Do follow and NoFollow- how the Search Engine Treats them

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We already discussed [intlink id=”172″ type=”post”]what are Dofollow and NoFollow links[/intlink] and how to create them. Lets discuss completely about Dofollow and Nofollow Links in terms of SEO and how to use them occasionally and dos and don’ts rules to be follow when using Dofollow and Nofollow links attributes. I created this tutorial for the Newbies, so let discuss deeply

Difference between dofollow and nofollow

The links with attribute Dofollow is a suggestion to the search engines to follow the link for more information. Let me explain with neat example.

The Dofollow and Nofollow links will be like below

<a rel=”dofollow” href=”……..”> – Dofollow Link (it means Follow the link for Content)

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”……..”> – Nofollow Link (it means don’t follow the Link for the Content)

Dofollow Attribute

The above link is a Dofollow link tells to search engine  there is a content in the other page that link to the text  ”benefits of social bookmarking to build backings” then search engine crawls this page that page this belongs to the bookmarking [main keyword] , build Backlinks [sub keyword].

Search Engine give rank to the  linked page  for the  keywords “Social bookmarking”  and “link Building” and it is saved in the database that this pages has more information about social bookmarking , So search engines automatically starts giving ranking to the webpage for the main and sub keywords. Because of this, it is suggested to use attribute “Dofollow” to create links of internal pages to gain the highest page rank.

The links without Dofollow attribute are also treated as Dofollow links see below

<a rel=”dofollow” href=”#”>  = <a  href=”#”>

The above both links are Dofollow links with and Without rel=”Dofollow” attribute.

Nofollow Attribute

The links created with Nofollow attribute tells to search engine not to follow the content that link it to the hyperlink. You do not give any page rank that If you create a link with no follow attribute.

Note: be careful while using this nofollow attribute, you don’t give the nofollow attribute for  your internal links.

 Why do not create Dofollow attribute for external websites or links in our blog?

You do not create DoFollow link for the external websites,if you do like this then you indirectly telling to the search engines Go and visit the link that there is a content belongs to your Page in that external Link website. Then Google gives PageRank, crawls and index that external webpages which contains the content that related to your page.

It means the ranking of your content goes to the external website, here you’re losing your page ranking to your content and giving pays ranking to the other pace.


Let us take an example where to use Dofollow and  Nofollow attributes clearly . for example I want to add the below link to this post

[intlink id=”49″ type=”post”]Benefits of social bookmarking to build backlinks[/intlink]

the above Text “Benefits of social bookmarking to build backlinks”  is  linked to the  ” ”  like below

<a href=”” >Benefits of social bookmarking to build backlinks</a>

I leave the rel attribute empty in the above example , it means the above link is dofollow .So  I created the above link as dofollow because , it is a suggestion to the search crawler there is a content in this site related to the text “Benefits of social bookmarking to build backlinks” so follow the link. then search engine give ranks to the linking page for the linked keywords.

for the same example if the link is for other site then add the rel=”nofollow” attribute like below.

<a href=””nofollow” >Benefits of social bookmarking to build backlinks</a>

It means search engine wont give any ranking for the linked page and keywords. so it is very important to give nofollow attributge whenever if you are giving any external site links in your blog. follow the below guidelines.

Dos and Don’t to be remember when using Dofollow and Nofollow

  • You must use Dofollow attribute while creating your internal links to you own blog’s pages.
  • You should not use Dofollow attribute while creating links of external websites (others Website).
  • Creating Dofollow backlinks from other websites will give page rank to your blog, for this  reason SEO  experts concentrate on creating backlinks from Dofollow bookmarking sites , Dofollow commenting, web directories, Article directories.
  • Both attributes are case sensitive so use only  rel=”dofollow” and rel=”nofollow”  attributes in  hyperlink.
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