Top free Android action games download

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Android action games are searching by many number of android phone users. this type of games are very interesting and thrilling to play. these games are suited for all types of age groups .  Below action android games contains the hunting, boxing and fighting games with more graphical features. The below are free android games and they are free to download , you can download the games from the Google play store.

Temple run 2


The game has become the very best action android game. Now have more of the exciting turning, running, diverting and slipping you like in TempleRun2.

Navigate risky mountains, deep into the mines and jungles while you make an effort to escape together with the idol cursed . Running for a long distance as you withstand? You should start playing the game rat this moment.

Download Temple run From Google play


Deer hunter 2014

Get back to the backwoods which is most spectacular hunting game on android .Take a trip from North America’s Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa as an legendary trip to hunt the world’s most uncommon animals. Best game that you should enjoy. This is the top android hunting games on Google play.

Download Deer Hunter 2014 Game from GooglePlay

Real Steel World Robot Boxing


 Android Boxing games are very rare in the Google play, the boxing lovers can download the game for best gaming experience.  Real Steel World Robot Boxing provides greater kicks, hitting harder , and double the amount action containing better graphics, completely new robots, more methods and multiplayer gaming.

Download Your Game From Google Plays

Injustice: Gods Among Us


Injustice: Gods Among Us is the best android Fighting games. This game provides precisely the kind of marvelous fights you’d be expecting from the DC Universe’s mightiest, and brings about as fun and enjoyable to observe as they are to play. Although it buckled just a little.It had been trying to do, it more than earned its spot on the shelves of fighting.

Download Injustice Gods Among Us From Google Play


Eternity Warriors 2

This is also one fighting games  in android play store, this games developed with high effective graphics and multimedia elements. Eternity Warriors 2 tries to provide a fighter worth enduring & for the most of part pulls off. Your android device’s screen will be the supreme weapon in delivering demons back exactly where they originated from. A touch using your thumb will produce a analog stick fora second and the right side of the screen houses your attacks, which you’ll tap furiously to remove every challenger that troubles you.

Download The Injustice Gods Among Us Android game From Google Play

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