Top best 20 Free Blog pinging websites for Higher Rankings

In this article I compiled “Top Best 20 Ping websites” to index you website to search engines very fast . By submitting your website/blog  to this top Best Pinging sites list , your site will notify you blog to the Search engines, Blog networks, Rss Directories which results faster ranking in search engines. 

Pinging is the process of submit the website or Ping the search engines to index a blog or website in to the search engines or web directories. SEO “suggest every to submit a website or blog for the first time in the Offpage SEO process and SEO link building”. In this process you should just submit your blog url to the main pinging website , then it notifies many search engines and web directories in a sequential process. With my top best Blog pinging sites list you time will be saved a lot in searching for good ping sites list.

Top blog ping sites list

Blog Pinging is the one of the SEO process to get indexed by search engines very fast .

Benefits of Best pinging sites List:

  • Pinging will Index your blog in to the  major search engines like google and directories in short span of  time.
  • Improve your rankings in search engines.
  • Blog ping for SEO: Blog Pinging sites also creates backlinks in the search engines and web directories , it will create more reputation to your Blog.
  • It may also help to create backlinks very fast.
  • All the search engines visit your site regularly or periodically for the content and index new content to their search index.
  • In Pinging process it also pings many blog directories.
  • There are two types of services offered by pingin g sites they are

Free ping sites : Most of the sites in my  ping sites list are free , you can ping  your Blog url  for free with type of service.

Paid ping service: As the name implies these are paid services for Ping websites or ping blog or ping Url.And this type of sites has other advantages too.

Blog pinging process Dos and Dont’s

  • Submit your main URL of a blog or category page or Archive page , don’t submit an single article or individual page to the pinging sites.
  • You should not do Frequent pinging, it will makes spam . then search engines will block your blog from indexing .
  • Pinging process should do after any updates happen in your blog.
  • You can select some Popular pinging sites list (established sites with high alexa ranking )  only and avoid new sites for pinging process . Top rated Ping sites creates High quality Backlinks and submits to quality search engines and  web directories . Where as new ping sites will creates  low quality  Backlinks This will show bad SEO Impact.

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Below are the the Latest pinging site list with Alexa rank and PR (google Page rank) wise . But don’t forget not to submit for all ping sites list at once as i told in Do’s and don’ts .

1  5 53325
2  5 21742
3  6 75552
4  2 111545
5  3 47304
6  5 37542
7  3 11208
8  6 30758
9  6 25930
10  4 38086
11  3 17529
12  4 14476
13  3 39910
14  3 47580
15  6 5681
16  2 55074
17  4 15193
18  7 33098
19 5 226206
20 2 55074

Note: The above “best ping sites list”  alexa ranks and Google Page Rank are generated for that time. This ranks are changed periodically. I checked all the ping sites and listed above , they are working fine. if you know other Best blog pinging sites ( with High PR and alexa ranking) or any sites are not worked in the above list notify me , I will update the ping sites list.

Top best 8 Auto bulk social bookmaking and Social network posters

Auto social Bookmarking tools

Auto social  Bookmarking  tools

Bulk automatic social bookmarks and auto posting to social networks reduce the time of promoting in the social networks and[intlink id=”191″ type=”post”] social bookmarking sites[/intlink] like  like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, Pinterest, Dzone, Diigo,, Fark, and many more.

Sharing on social networks is the hot trend on the internet, business, internet based companies, and Many Individual internet marketers (bloggers, product promoters) are promoting their websites, brands, and blogs across the Top best social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This type of promotion is known as the Social media Marketing [SMO].

The process of the promoting on the social networks is very time consuming process, to get maximum benefits of the SMO then you need to promote accross the many Social bookmark websites. It takes at least 2-5 minutes to post a single page or single post in the one social network like Facebook, it means if you want to promote in 30 social networks then you need a one hour, to login in to all social networks and then post in to an every single social network site. So many SEO experts used the bulk social bookmaking services to promote their blog on [intlink id=”191″ type=”post”]multiple Dofollow social networks[/intlink].

To get massive Backlinks from the social networks, SEO  people are using the desktop and online clients to bookmark bulk on social networks.

 Key features of Auto social network submissions

  • Exceptional wordpress self-hosted and social networks/blog engines management.
  • Fast automatic blog submission and social bookmarking
  • Scheduling the posts to be post on social networks
  • Automatic content posting from RSS Feeds
  • Diversification of networks and Free, service packages

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 How the bulk social bookmaking or bulk social Submission works?

To use this type of services you should follow the steps

  1. You need to create the Social accounts that are supported by the bulk bookmarking service
  2. You should enter the each social bookmaking credentials( login Info) into the setting page of the service
  3. You need to submit your blogs RSS URL
  4. You should set posting frequency, you can also schedule the posting.

Then the service automatically grab the post or items from the RSS feed and regularly post in to the Social Networks that are listed. It post the data from your blogs regularly in to social networks. This type of process is called RSS automation to social networks or Automated social bookmarking . Posting your blogs URLs and websites URLs in to the social networks then you can have the quality backlinks, increase in traffic from the social networks, this can create your brand identity in the social sites.

Top 8 best automated bulk social bookmarking services or Auto posting to many Social networks

OnlyWire – Automated Social Bookmarking service:


  • Supported networks up to 50 top most social sites
  • You can create free account but there are some limitations, Free trial allows you to post 100 submissions and Free plans allows you to post 200 submissions for free. After the limit is reached  you should upgrade your account. There is no totally free account in only wire.
  • There are many premium plans to get more submissions

Visit and Submit here

Watch Video Tutorials of Onlywire

Hootsuite – Social media management


  • Supported up to 50 social profiles, you can maintain all your social networks from one place
  • A Free plan is there, you can add up to 5 social profiles  and add up to 2 Rss Feeds
  • Premium plans are also includes

Watch More Tutorials of How to Use Hootsuite

IFTT –auto social sharing tool


  • Supported limited social networks
  • It is free to use

Visit and Submit here

Video tutorial of how to use IFTT

DLVR.IT –share better


  • It supported upto 50 social accounts
  • You can create a free DLRVR account , but you can use upto  5 Feeds, 3 Social Profiles,  and your feed is updated for every half an hour.

Visit and do submissions in

We On Tech – Automate Sharing To Social Media Network


  • Supported up to 40 social networks
  • A free account also include with some limitations

Get a free account from

Social Marker – Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites

SocialMarker-com- Social-bookmarking-service

It supported upto 17+  social networks the best social bookmarking sites to submit. The social networks like Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Tagza, Fark, Connotea, Netvouz, Diigo, Bibsonomy, Folkd, Linkagogo, Tip’d (Financial)Tip’d (Financial), Jumptags, OYAXOYAX, Boomarking, Karmalynx,

Submit for free Auto Social bookmarking



Socialoomph is service is best used to manage multiple Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), LinkedIn (profiles, groups, and company pages), Twitter accounts  and many more.


Social submit

It allows you to easily submit a link to 50+ social bookmarking sites freely.

 Visit here

Top 10 Best Free online backlink checker tools

The PageRank and popularity of a website is depends on the number of backlinks that are linked from the different websites. In many situations it is required to check number of backlinks  to our blog , for this purpose many premium tools, software, websites are there to check back links of their website or blog. Checking backlinks of the competitor’s website to build backlinks from those websites is the best SEO strategy.


Analyzing backlinks of the others website helps to[intlink id=”7″ type=”post”] build better backlinks[/intlink] from the targeted websites that are caused to backlinks for competitor website. So you need a tool to check for the backlinks and display the report.

Google ranks the blogs which have quality backlinks but not quantity of backlinks.

It is very good practice for a Webmaster to monitor the backlinks, and the number of [intlink id=”250″ type=”post”]dofollow and quality backlinks [/intlink]created. Having inbound links to your blog is a very important is your factor to rank higher in the search engine results.

I compiled a list of Free Backlinks checker tools and websites to check backlinks of a website

Opensite Explorer

Free bcaklink checker tool

it is a free back link checker tool from the SEOMOZ, very popular tool to check backlinks of a website. One of the best feature of this website is you can compile the back links of two domains at a time. With the free account you can check the backlinks of a blog for a limit, if you get a premium account then you can see all the websites where the backlinks are created. It is considered as one of the best backlink checker tool and widely used by the many bloggers, if you companies. You can check up to 3 websites with a free account

Majestic SEO

check competitor  backlinks

this back link checker tool is from Majestic if you will, and you can download the report of backlinks. It has a diagnostic report and yu can have more information about your backlinks . This also has free and premium version, free version has some limitations.

 Analyze Backlinks


this backlinks checker tool is a free and easy-to-use tool you can check out back links of your blog entering your blog’s URL and click for the report. It also have options like show links from home pace, don’t repeat back links from same domain, anchor text with the total links, outbound links

Backlinks watch


this is very high popular back link checker website that you can use for checking number of back links to your website or blog. This tool is absolutely free with the advanced back link report, this report contains back link URL, URL test that is it to build link, page rank, no follow do follow links. Using this is your tool you can extract your competitors backlinks so that you can create back links from those websites.

 Web meup

check backlink  software

This is another latest backlink checker tool with fast-growing backlinks  indexed websites, free to use. You can check thousands of back links of a blogger website with the report of total number of the domains with backlinks, number of backlinks  created,etc , it is the best alternative to the Ahref Backlink Checker  tools . you should create an account before checking for the backlinks


a popular backlink checker tool

 Link Diagnosis

Link diagnosis is a free back link diagnosis tool

Small SEO backlink Cheker tool

IWeb tool Backlink cheker

Monitor backlinks

Top 20 Free Automatic Backlink Building and Website submission websites list

create backlinks

Automatic Link building is the one of the way to create backlinks in a short span of time.

create backlinks

We know that creating backlinks using[intlink id=”174″ type=”category”] blog commenting[/intlink], [intlink id=”14″ type=”category”]social bookmarking[/intlink], social networking, [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]web directory submission[/intlink] are the best ways create quality backlinks. In this link building process you should create an account from respective websites and then submit your blog data like URL of blog, description, keywords. This process will take some efforts and little bit time consuming (but most worthable). Now I am introducing the sites that will create 1000s of backlinks in less time, they are also called automatic backlink creator tool, and Instant Backlink builder.   

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  • [intlink id=”239″ type=”post”]Generate Backlinks with Commentluv Blogs[/intlink]


I collected different websites to create instant free automatic backlinks created in short span of time. In this type of link building. You can just submit your blog URL and then free backlinks tool created automatic backlinks to your blog from hundreds of thousands of websites like whois websites, sites worth websites,Webstats websites.  The links created with this type of backlink  tool is also affects the Google search engine ranking and might increase you are popularity of your blog. In this list you can also have Dofollow Backlinks and Backlinks from the high PR websites which will create quality backlinks .

Here is the list of top best websites  free automatic backlinks Generator.

Automatic Backlinks creator

Submission type

1 Free to Submit
2 Free to Submit
3 Free to Submit
4 Free to Submit
5 Free to Submit
6 Free to Submit
7 Free to Submit
8 Free to Submit
9 Free to Submit
10 Free to Submit
11 Free to Submit
12 Free to Submit
13 Free to Submit
14 Free to Submit
15 Free to Submit
16 Free to Submit
17 Free to Submit
18 Free to Submit
19 Free to Submit
20 Free to Submit

You can create Automatic Backlinks with the above list, but don’t submit in too many websites at a same time it will degrades your SEO Benefits .

250 WordPress Ping sites list, Latest Updated 2014 and Free

Blog pinging list

WordPress pinging sites list is used to your blog to reach almost all popular search engines. You can get more exposure and SEO benefits by adding the more pinging list your WordPress blog. This Free pinging websites list contains the set of urls  of Search engines and Blog

This 2014  latest WordPress ping sites list used to reach maximum number of search engines by default WordPress uses this ping list they are also called update services.
Adding pinging sites list your WordPress blog is really simple and very easiest to process you can just go to your settings and then writing Then you can visit your ping list there.

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Blog pinging list

What is Blog pinging?

Pinging is the process of notifying the search engines and blog networks when a update is And in your blog. It is very good method to ping search engines when when a new post is created or updated. This pinging process will drive traffic to your blog or  website .

By default the WordPress has a mechanism of pinging, but WordPress supports only one pinging URL that is

How to add Ping sites list to WordPress

You should add this Pinging sites list to your WordPress blog in the writing settings , follow the below process.

when a blog post is add or updated the worpress default pinging tool will automatically

Step1: Go to :  Wordpress Admin >> Settings >>Writing 

Step2: Add the list  as below  and save 



Best WordPress Tweak – before using this ping sites list

We know that WordPress will automatically ping this urls when a post added,edited, saved . when you continuously post new posts in your WordPress Blog , then this mechanism frequently ping search engines  many times when if you save ,editing the post . This  results Spamming the search engines and get penalised by the search engines. 

To over come the above situation , I suggested to use the cbnet Ping Optimizer wordpress plugin . Cbnet ping optimister restricts the excessive pinging of search engine when un necessary changes occur in your WordPress blog.  Get more details of Cbnet ping wordpress plugin  here

 Top best WordPress pinging list for 2014

Here is the Huge list of 250+ WordPress blog pinging list I collected and this list is completely working and updated on 2014 and could be updated daily.
http://ping.cocolog t/servlet/weblogUpdates



Top best 5 Pinging websites and tools to drive traffic

Pingler Bulk Pinging tool

Bulk and mask pinging websites list is used to ping your blog notify blog to all major search engines. pinging process will drive traffic to your blog by notifying the search engines and blog networks. We already know that pinging is a process of notifying the search engines when an update is happened in a blog.  with this Free Blog pinging Websites list and tools you can ping your blogs to get notified by hundreds of search engine and Blog networks and directories.

Below are the top best 5 bulk pinging websites list  used by many bloggers and website owners to get notified to hundreds of search engines to

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Top Best 5 Bulk and Mass pinging websites to drive traffic Bulk Pinging Service

Pingler Bulk Pinging tool

Pingler is the top best pinging services used by many bloggers and website owners. You should enter your blog title and your blog URL are RSS URL and then select your blog category, and then click on Ping Ping button, this service will notify your blog to all search engines.


it Updates with multiple services and search engines about updates to weblog content, with a single ping.

Pingomatic is a service updated regularly with pinging sites , so that you can ping to latest search engines. Google search engines pinging services

Ping Google search engines is same mass pinging services which can notify is almost all Google search engines with a single click. The Pinging List includes most of the Google search engines along with the popular search engines. You will definitely benefited with Googleping, by notifying many is Google search engines.  Mass Pinging Services

Free Mass Pining services

It is a bulk pinging services notifying many search engines on blog networks. You can enter a list of your blog URLs are RSS URLs to do the pinging process. You can also enter keywords that related to your blog this will notify the search engines your blogs along with the keywords. : Backlink pinging tool

This is a website is provided to bulk ping your backlinks to the search engines and get indexed in your backlinks

Important Note: Dont do excessive ping , it will results penalised by Google and the search engines used for pinging.