Top Best High PR 15 Blog Communities to build Backlinks

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I’m going to explain you what is a blog community and how they helps you to build   high-quality backlinks and other SEO uses of blog communities. Blog communities is also one of the way for bloggers to drive traffic as well as helps you increase the Page rank of a blog.

Building backlinks with Blog communities are similar to the [intlink id=”49″ type=”post”]social bookmarking sites[/intlink] and web directories, they are also called Blog catalogs or Blog Directories.

Blog community list

 What are blog communities?

Blog communities are the place where you can find different types of blogs in a categorised format, Blog communities are similar to the Blog Directories .

Blog community is the online community at where group of bloggers share their blogs with each other world wide  and increase their blogs popularity.

usually this blog communities contains different types of blog posts that are shared by each other. Can also find like-minded or same niche bloggers can share your ideas with each other.

SEO benefits of blog communities or Blog Directories

  • You can share your blog with other bloggers worldwide and meet other bloggers of your blogs same niche.
  • you can build backlinks to your blog by submitting your blog post to blog communities this will helps you to create high-quality backlinks from high authority websites.
  • Get new ideas of blogging from other bloggers and blogs.
  • If you listed your blog in Blog Communities , it will helps you to attract new visitors and same niche bloggers , finally it results in increase in traffic.
  • Blog communities helps you to rank your blog post highly in search engines which will bring organic traffic from search engines.
  • Domain authority will be increased by sharing your post across the blog communities.

Blog communities are one of the is your link building process to the bloggers to build backlinks as well as to increase their online presence along with the contact with other same niche a bloggers, this will build a relationship between you and  like-minded bloggers.



Blog communities to blog

Below are the both  Dofollow and Nofollow blog communities list which is used to build high quality backlinks, this is one of the top best methods to build high PR backlinks.

Top 15 high PR blog communities list

High PR Blog Communities

Page rank

Alexa Rank

1 PR6 4154
2 PR6 16998
3 PR6 883
4 PR5 7881
5 PR5 5658
6 PR4 9893
7 PR4 54426
8 PR4 54426
9 PR4 3268
10 PR3 33455
11 PR3 10718
12 PR3 31363
13 PR3 27278
14 PR2 758158
15 PR2 145514
16 PR0 38946
17 PR0 46307

How to get More Online Traffic and Page Rank with Blog Communities

Get register to all blogging communities from above list and submit your blog posts, add your RSS feed, get touch with the other bloggers on same Niche.

Try to comment on other bloggers post and share this will increase your online visibility and makes other bloggers to click on your blog post.

Finally anyway blog communities is the best way to create backlinks for bloggers which drives traffic to your blog as well as creating other witty to your blog in online.

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