links are not working – how to open links

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ADF.LY is the one of the best link shortening service visit by the millions of the members all over the world. It is a link shortening service that pays to open the links and visiting those links for publishers. Though those where many link shortening services it get most popularity because of its link paying services. Many website owners are earning by masking the external links with ADF.LY link services.

There are many number of links are masked with the ADF.LY link shortening services. From many days these ADF.LY links are not working in the country just like India, Pakistan, and many other countries.It showing the Blank pages or Page cannot be displayed when you tried to open the links and other type of links.

Depositfiles has also the same problem similar to the links.

These ADF.LY link services are used by the millions of team bloggers and website owners to market their links and earn from the links. Majority of the Internet users facing the problem important ADF.LY links.

In this article I’m giving a solution for opening the links of ADF.LY in your browser with the 3 small hacks.

 Method 1:

Just add Https:// in place Http://   in the begining of the URL

In this method, you should add HTTPS to front of the ADF.LY links , let see with the clear example

If you need to open the above link in the restricted countries you have a blank empty page if you open the link. so convert the above link to the below format by simply adding the Https:// to the Url


Medthod 2 :

In this Method you should use the bypassing services. With  this method you can open links directly.

Bypass short url

With this service you can to bypass link, link,, advertisement Short Url without waiting or loading advertisement page.

How to use the URL shortening Bypass services

It is very simple to use you should just enter the short url in to the text box and click on the button, in seconds you have the final destination Url that is maksed with the URL shortening service.

below are the websites used to bypassing the URLs This website is also offer the Mozilla Firefox extension too to by pass the URL directly from browser.

Method 3:

In this method you can use the Proxy websites to open the links in the proxy websites your link is opened in the other countries and you can have the final links.

My suggestion:

The Method 1 and 2 are very simple to use and you can have the result URL in seconds

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