Top Best [Q& A] Question and Answer scripts and WordPress plugins and Themes

Top Best [Q& A] Question and Answer scripts and WordPress plugins and Themes
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Many are searching for the best Question and Answers script to create a website like stackoverflow and Yahoo answers.

In This article I compiled the list of the WordPress plugins and WordPress themes to make a Question and Answers clones used to convert a normal WordPress blog in to the Question and answers (Q&A) website.

Top best Wp plugins and theme for Question and answer clones

If you are planning to create a Question and answers (Q&A) website for free or less cost then you should follow this article.

If you see the Stackoverflow question and answers website a lot of traffic driving to the website. If you want to create question and answers website costs of thousands of dollars to get a high SEO optimised, website. They are many number of Question and answers scripts available in Internet that are costs up to 100s of dollars. Now you no need to buy these types of scripts, you can convert our add question and answers website using the WordPress plugins and themes.

Using WordPress plugins and themes you can add or convert the WordPress blog in to the QA website with much ease. You can have high SEO Q&A script with WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Question and answers (Q&A) WordPress plugins

PubbleRealtime Q&A Plugin


Pubble is a Q&A plugin for the WordPress blog, website, &/or Facebook page to crowdsource the very best FAQs for whatever you provide. You can convert the WordPress blog in to Q&A website using this free Q&A WordPress plugin. You can also find the customized or supported themes for this plugin.

CM Answers

Cm wordpress question and aswers plugin

Cm answers is the powerful free WordPress Q&A plugin having many advanced premium features ,this plugin enables users to share questions and answers (Q&A) in the Stackoverflow style. Plugin includes social websites login registration and may be customized.

CM Answers is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to write questions and answers (Q&A) as like a Stackoverflow style. Plugin also includes social networking registration using Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, Twitter & Microsoft Live authentication. The CM Answers discussion forum plugin has a number of other unique features which permit administrators to colorize it for you based on his or her needs.


This plugin allows you to add Faq like site with WordPress blog. Offers a professional FAQ or Frequently Asked Question area for the website. You could have it up and running in under 1 minute. Very easy to use best Faq WordPress plugin.

Ask It Plugin

This is another WordPress plug-in is it to create Q&A website very easily. Ask It WordPress plugin enables users to ask administrators questions and have them answered via the dashboard through Email and Text alerts.


Premium WP Question and answers (Q&A) WordPress themes to transform your blog in to the Q&A and FAQ website.

Below are the WordPress themes to convert your simple WordPress blog in to the Question and answers websites.

Wp Answers theme


Answers is the best question and answers WordPress theme form templatic it is the best choice for creating Q&A site with WordPress. Answers is one of the most complete question answer WordPress themes on the market. It helps you develop a totally functional Q&A portal that’s user driven and content oriented. This target content is seen within the design itself using the homepage being covered with the best questions section.

WordPress QA theme Demo


QAEngine from DailyWP’s, it is a question and answer theme for WordPress that includes the most of the same features how the other Q&A themes offer. Its features range from the ability to ask and answer questions, submit comments, track the amount of view each question receives, add categories, add tags, a high user widget, import Yahoo Answers content, assign points to users, answer voting, plus much more. Some get noticed features include the capability to flag questions as spam and multiple language support.

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