaking credentials( login Info) into the setting page of the service
  3. You need to submit your blogs RSS URL
  4. You should set posting frequency, you can also schedule the posting.

Then the service automatically grab the post or items from the RSS feed and regularly post in to the Social Networks that are listed. It post the data from your blogs regularly in to social networks. This type of process is called RSS automation to social networks or Automated social bookmarking . Posting your blogs URLs and websites URLs in to the social networks then you can have the quality backlinks, increase in traffic from the social networks, this can create your brand identity in the social sites.

Top 8 best automated bulk social bookmarking services or Auto posting to many Social networks

OnlyWire – Automated Social Bookmarking service:


  • Supported networks up to 50 top most social sites
  • You can create free account but there are some limitations, Free trial allows you to post 100 submissions and Free plans allows you to post 200 submissions for free. After the limit is reached  you should upgrade your account. There is no totally free account in only wire.
  • There are many premium plans to get more submissions

Visit and Submit here

Watch Video Tutorials of Onlywire

Hootsuite – Social media management


  • Supported up to 50 social profiles, you can maintain all your social networks from one place
  • A Free plan is there, you can add up to 5 social profiles  and add up to 2 Rss Feeds
  • Premium plans are also includes

Watch More Tutorials of How to Use Hootsuite

IFTT –auto social sharing tool


  • Supported limited social networks
  • It is free to use

Visit and Submit here

Video tutorial of how to use IFTT

DLVR.IT –share better


  • It supported upto 50 social accounts
  • You can create a free DLRVR account , but you can use upto  5 Feeds, 3 Social Profiles,  and your feed is updated for every half an hour.

Visit and do submissions in

We On Tech – Automate Sharing To Social Media Network


  • Supported up to 40 social networks
  • A free account also include with some limitations

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Social Marker – Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites

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It supported upto 17+  social networks the best social bookmarking sites to submit. The social networks like Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Tagza, Fark, Connotea, Netvouz, Diigo, Bibsonomy, Folkd, Linkagogo, Tip’d (Financial)Tip’d (Financial), Jumptags, OYAXOYAX, Boomarking, Karmalynx,

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Socialoomph is service is best used to manage multiple Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), LinkedIn (profiles, groups, and company pages), Twitter accounts  and many more.


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It allows you to easily submit a link to 50+ social bookmarking sites freely.

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Most Popular 40 PDF document sharing websites list

Here is the Most popular Pdf Document sharing websites list  with Google PR and Alexa rank for Upload,store, Share documents.

We already discuss previously  about building backlinks from document sharing websites ,. this is the latest 2014 updated PDF document sharing websites list to build high PR SEO backlinks. This list contains Google Page rank of PR9, PR8, PR7, PR6  websites list which will creates high quality backlinks.

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Most Popular Document sharing websites list

Google PR

Alexa rank

1 PR9 442
2 PR9 442
3 PR8 119
4 PR8 112
5 PR8 310
6 PR7 2634
7 PR7 2634
8 PR7 1205
9 PR6 30950
10 PR6 158
11 PR6 5113
12 PR6 7439
13 PR6 167
14 PR6 4725
15 PR5 11085
16 PR5 123034
17 PR5 362
18 PR5 8968
19 PR5 16110
20 PR5 59763
21 PR4 100093
22 PR4 17671
23 PR4 23458
24 PR4 31623
25 PR3 104614
26 PR3 34956
27 PR3 45700
28 PR3 66484
29 PR3 71367
30 PR2 772390
31 PR2 14235
32 PR0 86609
33 PR0 189864
34 PR0 86609