High effective and Successful Classified Marketing strategies

High effective and Successful Classified Marketing strategies
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We already discuss the importance and how the classified marketing is powerful among other marketing and promotion of any business in classified websites is very easy . We know that classified marketing is one of the best marketing techniques to get high traffic and sell products in online.

Post a attractive Classified ads

Before posting a classified ad in the classified website you should create a attractive classified advertisement to grab the visitors attention and to increase the sales and services.

You should post at least 2 to 3 classifieds by day indifferent to classified websites. And test which classified websites will bringing high traffic to your website or our response to your business and try to post regularly in those classified websites only. If you want to post about your business in the classified websites, To achieve the best results from the classified marketing you should post very attractive advertisement along with your mobile number, contact details, website address. I am going explain you how to create a good classified ad and
Below are the best marketing strategies to get high results from classified promotion, if you seriously thinking about to promote in the classified websites you should follow the below rules.
Classified promotion

Powerful tips to  Classified Marketing

  • Choose best suited classified Websites list – Choosing the best classified websites is the 1st step in classified marketing. So many think that all classified sites are same , but you need to follow the sites that are suitable for you . You can also decide whether your business is for the local people are global people if your business targeting the region then you should select the classified websites which are popular in those regions  and write a good effective Classified ad.
    For example , in Canada, the site Kijiji has a much bigger user base than Craigslist(it is popular in Usa) , there are many thousands of classified websites in India like Olx, quickr, clickindia are the biggest classified websites along with these websites there are many other developed and developing classified websites. So if you have no time to post the classified ad on many websites then concentrate on big traffic websites only to get quick response. in the other hand if you decide to promote  your ad on all websites then there is no problem simply use this classified list and start promoting. Beware of the spamming classified websites my advice is to just leave them ( may be they are included in my classified list also). The next question from you is How to find the spamming websites, it is not very hard to find the spamming websites your experience will guide you which classified websites are best and which are worst.
  • Fix your Marketing Schedule – obviously it is very common in every work , however , you must follow this words definitely in the classified marketing to get great success. So fix a schedule to promote your product, service, website in classified sites. Most of the websites allow you to post the advertisements in certain time intervals.  To get the Maximum benefits from all of these free websites takes a regular schedule of posting ads. With volumes of ads being posted daily, to stand from your competition, requires more than just a simple daily ad. Consider a schedule of a minimum of 4 ads posted at 3 different times a day. This type of schedule will keep your ads very fist on the certain category, ultimately your will get good response in short period of time.
  • MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAttractive Headlines and good Classified description – classified ad Headlines or Titles plays important role in making the users to click on your ads. They are the most visible item displayed as people look through the classified ad sites. You should grab the visitors attention with the attractive title and make them to click on your classified ad among the others. So it’s very advisable to create a list of 10, 20 or more different headlines prepared for your product or service or website.By giving  your website link along with the classified advertisement you can also build the Backlinks  to your website, this will result search engine rankings.  If you decided to promote your ad on many classified websites then you must show difference between ads in both Title and Ad content, many different headlines will help you to launch ads quickly and see which headlines bring the best response rates.
  • Respond in time – Creating good classified Ad, Ad Posting and Marketing not the only factors in the success of classified marketing, another one of the most important factor is give response to the buyer who contact you. Almost all of the classified sites posses a functionality to contact the advertiser giving a message to the ad poster. If any interested visitor will contact you through the message, email, or by phone. So it is your main responsibility to provide the details of your product, service or website that you posted on the site. So this is the final and important point to remember in classified advertising success.

If you follow the above rules you definitely succeed in the classified marketing and will get more leads and more sales.

Best of luck for your classified promotion.

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  2. How to find which site is spamming classified website or not as you wrote above that experience will guide you which classified websites are best and which are worst but i am confused about it. Please write a guide on this.


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