SEO Benefits of the Web directory Submission in backlink building

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In the previous post I explained about what are web directories and how the web directories used in link building process and Importance of the Web directory. In this post I show you the SEO benefits of the web directory submission and how to post in to a Web directory.

web directory submssion process

Important Advantages of submitting to the web directories

Helps to get a website indexed by search engines

In the SEO Backlink Building process, you can submit your website that will be listed on one of the well-established web directories it is certain to go a long way to helping get your website indexed in the major search engines. Because the established web directories already are high traffic areas, they’re probably be crawled often by the search engine spiders, it has the advantage of helping search engine Indexing as well as ranking.

Link Building Improving on search engine ranking

The most important directory benefit or benefit of listing with several directories is ‘link- building’.  The more directories you’re listed with the higher are your possibilities for a much better position in the search engine result.

Once a site has been properly listed in the web directories, it is highly useful to improve ranking and display in the search engines that links are coming from a valued and a trusted community, which is the case with the well-establish web directories. If you can to include high-quality sites in the link profile this really is certain to benefit improving the ranking in the search engines like google. Also, inbound one way backlinks which are relatively categorized tend to be more desirable compared to reciprocal links.

How to list your Blog/website in the web directories

The directory submission is very easiest process , just by entering your Blog URL, Description , Keywords But you should some SEO Guidelines  to get more benefits and notice  their rules to list in their Directory.


For SEO benefits….

Pick and Include  your Main Niche keywords

When submitting a website to the web directory or  link directories, it’s easy to link the description and keywords which are highly relevant to those sites you need to promote. If you can target the keywords which are relevant to your audience, it is simply going to help with maximizing your SEO efforts.

Brief and Nice Description

Also, if you can to write a well-crafted description this really is good for the visitors to the directories which will attract them to click on your hyperlink and visit your site. If you’re targeting the direct click-through traffic, you have to make sure that you’re using the more well-established and most popular web-directories that will get the significant daily traffic. In many cases the quantity of traffic which is more likely to come through the links on the directories is extremely dependent on the niche or topic of website.

Select Best suited Category


Final thing you must remember is you should select best suited category  while web directory submission process, don’t  select in appropriate category. IF your blog niche is not comes under any of the category then select the best  nearly suitable category.

Read the Sumission Guidelines of the Web Directory before submitting


Most of the webmaster didnt notice  web directory submission Guidelines or  rules before submitting the website , there are thousand of Different type of web directories  like Totally free submission,Reciprocal link submission,No Reciprocal link ,Paid submission,No follow,Featured listing, etc  every web directory has fall under any one of these type .

if you post your website in the Reciprocal link web directory then you must place their link in  your website then only your blog is listed under their directory. If you not place  or remove their weblink in future then they deleted your weblink from thier web directory .in the case  of Paid directories you must pay some fee to list your website ,  if you dint notice it  before web directory submission first they collect your information in the beginning steps finally they redirect to the payment page and ask you to pay  some fees to get listed.

Above cases are not examples theya re my real bad experience In the beginning of my SEO career , I wasted most of my time ,  Free directories are the best suited for the novice bloggers.

so it is better to see their rules before web directory submission.

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