Top best 20 Free Blog pinging websites for Higher Rankings

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In this article I compiled “Top Best 20 Ping websites” to index you website to search engines very fast . By submitting your website/blog  to this top Best Pinging sites list , your site will notify you blog to the Search engines, Blog networks, Rss Directories which results faster ranking in search engines. 

Pinging is the process of submit the website or Ping the search engines to index a blog or website in to the search engines or web directories. SEO “suggest every to submit a website or blog for the first time in the Offpage SEO process and SEO link building”. In this process you should just submit your blog url to the main pinging website , then it notifies many search engines and web directories in a sequential process. With my top best Blog pinging sites list you time will be saved a lot in searching for good ping sites list.

Top blog ping sites list

Blog Pinging is the one of the SEO process to get indexed by search engines very fast .

Benefits of Best pinging sites List:

  • Pinging will Index your blog in to the  major search engines like google and directories in short span of  time.
  • Improve your rankings in search engines.
  • Blog ping for SEO: Blog Pinging sites also creates backlinks in the search engines and web directories , it will create more reputation to your Blog.
  • It may also help to create backlinks very fast.
  • All the search engines visit your site regularly or periodically for the content and index new content to their search index.
  • In Pinging process it also pings many blog directories.
  • There are two types of services offered by pingin g sites they are

Free ping sites : Most of the sites in my  ping sites list are free , you can ping  your Blog url  for free with type of service.

Paid ping service: As the name implies these are paid services for Ping websites or ping blog or ping Url.And this type of sites has other advantages too.

Blog pinging process Dos and Dont’s

  • Submit your main URL of a blog or category page or Archive page , don’t submit an single article or individual page to the pinging sites.
  • You should not do Frequent pinging, it will makes spam . then search engines will block your blog from indexing .
  • Pinging process should do after any updates happen in your blog.
  • You can select some Popular pinging sites list (established sites with high alexa ranking )  only and avoid new sites for pinging process . Top rated Ping sites creates High quality Backlinks and submits to quality search engines and  web directories . Where as new ping sites will creates  low quality  Backlinks This will show bad SEO Impact.

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Blog ping for SEO Traffic

Top Best Ping Sites list for Blog pinging process

Below are the the Latest pinging site list with Alexa rank and PR (google Page rank) wise . But don’t forget not to submit for all ping sites list at once as i told in Do’s and don’ts .

1  5 53325
2  5 21742
3  6 75552
4  2 111545
5  3 47304
6  5 37542
7  3 11208
8  6 30758
9  6 25930
10  4 38086
11  3 17529
12  4 14476
13  3 39910
14  3 47580
15  6 5681
16  2 55074
17  4 15193
18  7 33098
19 5 226206
20 2 55074

Note: The above “best ping sites list”  alexa ranks and Google Page Rank are generated for that time. This ranks are changed periodically. I checked all the ping sites and listed above , they are working fine. if you know other Best blog pinging sites ( with High PR and alexa ranking) or any sites are not worked in the above list notify me , I will update the ping sites list.

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