150+ High Quality Social Bookmarking sites list of 2015

We know the[intlink id=”49″ type=”post”] importance of the Social bookmarking in SEO[/intlink], In  previous posts I compiled the list of[intlink id=”191″ type=”post”] top best social Bookmarking sites list for 2014 [/intlink], and [intlink id=”166″ type=”post”]Do follow Social Bookmarking sites list [/intlink]. Many Social Boorkmarking services are searching for the Latest social Bookmark sites list every year. In this article I compiled the Top best list of Social Bookmarking sites list of 2015 with High Page rank .

SEO Social Bookmarking services Importance.

Create SEOBack-links: On the Internet, a backlink to your content is a vote on its popularity as a useful, valuable or entertaining resource. The process of[intlink id=”14″ type=”category”] social bookmark submitting[/intlink] can provide your content with many such one-way back-links (from the bookmarking site to your website). This will boost your content’s perceived value.

Top best 150 Social Bookmark sites list 2015

Increase Traffic with Social Bookmarks: The aim of most website owners is to get more people to their website to consume their content. Social bookmark submitting could possibly get your website extra visibility. It’ll list your content along with the link  on categorized lists that will attract the targeted people who are specifically searching for such information.

150+ High PR Social bookmarks with High PR for High quality Backlinks

Here are the list compiled social bookmarks with latest Google Page rank and Alexa rank , in this list you can also find the Pligg sites  so you do not search for the Latest pligg sites list for bookmarking , This list also contains the Dofollow Bookmarking sites list of 2015 .

Pagerank 9 ( High PR9) Bookmark sites list

https://www.pinterest.com/ 9 30

Pagerank 8 ( High PR8) Bookmark sites list

http://www.stumbleupon.com 8 314
http://www.reddit.com/ 8 33
https://delicious.com/ 8 2474
http://www.newsvine.com/ 7 7242

Pagerank 6 ( High PR6) Bookmark sites list

http://www.dzone.com/ 6 5677
http://actweb-sport.com/ 6 17602
http://independencescience.co/ 6 23543
http://thetexacounbeatablepromotion.com/ 6 46402
http://hiringsolutionscompany.com/ 6 163853

Pagerank 5 ( High PR5) sites list

http://www.earcon.org/ 5 18536
http://www.iesa.co/ 5 16680
http://homophobiawatch.co/ 5 43015
http://ipsosmpg.com/ 5 228749
http://www.pixador.net/ 4 14996
http://aixindashi.org/ 4 16685
http://180go.org/ 4 63319
http://atlasassistans.net/ 4 17761
http://deadesu.com/ 4 133755
http://gardicanin.net/ 4 13515
http://youmob.com/ 4 7032
http://www.jodohkita.info/ 4 12887
http://211sbcounty.info/ 4 36675
http://www.cdshopwise.com/ 4 42687
http://www.enutricion.info/ 4 75455
http://gen-eff.net/ 4 13420
http://tatvanstories.com/ 4 18310
http://atlasassistans.net/ 4 17761
http://www.usefulenglish.net/ 4 18479
http://www.jodohkita.info/ 4 12887
http://apalof.com/ 4 309664
http://bradame.com/ 4 424831
http://gatonieva.com/ 4 407841
http://linorth.com/ 4 303831
http://jofrati.net/ 4 19336
http://dupioneer.com/ 4 23305
http://london8.net/ 4 23077
http://atlasassistans.net/ 4 17761
http://atlhtml5.net/ 4 47516
http://www.pixador.net/ 4 14996

Sites with PR3, PR2, PR1

http://steektrap.com/ 3 128765
http://sayhithai.com/ 3 123783
http://legacypin.com/ 3 122389
http://meowmadison.com/ 3 119363
http://magdossier.com/ 3 118286
http://pomeware.com/ 3 114537
http://metrolung.com/ 3 103308
http://nisanhost.com/ 3 116735
http://cyfindit.com/ 3 152829
http://perfortify.com/ 3 87492
http://nautmile.com/ 3 133369
http://gpssaves.com/ 3 151929
http://threetofour.com/ 3 133503
http://vensent.com/ 3 117650
http://jazbomb.info/ 3 53206
http://www.milocalbuilder.com/ 3 21730
http://bb3b.com/ 3 18618
http://www.huip.de/ 3 183081
http://jinj.info/ 3 95046
http://100rouges.info/ 3 112776
http://naturalbeekeepingalliance.info/ 3 74768
http://hbbfx.info/ 3 56014
http://kentuckylakemarinas.info/ 3 52186
http://lovewave.info/ 3 55104
http://www.zariaetan.com/ 3 26416
http://zap-hybridoma.info/ 3 68469
http://jordaninfo.info/ 3 62333
http://owensborochristian.info/ 3 57773
http://jayrigby.info/ 3 41618
http://ixospli.info/ 3 59041
http://midascareteam.info/ 3 53583
http://saintpierreandmiquelonnews.info/ 3 52065
http://punteglias.info/ 3 34370
http://www.emolinks.com/ 3 33326
http://cocosislandsnews.info/ 3 43857
http://newsmeback.com/ 3 10913
http://olusumben.com/ 3 47606
http://cssproxy.com/ 2 108702
http://www.sitejot.com/ 2 12998
http://www.addthismark.com/ 2 14875
http://hetaibl.com/ 2 64787
http://untpasa.com/ 2 67620
http://www.postolia.com/ 2 13976
http://www.uniquearticle-wizard.com/ 2 33655
http://jlegalecon.com/ 2 35938
http://jreyscope.com/ 2 39162
http://elenavoce.com/ 2 46544
http://www.acymca.net/ 2 20569
http://whiteza.com/ 2 177285
http://yaftenews.com/ 2 140658
http://socaym.com/ 2 238947
http://tribunera.com/ 2 205415
http://turpold.com/ 2 245144
http://ulicca.com/ 2 154677
http://www.elenavoce.com/ 2 46544
http://www.etioling.com/ 2 35832
http://articlethought.com/ 2 105310
http://articlethought.com/ 2 105310
http://articlehat.com/ 2 23631
http://www.etioling.com/ 2 35832
http://www.pqrnews.com/ 1 65455
http://summerkitchencottage.com/ 1 173389
http://www.bookmarkingcentral.com/ 1 21290
http://www.bookmarkingcentral.com/ 1 21290
http://coolpot.com/ 1 29101
http://4bukmark.com/ 1 18138
http://www.yoursocialbookmarking.com/ 0 45917
http://www.generalbookmarking.com/ 0 41857
http://soopernews.com/ 0 38421
http://kbookmarknow.com/ 0 50229
http://newsocialbooks.com/ 0 27757
http://submission.wikitechguru.com/ 0 15981
http://digg.wikitechguru.com/ 0 15981
http://rote-ndao.com/ 0 75051
http://socialwebsubmitter.com/ 0 75229
http://www.bookmarkson.com/ 0 114332
http://www.techytape.com/ 0 31933
http://www.iyvw.com/ 0 163779
http://rewons.com/ 0 75889
http://www.techytape.com/ 0 31933
http://savemod.com/ 0 142941
http://zilizili.com/ 0 151600
http://bedroombyliz.com/ 0 158764
http://decorpixy.com/ 0 133577
http://cqses.org/ 0 32781
http://ytgsy.com/ 0 57952
http://opains.com/ 0 93156
http://bookmarkcabin.com/ 0 88003
http://easyelinks.info/ 0 191398


(The Latest Social Bookmarks list Updated on December 2015, )

Top best 100 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2014 Updated

Updated latest 2014 high pr social bookmarking sites list

Updated latest 2014 high pr social bookmarking sites list

“Top best 100 High PR bookmarking websites list “ many bloggers and a few optimisers are searching for updated bookmarking sites list to create backlinks.

By using this bookmarking list you can create accounts and submit your blogs to build back links, I updated this list 100 Bookmarking sites on April 2014 with both Alexa and Google page rank. You can select high PR sites with Page ranks  PR-9, PR-8, PR-7, PR-6, then you can have top best 20 high PR bookmarks websites list you can limit this sites to get high quality back links from them.

100 High PR social bookmarrking websites list

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Now I am sharing to you Updated List of 2014 best 100 bookmarking sites list with the Alexa rank and Google page rank.

Top 10 high PR bookmarking list with PR8, PR7

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Use the abolished if you do not have time to bookmark in many websites, this can sites enough  for the bloggers would not have sufficient time to build backlinks. Don’t worry about it these sites has highest page rank so if you can submit to these sites your blogs will be index it quickly by Google. Below is the Bookmarking sites list  of 2014 April updated list

top best social bookmarking list 2014

Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarks list 2014 Updated list


Alexa rank

1 http://www.reddit.com PR8 60
2 http://www.stumbleupon.com PR8 150
3 http://www.delicious.com PR8 1218
4 http://www.citeulike.org PR8 13706
5 http://www.digg.com PR7 491
6 http://www.slashdot.org PR7 1613
7 http://www.diigo.com PR7 2058
8 http://www.technorati.com PR7 2200
9 http://www.fark.com PR7 2966
10 http://www.newsvine.com PR7 3873

Top Best 20- 100 high PR bookmarking list

2014 Top 10-100 High PR Social Bookmarks sites Updated list 


Alexa rank

11 http://www.bibsonomy.org PR7 4857
12 http://www.linkarena.com PR7 11299
13 http://www.jumptags.com PR7 15078
14 http://www.squidoo.com PR6 883
15 http://www.folkd.com PR6 2077
16 http://www.dzone.com PR6 2743
17 http://www.metafilter.com PR6 3602
18 http://www.blinklist.com PR6 6538
19 http://www.svejo.net PR6 17081
20 http://www.mister-wong.com PR6 20152
21 http://www.multiply.com PR6 20802
22 http://www.hotklix.com PR6 30754
23 http://www.current.com PR6 70599
24 http://www.wikio.com PR6 86699
25 http://www.sphinn.com PR6 111659
26 http://www.icio.de PR6 144576
27 http://www.bizsugar.com PR5 5658
28 http://www.bookawards.smallbiztrends.com PR5 7049
29 http://www.designbump.com PR5 19807
30 http://www.netvouz.com PR5 22446
31 http://www.smallbusinessbrief.com PR5 22710
32 http://www.blogmarks.net PR5 24701
33 http://www.pusha.se PR5 25558
34 http://www.faves.com PR5 39302
35 http://www.kirtsy.com PR5 60613
36 http://www.backflip.com PR5 67739
37 http://www.searchles.com PR5 111301
38 http://www.bookmarks.oneindia.in PR4 581
39 http://www.youmob.com PR4 7072
40 http://www.popscreen.com PR4 8819
41 http://www.blogengage.com PR4 9893
42 http://www.dropjack.com PR4 10535
43 http://www.givealink.org PR4 11333
44 http://www.linkagogo.com PR4 11338
45 http://www.buddymarks.com PR4 11859
46 http://www.1888pressrelease.com PR4 13642
47 http://www.social-bookmarking.net PR4 14085
48 http://www.fwisp.com PR4 15814
49 http://www.a1-webmarks.com PR4 17377
50 http://www.digg.tlcthai.com PR4 18582
51 http://www.myhq.com PR4 18853
52 http://www.blogospherenews.com PR4 28064
53 http://www.shetoldme.com PR4 28354
54 http://www.wists.com PR4 29286
55 http://www.designmoo.com PR4 33132
56 http://www.wirefan.com PR4 45796
57 http://www.ngopost.org PR4 63575
58 http://www.shoutwire.com PR4 66970
59 http://www.linkatopia.com PR4 71292
60 http://www.linkroll.com PR4 75349
61 http://www.haohaoreport.com PR4 90096
62 http://www.lamppr.com PR4 91425
63 http://www.informatics.buu.ac.th PR4 94438
64 http://www.gabbr.com PR4 164779
65 http://www.spletarna.net PR4 196219
66 http://www.bloggingcanadians.ca PR4 236200
67 http://www.designfloat.com PR3 7596
68 http://www.newsmeback.com PR3 8263
69 http://www.url.org PR3 9075
70 http://www.bookmark4you.com PR3 9125
71 http://www.dealigg.com PR3 9864
72 http://www.yemle.com PR3 13636
73 http://www.cloudytags.com PR3 22616
74 http://www.zabox.net PR3 25587
75 http://www.oyax.com PR3 28922
76 http://www.mysitevote.com PR3 30266
77 http://www.lawrkhawm.com PR3 37539
78 http://www.dnhour.com PR3 43420
79 http://www.pr4links.com PR3 48236
80 http://www.bmaccess.net PR3 48249
81 http://www.humsurfer.com PR3 53949
82 http://www.theviraltrend.com PR3 59891
83 http://www.zoomit.ca PR3 71103
84 http://www.indianpad.com PR3 93480
85 http://www.craftjuice.com PR3 95514
86 http://www.mouvement.tv PR3 107526
87 http://www.maple.nu PR3 109508
88 http://www.malaysiastory.com PR3 121525
89 http://www.addictionaire.com PR3 137887
90 http://www.news4vn.com PR3 139447
91 http://www.linkr.hu PR3 148463
92 http://www.fcc.com PR3 158620
93 http://www.indiamarks.com PR3 210423
94 http://www.totalpad.com PR3 237749
95 http://www.openfaves.com PR2 12961
96 http://www.sitejot.com PR2 15386
97 http://www.postolia.com PR2 16091
98 http://www.blurpalicious.com PR2 16483
99 http://www.sociopost.com PR2 16646
PR2 17609

Tutorial to add Social Bookmarking icons to Blog or website

add social bookmark icons to blog

Adding social bookmarking buttons to your website or blog is very important for you to  bookmark the webpages on your blog and also allows others to bookmark the webpages on your blog. Adding social media icons also increases your online visibility and sharing of your blog or website to famous bookmarking websites so adding bookmarking buttons to the website is important important in SEO aspect also. Adding social bookmarking icons to the post makes users to bookmark to their favorite bookmarking sites which increases your blogs online reputation and backlinks .

add social bookmark icons to blog

How to add Social Bookmark Buttons to Your blog?

A.    Go to the website www.addthis.com. There you need to create a free account with a valid email address, username, and password. After you do this, you’ll be forwarded to a page in which you get the code to create your Social bookmaking buttons

B.    Choose the type of button you want and select one of the two options: Sharing/Bookmarking or Feed. This article is about social bookmarks, so pick the first option. Then choose the type of site you’ve, whether a regular website, or a blog.
C.    For a website, AddThis generates html that you can insert yourself. If you have a blog hosted on blogger, you can get the codes to either put the button in the sidebar or below your posts. Follow the instructions on where to copy and paste the code.
D.    Now on your website or blog you should see the Add This button. When you click it, you get a huge list of social bookmarking sites that your readers can submit an article to. Your readers will need to have an account at one of these sites in order to add it, but you yourself do not need to have accounts at any of these sites.
E.    If you want to try the button, sign up to each account with some popular social bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo Buzz and bookmark your article. (If you already have a social bookmark account, no need to sign up twice!) The nice thing about www.addthis.com is that you give your readers multiple options with only one button! So immediately add this button to your blog.

Video tutorial for Adding Social Bookmarking Buttons to website (blogger, WordPress, etc)

Building SEO  Backlinks with Social Bookmarking websites:

This is one of the best and basic method to build backlinks from high authority websites like Reddit.com, stumble upon.com, Digg.com,etc.

signup to all the social bookmarking websites , try to create accounts in many of social bookmarking networks that are listed in the social bookmarking buttons set.

After creating the accounts in all social bookmarking networks and social networks you should visit every page of your blog and bookmark the webpages by login to the all social network websites and bookmark every page of your blog this process creates high-quality back links from high PR social networks.

So adding the social bookmarking buttons site not only used to bookmark the page is by others and also you can create backlinks to your pages in all social bookmarking websites.

Social Bookmarking websites Advantages and Quality link building

Backling process with social bookmarks

Social bookmarking websites make it easier to bookmark favorite web pages you find and want to follow in the future. So once you log in to a Social Bookmark submitting website you may keep bookmarking any pages on the web that you simply find interesting and view further on regular basis. In[intlink id=”38″ type=”post”] OffPage SEO optimisation of a blog or website social bookmarking is the best process[/intlink]. Here don’t need to save the information in one personal computer and go on it along in order to access it in the future. From any system  in the world you can easily access your bookmarked pages within your favorite social site so long as you’re having access to internet.

Backling process with social bookmarks

Advantages of the Social Bookmarking websites


Very important feature about bookmarking sites is that they aren’t restricted to one computer, you have access to them anywhere in places you access the internet.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) with Social Bookmarking sites

Social bookmark submitting creates powerful Free backlinks to your Blog / website which will help it go up within the ranking with the major search engines. Bookmarking systems clearly come with an [intlink id=”7″ type=”post”]advantage for external backlink building[/intlink] as the major search engines like google favour sites with such links directing to them


Free and Link building easy with Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking process is absolutely free and more effective. Social bookmarking plays very important role in  link building process to optimize any website or a blog to the search engines. Search engines will rank higher the websites or blogs that are bookmarked in social book marking websites. The main reason for this is, all the social bookmarking has highest page rank therefore the  websites which are linked to them are also ranked  by the Google very well and very high in the search engines.
Looking at the popularity and acceptance of social bookmarking websites , search engines like Google and yahoo began indexing these websites or pages also. If your blog or website listed in  social bookmark website Then your website is  going to be listed in  the search engine result pages. This manner you will enjoy the main benefit of backlinks or link juice to your website or page. Additionally, it enhances domain authority and page authority in the site. From search engine marketing viewpoint, using social bookmarking websites will advantage of a good extent. The trick here is to discover a social bookmarking website that permits back links. As a result of social bookmarking sites constantly refresh content; search engines like google and yahoo like Google usually re-index these sites.

Increase in traffic with Social Bookmarking sites

Submission to many  Social bookmarking websites will generate more visitors to  your site in the long run . It is because with the growing quantity of social bookmaking websites and their importance, followers to those sites are also growing a lot. So if your website or page is a good one then extra guests start following or visiting your pages. That method you’re going to get more traffic. But it is a long drawn and sustained process.

Viral advertising and marketing

These days many on-line marketers begin using these websites for getting faster index to their sites. By submitting to different social bookmarking websites it’s possible to make their website or web page to be seen to the search engines in a short span of time.

Create High Quality Backlinks  with Social Bookmarking sites

After site owners discovered that search engines like Google and yahoo would take into account Social bookmarks a worthwhile useful resource of backlink, they flooded tagging sites. As a result, these sites would use no observe attribute which prevented websites from receiving any one way link benefits.

Because of the Higher page rank (High pr) of the Social Bookmarking websites if your listed you website/blog  on those websites will bring many quality backlinks to your website.

On-line Visibility more with Social Bookmarking Submission:

Online Visibility is another advantage when you use social bookmarking site. For instance you have got a hyperlink that would go to a page on your website and you also sort into Google “hyperlinks:domainname”. This can provide you what number of sites are linking for your site. Just do exactly the same for articles as well simply by placing those articles into citation marks after which it it is possible to find out those sites that actually are choosing the content you wrote. If you work with social bookmarking for that article, then you will discover simply the number of websites are sharing that link.

Sharing made easy with Social bookmarks

Social sharing Icons

One of the things that makes social bookmarking so extraordinary is due to its capacity to share bookmarks. You are able to choose to share bookmarks so that others can access those as well making this an absolute deal with for you and your web site traffic.

Social Bookmark sites make Faster Indexing:

You may obtain extraordinarily quick indexing by using tagging. If you have a blog or content driven website and continuously improve your site with valuable content. [intlink id=”14″ type=”category”]Using social bookmarking [/intlink]will allow you to have listed much sooner and extra frequently.This will Increases your web presence along with Traffic to  your websites.

So, [intlink id=”38″ type=”post”]Social Bookmarking Process[/intlink]  is the best method to build very high quality bookmarks and indexed very fast by the search engines.

Continue reading “Social Bookmarking websites Advantages and Quality link building”

Power of Social bookmarking in building Backlinks

Bookmark backlinks building

Social bookmarking has become a popular trend on the internet and it is important for process in Link building . This is just a method whereby internet users might be able to store, manage, organize and look for bookmarks of the sites they frequently use and visit on the internet. Being an internet user, you can observe what other people have bookmarked as important and pick what you could relate to.

Bookmark backlinks building

There are a thousands  of social bookmarking websites on the internet, submitting blog to the bookmark website is the a great way to increase your traffic through backlinks. Let’s see the way the Bookmarking websites helpful to increase your traffic along with Search engine Ranking.

The social Bookmarking websites are similar to the Web directories  you can submit a website to web directory but in this case you can submit webpage link The social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delcious, Digg and StumbleUpon, are websites that allow the users to add, edit and share bookmarks on the internet. The fantastic thing about these web sites is that you could have used them to help your business or product or service websites in many ways.

If your content is rated sufficient on the social bookmark submitting site, you will get increased traffic to your site or blog. It’s also important to keep in mind that your content can get down voted (dislike) on some sites, that could damage your online reputation. The ultimate way to handle this can be to only post relevant and interesting content.
Also, to include social Bookmarking buttons on your website, you’ll boost the likelihood that somebody will post your articles to a social bookmarking site.  If you place the Bookmarking buttons in the site there is a chance that you website  users will even post your content on several bookmarking sites.

This method not only bring  traffic from users of the site however , you will also get quicker indexing from engines like Google. When you are submitted your blog on a social bookmark submitting site, you’ve more inbound links. This can boosts the website popularity in search engine , so  Social Bookmarking  also improves your search engine optimisation . The higher number of quality backlinks from social bookmarking websites, the better your site will rank on search engines , this can ultimately increases your traffic.

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But remember in creating the social bookmark while creating Bookmarks don’t forget to tag properly as well as with keyword Linking  to your site. Tagging allows other readers to find out your link easily by looking to find the appropriate key words.
Happy Backlinking Process…