How to Boost Copy speed of Pendrive or Flash drive

Increase your pen drives or Flash drive or Hard disks copy speed with small trick.

Pendrives or External hard drives or Flash drives are the best storage mediums to transfer files from one device to other device. pendrive and external hardisks are comfortable to carry the file like Mp3 Video , Documents and other types of files are used to carry from Pc to Pc and laptops using pendrives. If the data is in 100s of Gbs then External hard drives are used .Pendrives and external hard disks are capable to store 1000s of files in one place.

Increase the Copy speed of  Pendrive/Flash Drive/ External Hard disks

The copy transfer speed of the pendrive is  based on the 3 factors

File Transfer Speed is important thing while using the pendrives frequently. below are reasons of slow copying of Flash drive.

1) Age of the pendrive :  The copy speed of the old Usb flash drive is slow as compared to the New pendrives, because older pendrives may have slow transfer speed.

2) Usb Version of Pendrive: The latest version of Usb is 3.0 is very speed. USB port latest version 3.0 has speed up to 5 Gbps. after arrival of the Usb3.0 the copying is get more faster as compare to the Usb 2.0.

3) Type of Files and Number of Files: Copying speed is also depends on the type of files a 3 Gb movie file is copied fastly then a  1 Gb individual files like  pdf, docx, images . File Transfer Time of pendrive will take so much time based on the size of the data and number of files is to be copied.

As I told earlier Usb 3.0 Flash drives has maximum speed capacity to copy files in to them. many of us having Usb 2.0 pendrives or flash drive which makes the copying the data very slower.The copying of Music and video files will transferred with high speed but application file will have lower rate.

You may also observed that copying speed of your pendrive has becomes slowdown after usage for long have to  spend lot of time to copy even small size of files.

Copying speed of Older pen drives and Usb 2.0 flash drive  is very slow . so learn how to  increase your Pendrive speed with this Tutorial


How to increase the speed of the pendrive in windows 7 and windows 8.

In this Post I will show to speed your pendrive copying speed with a simple trick.

Step 1: First plugin your Pendrive and right click on the Pendrive and select the NTFS file system and Quick format , then click on the start button to format the pendrive in NTFS mode. Fat32 file system can’t handle larger files so you must select the NTfs file system .

how to copy files pendrive

Step 2:

After formatting the pendrive you should Right click and select properties.


Step 3:

Select on Hardware and then select the flash drive from the list that you need to speed up . then select properties.

speed up pendrive properties


After that you should select the “Change settings” in another popup

speed up pendrive  or flash drive

Step 5:  Finally  select the “Better Performance” radio button and click on Ok button to make your pendrive work faster.

how to boost pendrives speed with settings

Step 6: links are not working – how to open links


ADF.LY is the one of the best link shortening service visit by the millions of the members all over the world. It is a link shortening service that pays to open the links and visiting those links for publishers. Though those where many link shortening services it get most popularity because of its link paying services. Many website owners are earning by masking the external links with ADF.LY link services.

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Depositfiles has also the same problem similar to the links.

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In this article I’m giving a solution for opening the links of ADF.LY in your browser with the 3 small hacks.

 Method 1:

Just add Https:// in place Http://   in the begining of the URL

In this method, you should add HTTPS to front of the ADF.LY links , let see with the clear example

If you need to open the above link in the restricted countries you have a blank empty page if you open the link. so convert the above link to the below format by simply adding the Https:// to the Url


Medthod 2 :

In this Method you should use the bypassing services. With  this method you can open links directly.

Bypass short url

With this service you can to bypass link, link,, advertisement Short Url without waiting or loading advertisement page.

How to use the URL shortening Bypass services

It is very simple to use you should just enter the short url in to the text box and click on the button, in seconds you have the final destination Url that is maksed with the URL shortening service.

below are the websites used to bypassing the URLs This website is also offer the Mozilla Firefox extension too to by pass the URL directly from browser.

Method 3:

In this method you can use the Proxy websites to open the links in the proxy websites your link is opened in the other countries and you can have the final links.

My suggestion:

The Method 1 and 2 are very simple to use and you can have the result URL in seconds

How to Free Csv merger for Windows 7

Many times for a Webmaster, it is required to working with CSV files regularly  and  Microsoft excel. Sometimes it is required to merge one or two CSV files in to one or it is required bulk CSV merging, I mean combine many csv files in to Single Csv file.

There are many free tools and Many premium softwares are available to merge multiple CSV files in to one Csv file. In this tutorial I am going to explain about how to merge multiple CSV files without using any third party softwares or without taking too much time.


There are two ways to Combine multiple Csv files are to bulk merge the CSV file . The same process also used to merge multiple more than one Excel sheets in to one .

How to join the Multiple Csv files without using any software

Method 1 : This method is simple , open each  CSV file with notepad files and copy all the CSV files data in to one Notepad file and  save as the file as CSV File format.

To save the notepad file in to the CSV format you  should enter the file name as like this filename.csv” .  Don’t forget to place your file name in the quotes along with the .csv extension.

Method 2:  This method is “very easiest Process to join more Csv” files in  to one . The above process is difficult when ever if your csv files contains 1000s of records . This process is very easy and takes very less time to join more CSV files using MS DOS.

Keep all files in a folder and place the folder in Drive like D:, E:, (not on desktop )

Now open and Run the Windows Command Prompt

Enter in to the Csv files folder  Command Prompt , Suppose if I placed the Csv files in a folder  named “Merge Csv” in the “D: drive

Then see the Below commands how i accessed the folder with the commands

to Enter in to the D drive type the Following Command

C:>> D:

To enter in to the folder “Merge Csv

D:>> Cd Merge Csv

Now type the below command to copy all the Csv file data in to the file name “”join.csv

D:>> Cd Merge Csv>> copy *.csv  join.csv

thats it ! you  merged all the Csv files data in to the “Join.csv”file

see the above process in action


so you don’t need  any excel Vb code or any other software to join the Csv files , you can do the same process for joining the excel files too by converting or saving the excel files in to the Csv files format.

How to join multiple Notepad files or text files (.txt) in to single file

Note : You can also join the Text files (notepad files)  in same  folder  with the same above process

bu the type commands as below