Top 5 WordPress forum plugins to add or convert WP blog into Forum or Discussion board

Top 5 WordPress forum plugins to add or convert WP blog into Forum or Discussion board
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How to convert WordPress blog in to the Forum?

How to add a forum to WordPress using the WordPress plugin?

How to create a discussion board or bulletin board or Forum with WordPress?

The only solution is you can convert or add a forum to the WordPress blog by using the plugins. Let see the plugins how they used to accomplish our task.


We know that the WordPress is the powerful blogging platform used by many bloggers. But you can also convert the WordPress blog in to the Forum or bulletin board by using the free WordPress plugins. If you are planning to host a forum on your domain, then you can use these WordPress plugins to create a forum with WordPress.

Top WordPress forum or discussion board plugins

1) BBpress


Bbpress is the top WordPress Forum plugin used to convert your WordPress blog into the discussion board or forum. It is very elegant WordPress plugin very easy to use a beginner can use this WordPress plug-in to create a Forum with WordPress software.

BB press is very easy to use plugin and it has many features equal to normal forum. Bbpress also has the theme supports, you can find many best Bbpress WordPress themes which converts the normal WordPress blog layout in to the forum layout, which have the options like user registration , User lolgin, and posting threads in to the forum posts as similar features of the Forum or discussion board.

BbPress is the popular Forum plugin used by many WordPress users, one of the best feature of the plugin we have to consider is “Theme support”. You can also download many supporting plugins and themes for the BBpress plugin.

How to install BBpress in WordPress

Video tutorial to install the BBpress WordPress plugin.

2) SimplePress


SimplePress is considered as the most easy to use free WordPress forum plugins. This plugin is extremely powerful and have packed features for forums. It provides spam prevention, permission system, SEO friendly permalinks, custom keywords and outline along with a much more forum features. It’s also integrated with WordPress login and registration to ensure that anyone to totally manage the forums in WordPress. It wouldn’t be downloaded in which means you need to go directly to their home website page. Simple press WordPress plugin is Fully Scalable Forum Plugin for WordPress

Another cool feature of the plugin is that, it’s highly compatible to various browsers and latest version of WordPress.

If you see the demo you can shocked and notice that how this plugin completely change the WordPress site in to the forum built with a top most forum software. un doubly it is a great free forum plugin for WordPress that who are thinking to plan a free forum website.

Tutorial to installing simple Press WordPress plugin

3) WP Forum Server


With this plugin you can add a simple forum to your wordpress with in short span of time. WP Forum Server is a complete forum system for your WordPress blog. The forum is a plugin, so no additional work is needed to integrate it into your site. It is also a leading forum plugin in the WordPress plugin repository.

4) Vanilla Forums

This is open source, meaning it is basically open to suggestions and upgrade. It’s a viable option for community solutions. It can also allow the users to make customized community.

Vanilla provides hosted and free online community software that powers discussion forums on over 500,000 sites. Designed for flexibility and integration, Vanilla is the greatest, most effective community solution in the world using WordPress platform.

Vanilla focuses on easy integration with WordPress, and is the ONLY forum solution to provide a native mobile version for easy browsing and posting from any mobile device.

Apart from that, it is also a very easy to install plugin, it can embed forum directly in WordPress blog, and it can add widgets in WordPress as well.

5) Mingle

Mingle is known as a quite simple free Forum plugin for WordPress. However, it is struggling to make the set-up process below 5 minutes. Like the other plugins, Mingle is another easy to use plugin for forums and community and contains a highly rendered interface too. Additionally, it includes some security features like spam should also linked Mingle social networking site with Mingle forum plugin.

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