Top 8 best WordPress Twitter Plugins to get more Twitter Followers and Traffic

Top 8 best WordPress Twitter Plugins to get more Twitter Followers and Traffic
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Many bloggers need Twitter plugins to work with Twitter to improve traffic and followers of the Twitter . Due to the increased number of the twitter followers in billions , it is required to get more Twitter followers to your blog. By getting more Twitter followers you can also increase the blogs traffic as well as your online brand of your blog. Below are the different top Twitter wordpress plugins used for different purposes to  like to add twitter box to your wordpress widgets, automatic posting your blog’s posts to Twitter profile and many more.


This below Twitter plugins are also used to get Backlinks from the Twitter which may helps in sharing your blog across Twitter this leads to the increase in PageRank of  your Blog. Ultimately this process increases the Organic traffic of your Blog.
Some of the best free Word Press Twitter Plugins to decide on by making use of according to the requirement.

Top Best Twitter WordPress Plugins


Twitter Follow To me Box

How to add Twitter followers Box to WordPress widgets?

As you already may seen that many popular blogs having the Twitter follower box, this plugin adds the Twitter box to your WordPress Blog.

This plugin created a box for twitter followers of the wordpress blog . using this plugin you can add the Twitter followers box to widget area. You can also choose the hieght, width, color of the twitter box . The best way to use this twitter box is to blend this box in  tow your WordPress theme in a attractive way to get more twitter followers.

WP Twitter Mega Fan Box Widget

Twitter fan box wordpress plugin twitter fanbox

This plugin adds the Twitter fan box to your blog sidebar widget just like Facebook Fanpage to your blog you can simply enter your twitter id and then select the height and width of the box, then add it as a widget where you want place the widget.

WP to Twitter

This WordPress plugin used to post the latest post from your WordPress blog  to the twitter , it exellent plugin used to increases in the blog traffic from Twitter. It  is this the Popular WordPress Twitter plugin downloaded by millions of wordpress users .

Auto-posts  to Twitter update whenever you update your WordPress blog or blogroll, together with your chosen URL shortening services.  Using this wordpress plugin yu can post your latest WordPress post in to the twitter with ouot wivisitn the Twitter website. P to Twitter posts Tweets from WordPress to Twitter.

Twitter not allowed to post lengthy URLs to the twitter pofile . So you should use the URL shortening services to shorten the URLs. Shorrten URLs using a various popular URL shorteners, or leave Twitter to get it done for you using

Use WP to Twitter display an rss feed of latest Tweets. Display Tweets from any account simply by entering that account’s Twitter ID.

Kebo Twitter Feed

This WordPress plugin used to display the Twitter feed into your WordPress blog.

Hassle-free and user-friendly method to include a Twitter Feed to your site. Start in just a few clicks with no need to setup your Twitter App. Make use of the provided Widget or Shortcode to simply display your Tweets in your Blog.

Microblog Poster


This the best plugin to post the content of your blog not only to the Twitter but also other  Famous social networks. Automatically publishes your new blog content to Social Networks. Auto-updates Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Diigo, Delicious.

Auto updates your social media accounts/profiles on each new post with a formatted message with backlink. You simply have to configure your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr. Multiple Accounts per social site supported. Possible ways to nicely format the update message per account, shortcodes supported.

This Plugin helps to improves the traffic from the Social Networks, increases the followers count in all social networks.

Twitter Embed

Easily embed tweets inside your posts and pages by posting the tweet URL on the line by itself or using a shortcode provided by the Twitter interface.  You can also embed your Twitter tweets in to the WordPress post by using the Shortcodes option.

Twitter Embed requires no configuration, it really works as they are right after activation. Copy a link to a tweet on and paste it on a line by itself within your post or page editor. When viewing the post, you’ll notice that the url has become replaced with the embedded tweet with options to reply, retweet, favorite and follow.

The plugin uses Twitter’s original widgets API, the shortcode and embed HTML can be found too. Embed HTML is reversed to a Tweet shortcode when HTML is filtered (for authors or contributors). The tweets can be cached in post meta for better performance.

Revive Old Post ( formerly called as Tweet Old Post)

Do yu need traffic  to your old posts of your blog? .  Revive old post is the Twitter wordpress plugin to post your old post to your twitter page and improves the traffic to old post and keep them alive.

Revive Old Posts is a  WordPress  plugin designed to tweet your older posts to get more traffic from Twitter.

This plugin allows you to keeps your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic to them from social networks. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of posts share to drive more visitors.

You can download these Free Twitter Plugins from the WordPress Plugins repository by visiting the each WordPress plugin.

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