Top 8 best Free Open source Classified Php scripts and WordPress Themes Plugins

Top 8 best Free Open source Classified Php scripts and WordPress Themes Plugins
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Today I compiled a list of free classified Open Source Php scripts  and WordPress themes and Plugins to create classified website for totally free that are used to build a SEO optimized Classified script with many advanced features. Below are the Php scripts also called classified script clones  . You can create a best SEO Classified websites with these PHP classified scripts which are opensource scripts.

Top free classified php scripts and clones

Developing classified websites is involving most expensive process, building own classified script is time consuming and money consuming process. Developing a classified script is not a programming and developing a data entry project, if you do or develop like that, then your website is not tracked by the Google and other search engines. So developing a website in search engine optimisation aspect will bring quick big traffic to your classified website and you can more revenue from your classified website. Best SEO classified script will bring lot of traffic as well as creating high page rank in the online which leads to long time traffic to your classified website.

There are many Premium classified scripts and clones of classified Php Scripts are available in the internet which are more expensive. For a beginner it is very too much investment to run a classified website. I also include the plugins used for How to build a classified website using wordpress themes and Plugins.

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So you should go for free classified scripts or open source classified scripts, in Internet there are many number of free scripts are available. But like as we discussed earlier we should not go for less or without SEO optimized classified script, it will degrages your search traffic. So I collected the different scripts list with this list you can download best SEO classified scripts with high premium features and you can use them for free of cost. With this scripts you can have the clone of OLX , Quickr Clone, Kiljji clone,Craigsist Gumtree clone script . All the below are Free PHP scripts  developed completely  in PHP . If you know PHP and designing you can easily convert each script in to your favourite classified website.

Best Free Open source scripts and wordrpress themes and Plugins to develop Classified Website


1)  OS class Open source classifieds


Osclass classified script is the best open source Classified Php script used by many website owners. It also supports plugin system, so that you can download the plugins from the plugins repository. You can ubuild classified script, Job script, real estate script with the same script of OSclass. Osclass script includes many SEO features so it can be tracked by google very fast. Responsive classified script themes are also available for OsClass script.

Classified script Demo       Job board Demo      Real estate Demo 

Car Classified demo Download Osclass classified script 


2) Open classifieds


Using this free classified script from the Open Classifieds you can start your own classified site with many advanced features. Open classifieds is powerful script that you can build a classified website within a few minutes. This website is also providing the Responsive classified script theme, with this you can transform your website in to the mobile device compatible script.

Open Classified demo    Download Open classified script  

 3) DClassifieds Free Classifieds Script


Dclassified offers free classifieds script codes in the Php language with advanced features. DClassifieds Free Classifieds Script is free open source classifieds php script based on Yii framework. For this reason DClassifieds inherits all benefits of the Yii framework futures. You must register before downloading the script.

DClassified demo    Download Dclassified script  

4) Almond Classifieds (Free Edition)


It has both free and premium editions, you can choose the free version of classified script to use the free script. You can download the free classified script if you need basic features of the classifieds site. This is very light weight classified script and use less server resources. It has 6 versions of classified scripts available i.e, Lite Edition, Wap Edition, Pro Edition, Enterprise Edition, Ultimate Edition. you can also include this  as Joomla classified module , so it adds more feaatures if you use the Joomla as the platform. Facebook classified application allows you to build a classified application for facebook users.

Almond Classified demo    Download Almond classified script  


 5) Silurus Classifieds Open Source Script


Silurus Classifieds Open Source Script is hosted on the Github, you can use this script for free. And you can develop the script and include more options if you need.

Silurus Classified demo    Download Silurus classified script  

WordPress Plugins an themes to create Classified sites

 6) wp-classified – a WordPress classified plugin

We know that wordpress is the best CMS for blogging , you can also use  WordPress as classfied website using different plugins . The wp-classified is the WordPress plugin is used to build a classified website that can simply transform your WordPress blog in to a high SEO optimised Classified website.

  Demo Download wp-classified script  


7) Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

This is the best WordPress Classified plugin used by many number of websites . It can add a classified ads section to your WordPress blog , quickly and easily. Lots of features, very configurable. Easy to setup.

Download details of plugin

8) classyfrieds

you can add classified system to your WordPress blog or completely transform the WordPress blog in to the classified website using this WordPress plugin.

Info and details of the plugin  


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