Top best 5 Facebook WordPress Plugins

Top best 5 Facebook WordPress Plugins
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Facebook is one of the most popular social network, you should by millions of users all over the world. Facebook is the one of the best platform for the bloggers to promote their blogs. For WordPress users there are many Facebook WordPress plugins are available to integrate Facebook into their blog and get traffic from Facebook. I collected the best WordPress plugins to integrate Facebook and then increase the Fanpapge count and Facebook traffic.

Facebook Marketing strategy

More Likes to Fanpage = More shares= More Traffic = More $$$$$

WordPress Facebook plugins list

Below is the list of Facebook wordpress plugins used for different promotions in Facebook leads to more likes to Fanpages and more shares.

1. Facebook traffic pop WordPress plugin

Facebook Popup for wordpress

By using this plugin you can increase likes for your blogs Facebook Fanpage. This plugin usually invokes a popup that contains Facebook fanpage likebox , the visitor of your blog waits for some time(in seconds) or click on the like button to enter into the blog post. This plugin is very quiet simple that helps you to increase your fan page count as well as Facebook traffic. Click here for demo and details.

2. WordPress Posts For Facebook Fans

Facebook content lock plugin

This WordPress Content Lock plugin restricts the visitors to see the blog post that who are not fans of your Fanpage. Simply this plugin checks the visitors are fans of your fan base are not, if not then we still must like this fanpage to see the blog post. This plugin dramatically increases the Fanpage count of Facebook Page (Blogs Fanpage).  Click here for demo and details.

best wordpress plugin

 3. Facebook Likebox slider (Social Slider)



This is the best social slider plugin user to display Facebook Fanpage,  Likebox,Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social networks in the one side of the blog. This looks like a slider and grabs the visitors  attention and make them to  like the social networks pages.You can limit the social networks ant the way of displaying the Icons in the blog postpage.  Click here for demo and details.

 4. Facebook Post Planner – WordPress Plugin


By using this plugin you can automatically post your blog data into the Facebook Fanpage. You can also select what should to post on Facebook – post or pages and even custom post types. You can also schedule the Facebook post with the plugin and many more functionalities to increase your presence in the Facebook platform. Click here for demo and Download details.

5. Facebook Like to Download for WordPress


This is a wonderful plugin for the bloggers who use the download links of software, themes, plugins. This plugins makes the user to click on the Fanpage like button before download is processed. This  WordPress plugin also used to increase the Facebook fan page count.
click here to download and demo details


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