What are Web directories, SEO Importance of Web directory Submission

I am going to explain the Web directories How they are formed and what is the importance  Importance of the web directories how they play very important role in creating the DoFollow Backlinks

Submit  you websites to the web directories  finally all web directories pointing to the website
Submit your websites/blog to the web directories finally all web directories pointing to the website/blog

What are web Directories ? How the Web directories formed?

Definition of Web Directory

In simple form  “Web directories are the websites contains different sites links in a categorized format.”

Importance of the Web directories

In the beginning of the Internet ages, I mean before existence of search engines these the web directories plays  an important role by collecting information of different websites and  keep them in a categorised format. This web directories also called search directories at that time Internet users were used these web directories to get the desired information from this web directories.


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The web directories are huge collections of links that have been categorized into specific Categories or topics. Before the importance of the search engines, a web directory had been considered as the very best search tool for finding desired information. However the major search engines are becoming very popular, there may be still many different useful reasons behind submitting a website to be listed in the web directories.

After existence of this search engines, revolutionary changes had taken place then the Internet users completely forget the web directories. All Internet users used these search engines to find the desired information web directories their lose popularity gradually.

But still for seo advantages many Webmasters, SEO optimizers are using the web directories to promote their blogs or websites by creating a backlinks.

There are hundreds and thousands of search directories but undoubtedly the most popular one is DMOZ, Another popular search directory is Yahoo! Directory. The Best of the Web and Jasmine Directory are some of the oldest Web directories that still keeps to high standards in selecting sites.

Examples of well-known general web directories are Yahoo! Directory and also the Open Directory Project (ODP). ODP is significant because of its extensive categorization and huge quantity of listings and it is free availability to be used by other directories and search engines.

Web Directory Types

There is different type of web Directories and they have various features in the listing, that are often depend upon the Free and paid :

  •  Totally free web directory– These type of directories dint charge any price to submit a link there isn’t any charge for that review and listing of the site
  • Reciprocal link submission web directory – a link back to the directory must be added somewhere on the submitted website to get listed in the directory, It means link exchange process.
  • No Reciprocal link web directory – a web directory where you will submit your links for free and no need to add link back to your website.
  • Paid submission web directory – a one-time or recurring fee is charged for reviewing/listing the submitted link.
  • No follow – there’s a rel=”nofollow” attribute associated with the link, meaning search engines will give no weight to the link.
  • Featured listing web directory – the hyperlink is given a premium position in a category (or multiple categories) or other sections of the directory, such as the homepage. Sometimes called sponsored listing.
  • Bid for position web directory – where sites are ordered depending on bids
  • Affiliate links – in which the directory earns commission for referred customers from the listed websites

Web directories play an important role in creating quality Backlinks to  Bloggers and website owners

Best Methods and Importance of Building Backlinks in SEO

I think Link(Backlink)  building is not a new word for the SEO experts ,Bloggers , Online Marketers. In this article I’m explaining for the Novices about the link building process and its importance for the SEO to blogs or websites to rank better in the search engines.

Before going to learn link building process first you have to understand what is backlink mean


What is backlink?

Backlink is link of a website or blog in the another website. If you need more clarification i will explain it with examples. Back-links are the incoming links to a Website or webpage.Backlinks are also called incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inwardlinks.

if a link of a website abc.com is placed on the xyz.com , then the abc.com has a backlink from the xyz.com . Backlink in the name itself the meaning is when a visitor click on the link of abc.com that is placed on xyz.com , then the website abc.com is opened  in the web browser . so the link  referred back to abc.com so this is called backlink.

Backlinks, also called ass incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web site.So what is link building process?

It is a process of building back links to a blog or website to get more popularity to the website and It is a technique utilized to increase the exposure of the website organically (naturally). Organic traffic, or unpaid traffic, is generated through popular search engines like Google. Due to this many web related business’s focus on high traffic keywords to attract their ideally suited audience, it means when ever anybody search for the desired information then the search engines displays the websites that related to the search query , then the visitor click on the link and visit the website . The fist step in the search engine optimization process is to find these keywords and develop SEO articles around them. This part of the SEO process is on-page optimization. After this is completed, it’s time for SEO link building.

 The Importance of Backlink?

To be clear, the main goal of SEO would be to increase exposure of the website by ranking highly in search engines like Google and yahoo. While writing SEO articles may be the initial step towards proper optimization, it’s only half the battle. Another half is off-page SEO, it means creating popularity in the online by building Backlink.

Even if you possess the most well-constructed website or blog out there, it means nothing if you don’t have traffic. The very best kind of traffic is regular organic traffic. This is often achieved by regularly ranking high on search engine results pages. When Google is evaluating websites, they do more than simply find out if the keyword is mentioned a particular number of times. Google considers both the quantity of backlinks a website has, as well the quality of backlinks. Accumulating these links is the SEO link building process.

Why the Search Engine rankings are important ?

As we know that there are millions of websites and blogs are there and has been increasing their number in millions Day by day  . All the blogs or websites are might be created with the  information (here it is reffered to as content). Ok from this you know that there are millions of websites  with content of different topics( here it is referred to as Niche) . Ok when you search for anything in the search engines , then search engines will displays the related search results of different websites links from Millions of matched results . but it displays only some results  in the first page and remaining in another pages , if you go through the all Paging links you can notice that many websites are contained the same related information that you searched. As human nature you will click on the first page search results only, so from this you should understand that all the users will go to the websites at the beginning  page results , ultimately those websites gain the traffic  from search engines. But why the search engine  place the some websites in the first page and remaining websites in 2nd, 3rd,4th,……….. search result pages ? . Because the search engine has i algorithm to display the   search results that matched to seach query( user searched for)  based on the  many factors.

You’d understand this better if you know a bit how search engines like Google and yahoo etc, rank websites. Lots of factors are considered when ranking websites; content in the website, inbound links, outbound links and so forth. While each of these factors is important, none beats inbound links- as in the amount of websites pointing to you.

If another website links to your website, search engines such as Yahoo and Google consider that as votes to your site, and take that into consideration when ranking your site. Additionally they consider how those links are structured, if a link contains keywords for example “Click Here” it will not be considered as much as a link that contains your Keywords.

This is where getting back links from other websites are beneficial for your online goals. Every link is counted  by search engines when deciding your site’s ranking. In most cases you choose how you want  the link to your site. You can, in fact, get a link with your target phrases, something that search engines love. This can be very important for your website because not only will you get a link, but you’ll get one with your target phrases.

Search Engine calculate link popularity and give rankings

  • Backlinks plays most important role in the search engine rankings.
  • Search engines often make use of the amount of backlinks that the website has among the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance. Google’s description of the PageRank system, for example, notes that “Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.
  • Websites usually utilize seo techniques to boost the quantity of backlinks pointing for their website.
  • There are several elements that determine the value of a backlink. Backlinks from Popular sites on a given topic are highly valuable. If both sites have content geared toward the keyword topic, the backlink is recognized as relevant and thought to have strong influence on the search engine rank of the web page given by  the backlink. A backlink represents a favorable ‘editorial vote’ for the receiving webpage from another granting webpage. Another primary factor is the anchor-text of the back-link. Anchor-text may be the descriptive labeling of the hyperlink since it appears on the web page.
  • Search engine bots (i.e., spiders, crawlers, etc.) examine the anchor-text to evaluate how relevant it is to the content on a webpage. Anchor text and webpage content congruency are highly weighted searching engine results page (SERP) rankings of a webpage with respect to any given keyword query by a search engine user.

How to create a SEO Optimized  backlink?

Creating a link to normal website link is not a good method in terms of SEO . You should follow the below process to  create the backlinks as well as Internal links in your blog with the keywords of you blog.

So Keep in mind it is more effective, if a backlink with the keywords than a normal website link .

for example if a website is developed based on the concept “Make money from home” , If anybody needs to create a backlink then it is better to create a link with the keywords ” How to make money from home”  and no to create simply “abc.com”.

for example ,assume that if I create a backlink for the post that you reading  now then I will create like below

Top best methods of Seo Link building

www.topbestlisted.com  (no good for Seo)

Finally Know More about Kinds of Links

Inbound links – A link that points to your site From other site or webpage  is known as inbound links.

Outbound links – Links that are pointing to other external websites from your site is known as outbound links.

Internal links- Links that are pointing to other pages within your website or are known as internal links.

Reciprocal links – Link from abs.com to xyz.com website and a link from xyz.com to abc.com .

No index – It’s a Meta tag for robots to specify about not to indexing  that page.

<meta name=”googlebot” content=”noindex”>

“Link building is one of the processes in Off page Seo Optimization.”


Backlink Building Methods

There are number of methods to create backlinks, the most popular backlink building process are

  1. Blog Commenting.
  2. Guest Posting.
  3. Forum Posting and commenting.
  4. Social Bookmarking.
  5. Web Directory marketing
  6. Article directory marketing