WordPress plugins to make Post navigation easier in Wp admin

WordPress plugins to make Post navigation easier in Wp admin
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Navigating posts in the WordPress admin is really time consuming process.

It is difficult to search posts from the WordPress admin as your blog grows in aspect of the number of posts you created in your WordPress blog.

Searching and finding the old posts data is very difficult in a blog with hundreds of posts from admin of WordPress.

Below are the Tips and tricks to find the post in WordPress admin and a compiled list of the WordPress plugins to navigate to the posts with much easier.

How to search old post from Wp admin?

This is the simple search form offered by WordPress which you can find this option in the posts page on the upper right corner, you can use this search form to find the required post simply enter the search keywords and click on the “search post” button , it will displays all  the posts that contained your search keywords. The main disadvantage of this is , it displays all the posts that contains the search keywords every where in the Title, Content, tags.

wp post search

How to list the posts under category in WordPress posts?

searching post in the wordpress admin

Using this option you displays the posts by category wise and the date wise.

WordPress Plugins to navigate to desired posts in WordPress admin

In the above explanation we explore the default tools for WordPress blogs admin’s post search capabilities , in this section we are going to discuss the list of WordPress plugins used to search and navigate to the WordPress posts quicker. The filtering  the posts for a WordPress admin will makes the work faster.

These plugins are make easy to navigate the posts for a wordpress admin while creating or editing the post.

 1) Admin Post Navigation Next and previous posts


This plugin adds the Next-> and <-previous buttons in the admins ‘Edit post’ page so that you can directly navigate to the next post and previous post when you are editing post page.

Download Admin Post Navigation wordpress plugin

2) Admin Quick Jump


Admin Quick Jump WordPress plugin adds a drop-down list to the admin edit-post area. This allows you to quickly jump to other draft and published posts/pages. you can simply jump to the desired post by selecting the post from the drop-down list.

Download Admin Quick Jump wp Plugin

3) Post Navigator



Post navigator WordPress plugin is the admin post navigation plugin it adds a simple navigation tools to the admin area when editing or creating posts, allowing for quick and time saving navigation. You can select the option from dropdown list what it would be do after saving the post.

Download Post Navigator


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