Top best 8 Auto bulk social bookmaking and Social network posters

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Auto social  Bookmarking  tools

Bulk automatic social bookmarks and auto posting to social networks reduce the time of promoting in the social networks and[intlink id=”191″ type=”post”] social bookmarking sites[/intlink] like  like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, Pinterest, Dzone, Diigo,, Fark, and many more.

Sharing on social networks is the hot trend on the internet, business, internet based companies, and Many Individual internet marketers (bloggers, product promoters) are promoting their websites, brands, and blogs across the Top best social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This type of promotion is known as the Social media Marketing [SMO].

The process of the promoting on the social networks is very time consuming process, to get maximum benefits of the SMO then you need to promote accross the many Social bookmark websites. It takes at least 2-5 minutes to post a single page or single post in the one social network like Facebook, it means if you want to promote in 30 social networks then you need a one hour, to login in to all social networks and then post in to an every single social network site. So many SEO experts used the bulk social bookmaking services to promote their blog on [intlink id=”191″ type=”post”]multiple Dofollow social networks[/intlink].

To get massive Backlinks from the social networks, SEO  people are using the desktop and online clients to bookmark bulk on social networks.

 Key features of Auto social network submissions

  • Exceptional wordpress self-hosted and social networks/blog engines management.
  • Fast automatic blog submission and social bookmarking
  • Scheduling the posts to be post on social networks
  • Automatic content posting from RSS Feeds
  • Diversification of networks and Free, service packages

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 How the bulk social bookmaking or bulk social Submission works?

To use this type of services you should follow the steps

  1. You need to create the Social accounts that are supported by the bulk bookmarking service
  2. You should enter the each social bookmaking credentials( login Info) into the setting page of the service
  3. You need to submit your blogs RSS URL
  4. You should set posting frequency, you can also schedule the posting.

Then the service automatically grab the post or items from the RSS feed and regularly post in to the Social Networks that are listed. It post the data from your blogs regularly in to social networks. This type of process is called RSS automation to social networks or Automated social bookmarking . Posting your blogs URLs and websites URLs in to the social networks then you can have the quality backlinks, increase in traffic from the social networks, this can create your brand identity in the social sites.

Top 8 best automated bulk social bookmarking services or Auto posting to many Social networks

OnlyWire – Automated Social Bookmarking service:


  • Supported networks up to 50 top most social sites
  • You can create free account but there are some limitations, Free trial allows you to post 100 submissions and Free plans allows you to post 200 submissions for free. After the limit is reached  you should upgrade your account. There is no totally free account in only wire.
  • There are many premium plans to get more submissions

Visit and Submit here

Watch Video Tutorials of Onlywire

Hootsuite – Social media management


  • Supported up to 50 social profiles, you can maintain all your social networks from one place
  • A Free plan is there, you can add up to 5 social profiles  and add up to 2 Rss Feeds
  • Premium plans are also includes

Watch More Tutorials of How to Use Hootsuite

IFTT –auto social sharing tool


  • Supported limited social networks
  • It is free to use

Visit and Submit here

Video tutorial of how to use IFTT

DLVR.IT –share better


  • It supported upto 50 social accounts
  • You can create a free DLRVR account , but you can use upto  5 Feeds, 3 Social Profiles,  and your feed is updated for every half an hour.

Visit and do submissions in

We On Tech – Automate Sharing To Social Media Network


  • Supported up to 40 social networks
  • A free account also include with some limitations

Get a free account from

Social Marker – Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites

SocialMarker-com- Social-bookmarking-service

It supported upto 17+  social networks the best social bookmarking sites to submit. The social networks like Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Tagza, Fark, Connotea, Netvouz, Diigo, Bibsonomy, Folkd, Linkagogo, Tip’d (Financial)Tip’d (Financial), Jumptags, OYAXOYAX, Boomarking, Karmalynx,

Submit for free Auto Social bookmarking



Socialoomph is service is best used to manage multiple Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), LinkedIn (profiles, groups, and company pages), Twitter accounts  and many more.


Social submit

It allows you to easily submit a link to 50+ social bookmarking sites freely.

 Visit here

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